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Traci Torture (i <3 my girl [♥Bradly's Mommy♥])

Member #22079 created: 2005-06-27 18:19:40Simple URL:   

Name: Traci Simith


self explanitory...


Elfpack titles and orders
Crazy kid

I have blackish brown hair, brown eyes, i'm thin, and i'm 5"11! I love piercings, tattoos, and pain!

*You should drink applejuice, OJ will kill you!!!*

Poems for us girls....

I shave my legs,
I sit down to pee.
And I can justify
any shopping spree.
Don't go to a barber,
but a beauty salon.
I can get a massage
without a hard-on.

I can balance the checkbook,
I can pump my own gas.
I can talk to my friends,
about the size of my ass.

My beauty's a masterpiece,
and yes, it takes long.
At least I can admit,
to others when I'm wrong.

I don't drive in circles,
at any cost.
And I don't have a problem,
admitting I'm lost.

I never forget,
an important date.
You just gotta deal with it,
I'm usually late.

I don't watch movies,
with lots of gore.
Don't need instant replay,
to remember the score.

I won't lose my hair,
I don't get jock itch.
And just cause I'm assertive,
Don't call me a bitch.

Don't say to your friends,
Oh yeah, I can get her.
In your dreams, my dear,
I can do better!

Flowers are okay,
But jewelry's best.
Look at me you idiot...
Not at my chest????

I don't have a problem,
With Expressing my feelings.
I know when you're lying,
You look at the ceiling.

Don’t call me a GIRL ,
a BABE or a CHICK .
I am a WOMAN.
Get it?, you DICK!?!

I draw a pretty picture
I draw it with a twist
I draw it with a razorblade
I draw it in my wrists
And with this magic picture
A fountain shall appear
And with this magic fountain
My troubles disappear

sex drugs rock n' roll
speed weed birth control
life's a bitch
then we die
so fuck the world and lets get high

Life is like a dick
when it gets hard fuck it

I'm a bitch but I got class
fuck w/me I’ll kick ur ass
to all u hoes that think ur cool
just remember BITCHES RULE!

you talk mad shit
you say it w/o trace
come on be a big girl
and say it to my face
if u cant walk the walk
then don’t talk the talk
b/c fake little bitches get outlined in chalk!

Why don't you go put a condom on ur head, cuz if ur gonna act like a dick, you might as well look like one too!


I love kissing girls! its so much fun!!!

Age: 18Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 7

Gender: female

What do you do?: Being lazy

Place of living: USA-Oregon

Exact place of living: Seaside

Known languages

Favorite URL:

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

gothheavy metalhip hop

Other interests
animechasing the preferred sexdancing
pornrole playingscifi

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: thin

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