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Elven-Princess (Hey everyone)

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Name: Ashley Johnson


A South Park rendition of myself made by [Neroku]

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Hey anybody who is not a random pervert, I have a MySpace at . Add me if you are not a pervert wanting to rape me, that is all.

I made a wiki page showing my RPing characters, so if you ever rp with me or are just curious, check it out.
Ash's Realm Of RPing

EVERYONE!!! Sign up for my friend's Dungeons and Dragons RPG, at


1.) Full Name: Ashley Johnson
2.) Nicknames: Ash
3.) Birthday: April 18th
4.) Age: 18
5.) Sex: Female
6.) Siblings: Younger brother, younger sister & older sister
7.) Location: Olympia, Washington
8.) School: None, haha!
9.) Height: 5'10
10.) Piercing(s)ears/Tattoos: Both ears
11.) Hair Color: Light brown
12.) Eye Color: Green
13.) Race: American (white, english, whatever)
14.) Pets: 1 dog, 2 cats, 1 hampster, 1 turtle
15.) Virgin: for me to know, not you
16.) Job: none yet
17.) Who Lives In your House: Mom, dad, brother, my sister and sometimes my other sister
18.) Glasses/Contacts/Braces: glasses/contacts
19.) Shoe Size: 7 1/2
20.) Boyfriend/Girlfriend: looking
21.) Crush: none yet


22.) Shows: Saturday Night Live
23.) Cartoons: Inuyasha/Dragonball Z
24.) Color: Green or blue
25.) Movie: Lord of the Rings
26.) Music Artist: 3 Doors Down
27.) Type Of Music: rock
28.) Food: Pizza or anything barbeque
29.) Person(s): not really sure
30.) Relative: My big sis Katie
31.) Smell: fresh fruit (mostly strawberries)
32.) Location: Seattle, Washington
33.) CD: Any 3 Doors Down cd
35.) Flower: Rose
36.) Video Game: Tales of Symphonia or any Legend of Zelda game
37.) Best Buddies: too many to count
38.) Amusement Park: no real favorites
39.) Animal: Cats or foxes
40.) Song: Behind Those Eyes (3 Doors Down)
41.) Actresses: Resse Witherspoon/Heather Grahem
42.) Actors: Viggo Mortenson/Adam Sandler
43.) Books: Lord of the Rings
43.5) Authors: J.R.R.Tolkien
44.) Room In Your House: My bedroom
45.) Sayings: Are you felling lucky, punk!
46.) Soda: Dr. Pepper
47.) Holiday: my birthday
48.) Ice Cream: Vanilla
49.) Radio Station: 102.7 (rock and heavy metal)
50.) Junk Food: Ice cream
51.) mint: Spearment
52.) Brand Of Gum: Juicy Fruit
53.) Place To Sleep: my bed
54.) Inside Joke: none
56.) Sports Team: Colorado Avalanche (go hockey)
57.) Athlete: Dale Earnhardt Jr.


58.) Makes u Laugh The Most: Adam Sandler
59.) Do you hate the most: Leonardo DiCaprio
60.) Knows The Most About u: my sister
61.) Do u NOT Trust The Most: my brother
62.) Has it Easier.Boys/Girls?: Boys (the whole birth thing)
63.) Is The Loudest Person u Know: my brother
64.) Is The Craziest Person u Know: not really sure
65.) Is The Person u Love the Most: my sister
66.) Is The Most Loving: my sister
67.) Is The Coolest Person In The World: Hulk Hogan
68.) Is The Biggest Asshole: Osama Bin Laden
69.) Is Your Best Friend: to hard to deside
70.) Is your favorite teacher: don't have one
71.) Do u Have The Most Fun With: my sister


72.) Where u Want to Live: either Seattle or New York City
73.) How Many Kids Do u Want: not sure
74.) College: Washington State
75.) Job: not sure

Have You Ever:

76.) Been In Jail: no
77.) Done Drugs: no
78.) Ran Away From Home: almost
79.) Hit a Girl: yes
80.) Hit a Guy: yes
81.) Stolen Anything: no
82.) Broken a Bone: yes (arm)
83.) Cheated On a Test: no
84.) Stripped: I didn't mean to when I did
85.) Been In The Hospital: yes
86.) Been Skinny Dipping: yes
87.) Cheated On Anyone: no
88.) Been Cheated On: yes
89.) Been Attacked By a Big Dog: no
90.) Repeated a Grade: no
91.) Gone Out In Public In Your PJs: yes

Would You Ever:

92.) Go Skinny Dipping And If So With Who: Yes, already have
93.) Get Married: yes
94.) Worry About a Friend in Need: of course
95.) Sleep Naked: already have done it (I was alone)
96.) Drive To School Naked: no
97.) Walk Down The Street Naked: maybe
98.) Lock Yourself In a Room With One Other Person For One Year: not a for a year
99.) If You Would Who Would It Be With: my sister or Hulk Hogan (he's so cool)
100.) Go To Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend's House At 3:30 In The Morning If They Needed you: of course
101.) Sleep/Cuddle With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend If They Wanted You To: yes

Which Is Better:

102.) Coke / Pepsi: Coke
103.) Diet / Regular: Regular
104.) Cats / Dogs: Both
105.) One Pillow / Two Pillows: Two
106.) Deaf / Blind: Deaf
107.) Pools / Hot Tubs: Pools
108.) TV / Radio: TV
109.) CDs / Tapes: CDs
110.) Chocolate / Vanilla: Vanilla
111.) Hot / Cold: Cold
112.) Summer / Winter: Winter
113.) Chips / Pretzels: Chips
114.) Aol / Phone: Both
115.) Email / IM: Both
116.) Silver / Gold: Silver
117.) Guys / Girls: not sure
118.) Snickers / Twix: Twix
119.) Christmas / Your Birthday: Birthday
120.) Family / Friends: Family
121.) AOL / Aim: Aim


122.) Kiss: on my 11th birthday
123.) Boyfriend/Girlfriend: David (no longer my boyfriend)
124.) Crush: Same as above
125.) Word: Venus (one of my cat's names)
126.) F on your report card: never


127.) Thing you ate: Pizza
128.) Thing you drank: Dr. Pepper
129.) Thing(s) you bought: a emerald necklace
130.) Person you talked to: people on here
131.) Person you IMed: same
132.) Word you said: Good night

Once again, go to Ash's Realm of RPing

Age: 19Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 18

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Washington

Exact place of living: Olympia

Known languages

Favorite URL:

heavy metalhip hopjazz

Other interests
card gamescatscybersex
poetrypornrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 173

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