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Name: Cindy

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Elfpack titles and orders
AdventurerCrazy kid

-To every girl that dresses cute not skanky

-To every girl who wants to be called beautiful not hot.

-To every girl that will spend her whole day looking for the perfect birthday present for you.

-To every girl who gets her heart broken because he chose the whore instead.

-To every girl that would die to have a decent boyfriend.

-To every girl that wont settle for the jerk.

-To every girl who would just like once to be treated like a princess.

-To every girl that cries at night because of another heartbreak.

-To every girl that wont get down on her knees and open her mouth just to get a boyfriend.

-To every girl that just wants to HOLD HANDS.

-To every girl that kisses him with meaning.

-To every girl who just wishes he cared.

-To every girl who would just once want a guy to give their jacket up when they are cold.

-To every girl who just wants him to call

- to every girl who wastes her day waiting by the phone.

-To every girl that just wants to cuddle.

-To every girl that just wants to fall asleep in his arms without having sex.

-To every girl that is scared to put her heart out there again because she has been hurt so many times or so badly.

-To every girl who shows how much she cares and gets nothing back.

-To every girl that thought maybe this could be the one.

-To every girl that believes in her dreams.

-To every girl that would do anything so she could achieve those dreams.

-To every girl that laughs at stupid stuff when she actually does think it is funny.

-To every girl who is just looking for that one and only and is having a rough time along the way.

-To every girl that has been cheated on cuz shes not a whore who gives it up to any guy.

-To every girl that doesnt want a guy who just plays with her emotions but actually cares about how she feels.

-To every girl who wants words backed up with actions.

- To every girl that fell for all the lies only to find themselves alone in the end.

-To every girl that gave her heart away to have it shoved back in her face.

-To every girl that is scared to love or even be loved

Wow, thats deep.

----------FEBRUARY BABY --------------------
~Abstract thoughts.
~Loves reality and abstract.
~Intelligent and clever.
~Changing personality.
~Sexiest out of everyone.
~Quiet, shy and humble.
~Honest and loyal.
~Determined to reach goals.
~Loves freedom.
~Rebellious when restricted.
~Loves aggressiveness.
~Too sensitive and easily hurt.
~Gets angry really easily but does not show it.
~Dislikes unnecessary things.
~Loves making friends but rarely shows it.
~Daring and stubborn.
~Realizing dreams and hopes.
~Loves entertainment and leisure.
~Romantic on the inside not outside.
~Superstitious and ludicrous.
~Tries to learn to show emotions.

10 Reasons To Date A Dancer
1.we know all the positions
2.we have perfect technique, good rhythm, and great hip rotation
3.we're used to having bruises on our knees
4.we're used to performing in minimal amounts of clothing
5.we're perfectionists: theyll keep going until they hit it
6.we can shake it like no other
7.after a quick intermission we're ready to go at it again
8.we don't mind getting hot and sweaty
9.we're not as delicate and fragile as we look word..FLEXIBILITY

----------[-are like apples-]-----
------[-on trees. The best ones-]----
----[-are at the top of the tree.-]----
--[-The boys dont want to reach-]--
-[-for the good ones because they-]-
[-r afraid of falling and getting hurt.-]
[-Instead, they get the rotten apples-]
[from the ground that arent as good,]
[but easy. So the apples up top think]
[something wrong w/ them when in]
[-reality they're amazing. They just-]-
--[-have to wait for the right boy to]
---[-come along, the one who's-]
----------[-brave enough to-]----
--------------[-climb all-]--------
--------------[-the way-]-------
-------------[-to the top-]-------

1) Tell her she is beautiful
2) Hold her hand at any moment u get even if its just for a second
3) Kiss her on the forehead & neck
4) Leave her messages to wake up to
5) Always tell her you love her every second of the day
6) When she is upset, hold her tight and tell her how much she means to you
7) Recognize the small things . . . they usually mean the most
8) Sing to her no matter how horrible your voice is
9) Pick her over all the other girls you hangout with
10) Write her little notes
11) Introduce her to your family and friends as you girlfriend
12) Play with her hair
13) Pick her up, tickle her, and play wrestle with her
14) Sit in the park and just talk to her
15) Tell her funny or stupid jokes or just tell her jokes
16) Throw pebbles at her window in the middle of the night … just because you missed her
17) Let her fall asleep in your arms
18) Carve your names into a tree
19) If she’s mad at you kiss her
20) Give her piggyback rides
21) Bring flowers just because
22) Treat her the same around your friends as you do when your alone
23) Look her in the eyes and smile
24) Let her take as many pictures as she wants
25) Slow dance even if there isn’t any music
26) Kiss her in the rain
27) If your in love with her tell her

Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 5

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: Australia

Exact place of living: Central Coast (gosford)

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

Other interests
card gamescookingdancing

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 172

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