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Jessie (be back later)

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Name: Jessica Romero


This is me in october my hair is longer and I look much better.


this is me in like October 2005.
what all ya'll think

Elfpack titles and orders
Crazy kid

I am a person who likes to have fun so don't judge me.
I like to meet knew people.
I have lots of friends.
people love me.
I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters.

Tears Fall Upon My Pillow
Tears fall upon my pillow; tears spill onto my cheek,
For words, I’m told, the man I loved, to someone else did speak.
Perhaps I’d do things differently, but alas, I never knew.
Why is it you can’t care for me, the way I do for you?
Did you know how much I missed you, when you were not around,
Or how much you helped to cheer me up, when I was feeling down?
Even now, I find that I still want to talk to you awhile.
I remember just how easily you could make me smile.
I hate myself, because I know I hunger for your touch.
I never knew it possible to miss someone so much.
I cannot stand to look up at a night time, star filled sky,
The twinkling lights I see there, remind me of your eyes.
The smoldering that’s within my chest, makes me too all aware,
Of the flames that burn inside my heart, that you ignited there.
God help me, I still want you and long to get lost in a kiss,
The kiss of someone dear to me, whom I already miss.

Justin Anthony Belleau

Copyright ©2006 Justin Anthony Belleau

No One
No one ever sees me,
the me behind this mask,
The one that I've been hiding,
all my life since the past,

No one ever tries to look beyond
to find the real true me
hidden behind this mask
pasted with false joy and glee

I never took off this mask
I didn't dare to try
cause in my heart I always hoped
that I could just slip and die

No one ever really knew
that I'm in such despair
I tried to reach out
but no one was there.

Justin Anthony Belleau

Copyright ©2006 Justin Anthony Belleau
by my friend justin

He took me to his room
Laid me on the bed
Can you keep a secret?
That is what he said.
He put his hands all over
Then he pushed inside
Took away my dignity
He took away my pride.

Eight years I lived in fear
Wondering what to do
I'd like to ask my mother
What if that were you
Being explored in places
I didn't know were there
Feeling so alone
Being so scared
The whole time I wondered
If anyone even cared.

So if someone asks if you can keep a secret,
make sure you know what that secret is
before you make any promises.
A secret that can hurt or even kill you or someone else
is not a secret worth keeping.
Copyright© Wendi Lyn Lewis from USA
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Walking down the aisle, my daddy with me
Tears in my eyes and an ache in my heart
I prayed to God, asked him why we had part
I begged and I asked please leave him with me
But the Lord took the man I dearly loved

I had hopes I had dreams of you being here
I pictured you holding my baby so dear
I saw you escorting me down the aisle
But that thought has been gone for quite a while

I hoped and I dreamed you’d stay here so long
That maybe a cure would come along
But your every heartbeat began to fade
God’s decision was final it had already been made

I wish I told you I loved you once more
But you passed too quickly through God’s open door
They tell me you knew how much I loved you
But I wish you could tell me you knew
Copyright© Lele from USA
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I wish I were in your arms
Keeping me away from harm.
I feel so safe in your embrace,
And the feeling is so good to see your face
As I look deep into your eyes,
The world around me disappears,
Because all I see is you and me,
Lost in love is how I want to be.

I wish I could feel your kiss,
Against my tender lips.
To taste your lips so sweet,
Every single time we meet,
Makes all my dreams come true,
Because I can never go on without you.

The love I have for you,
It's hard for me to explain,
Because sometimes words can't express
This emptiness,
That I feel when we're apart.
You have this hold on my heart.
So don't ever let me go,
I don't wanna be alone,
That's why I wrote this little poem,
To let you know what's going on,
Deep inside this heart of mine,
Before I run out of time.
So please let my wishes come true,
Forever I would stay with you.
Copyright© Stephanie Quejada from USA
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Love is a word a lot of people abuse
Love is misunderstood and often misused.
Some people think its a word for joy
Some people use it only as a toy.
But love if truely sought out
Could never be done without.
Love is something everyone could use
A cure for sorrow and a cure for blues.
Love is not found in a pretty face
How they treat you from the heart, touches real base.
Physical attraction that's all they see
Why does people think that's the way it should be.
Love in a person you can always spot
In there actions they show love a lot.
The approach of words spoken so calm
They look at people's feelings not to cause harm.
Search for love in all the right places
Maybe the courts wouldn't have divorce cases.
Reality is what I write
To make people come to the light.


From the time I was little, I knew I was great,
'cause the people would tell me, "You'll make it just wait"
But they never did tell me how great I would be,
If I ever played someone who was greater than me.

When I'm in the back yard, I'm king with the ball,
To swish all those baskets is no sweat at all,
But all of the sudden there's a man in my face,
Who dosen't seem to realize that I'm king of this place.

So the pressure gets to me: I rush with the ball.
My passes to teamates could go through the wall.
My jumpers not falling, my dribbles not sure.
My hand is not steady, my eye not pure.

The fault is my teammates-they don't understand.
The fault is my coaches-what a terrilbe plan.
The fault is the call by the blind referee.
But the fault is not mine: I'm the greatest, you see.

Then finally it hit me when I started to see
That the face in the mirror looked exactly like me.
It wasn't my teammates who were dropping the ball,
And it wasn't my coach shooting bricks at the wall.

That face in the mirro that was always so great,
Had some room for improvement instead of just hate.
So I stopped blaming others and I started to grow.
My play got much better and it started to show.

And all of my teammates didn't seem quite so bad.
I learned to depend on the good friends I had.
Now I like myself better since I started to see
That I was lousy being great-I'm much better being me.

If I change

If I change my face
shape my nose, shape my cheeks
and I change my lips
will my heart be the same?

If I change my eyes
like the sky so blue
and my hair so blond
will I know who I am?

If I change my skin
bleach it out, scrub it clean
like the snow so white
will I remember who I was?

If I change my clothes
a designer label or two
and an expensive watch
will they then call me 'friend'?

If I change my speech
like a singing Lord
and my voice so deep
will they know who I was?

and if I sing my song
like a bird in the morn
and my words are the truth
will you still be my friend?

We've been together since we were
Just barely more than babes,
Holding onto Mommy's hand,
Missing two front teeth.
Some of us now have to wear
A bra and some to shave,
Adults in what our hearts demand,
Still children underneath.
Together we learned how to read,
Together learned to play,
To add and multiply our friends,
To give and to receive.
Our teachers taught us how to lead,
To put our tears away,
To separate our means and ends,
To work and to achieve.
And now we step across a line;
Our childhood is gone.
Soon, just like a morning dream,
The memories will fade.
But if we turn out good and kind,
Rejoicing in the sun,
We'll know to thank these sheltered years
Where our first joys remain.

jessie's family

Age: 18Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 27

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Wisconsin

Exact place of living: Algoma

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

adult popalternativeclassical
countrygothheavy metal
hip hopjazznew age
operapopprogressive metal

Other interests
card gamescarscats
chasing the preferred sexcookingcrime stories
role playingsingingsewing
slackingsmokingsnow scooters
theatretravellingwatching sport

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fit

Height: 144

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