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ItsASinToLoveMe (All Must Read [MATE SPAWN AND DIE!]'s Description!!)

Member #43521 created: 2006-07-23 19:38:34Simple URL:   

Name: My Name Is Arielle Harmony! Get It? Got It? Good!


OMG!!! AN ORB! My brother's forehead is the possessor of Orbs...

Left To Right:
Me, Cousin Anthony, Brother Patrick, and... The Orb Possessing Forehead!!!


ZOMG!! We Don't Want Me Short...

Shorties Bring Spunk To The Bunk And Doom To The Room! MWAHAHA Bitches!


Elfpack titles and orders
BeggarAdventurerCrazy kid


10 questions to ask "you guys"

1. Would you Rape me?
2. Would you Hit me?
3. Would you Love me only until I said "NO"!?
4. Would you Fuck my best friend?
5. Would you Lie to my face?
6. Would you Make Bets on me?
7. Would you Lie about me to "Save Your Ass"?
8. Would you Make me or Laugh as I cry?
9. Would you "Pull The Plug" on me?
10. Would you ever even Love me at all?

Please, send me your answers to these questions!!

Ok... So, I don't have long hair! I listen to everything! I am non-judgemental over people or music, I either like you/it or I don't! I cry when I'm sad! I cry when I'm hurt! I speak my mind! I tell you when you've done me wrong! I care about others! And I am hidden by the one I loved because it is a sin to love me... as I am classified 'Emo' by his friends because I am what I am.

Here I am... Speaking my mind now!

Men Are Assholes!

Exceptions are permitted to: Jon, Terry, Tony, Dennis, Jordan, and Adam.

Exceptions are permitted to: [eggyweez], [tazman666], [wingnut], [;;RiotLover], [pills], and [deamon90002004].

I hate the band members of Ashur... I wish them a happilly painful death... I wish they'd drown in their mothers' blood and choke on the eyeballs of their siblings and pets while they swim throughout hell in the sperm they were released from! I wish they'd die painfully with a plague that bring lesions like that of leperosy. I wish I could stop wishing all of these thing 'pon them... I wish I could go with the cliche I'm constantly using... I wish I could end this one with a "To Each His Own" and a smile. But most of all... I wish to bring that lovely death I have imagined... Conjouring everything up I could think of to make them wish they'd never said a fucking thing! But... I'm merely a weakling of a lesser being... a sin... and I will go back to my depths in the hollowed out tree of individualism merely to be called "emo".

Prepare Yourself Now For...



I love someone, I am very loyal to him... I will NEVER do anything with you, EVER. I am a very nice person who does not like being taken advantage of. I might end up loving you, but never IN-LOVE with you! Oh, and last but NEVER least... [I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER CYBER WITH YOU!!!!!] If anyone does attempt any of this... I will become the bitchiest person ever then block your fucking ass!

Have a wonderful day!



Age: 16Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 11

Gender: female

What do you do?: Working

Place of living: USA-Vermont

Exact place of living: Jail Cell #13

Known languages
Sign LanguageDutchEnglish

Home-page URL: I'M

Weblog URL: NOT

Favorite URL: A

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

grungeheavy metalhouse
progressive metalpunkrock

Other interests
boardgamesbookscard games
carpentrycarschasing the preferred sex
chesscrime storiesdancing
motorcyclespoetryrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: tentacle monster

Height: 164

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