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NiteGoddess (living in my delusions...)

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Name: Jacqueline Nicole


leighly poo took this of me...after she did muh make up all purdy


my new baby!

2005 V6 Mustang Convertable

(parents didn't trust me with a V8..."too much power for a little girl"

little girl my ass....grrrr

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Crazy kid

Hello all! Not too sure what I'm doing here....

meh, I'll add shit later. or you can just ask

Vampire's Crypt

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I am the Goddess of Night (WOOHOO!!)

Stalkers of RaineDrop

Another questionaire thingy so at least you'll have some idea of who i am...
001: Name: Jacqueline Nicole
002: Nickname: Nicki
003: Country: USA
004: Birthdate: January 6, 1990
005: Height: 5'6"
006: Eyes: Blue
007: Haircolor: errmm...big mix there
008: School/work: freshman in high school.
009: You smoke: sometimes.
010: Hobbies: Reading, playing pool, movies, and music.
011: Brothers/Sisters: Only child.
012: Relationship: Singledom again...
013: Piercings: 5. 2 in each lobe and 1 conch
014: Tattoos: None right now..
015: Country to go to: France, England and Italy
016: People you won't talk to: Annoying little kids and ignorant people
017: Nicest person you've met: Raine
018: Person you wish you hadn't met: none yet
019: Person you'd like to meet: hmmm...not sure
020: Person you admire most: not sure about that one either
021: Sexiest person alive: Stuart Townsend
022: Favorite pajamas: my cougar sweats and a big t-shirt
023: Favorite car: my '05 yellow mustang
024: Favorite movie: Star Wars Episode 3
025: Favorite CD: Getting Away with Murder by Papa Roach
026: Favorite city: London, England
027: Favorite plush: fav what??
028: Favorite cologne: don't wear any
029: Favorite magazine: ugh..SI...i guess
030: Favorite sound: thunder storms
031: Favorite TV show: Queer as Folk
032: Favorite writer: Anne Rice
033: Favorite nickname: dork
034: What you're listening to now: "Beverly Hills" by Weezer
035: What is under your bed: Hangers
036: Favorite color: silver and yellow
037: Favorite song ever: not sure...too many
038: Favorite song at this moment: "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers
039: Favorite food: Pizza
040: Favorite class in school: Drama
041: Favorite drink: White Grape Juice
042: Lucky number: 13
043: Greatest thing about you: I'm fun to be around
044: Deodorant you use: Dove
045: Favorite shoes: Vans Checkered Slip ons
046: Bedtime on weekdays: 1ish
047: Phrase you use most: "Bite Me"
048: Most romantic moment: not sure...
049: Most embarrassing moment: Walked into a glass door while talking to a guy i had a big crush on
050: Spend time inside or outside: laying out in the sun with a good book
051: What you do on weekends: sleep and read
052: Class you hated most: teacher is an IDIOT
053: Your breakfast: French toast with butter and scrambled eggs
054: Pets: 2 dogs, 2 cats
055: Food you really hate: not too sure...that's a short list
056: Pet peves: stupid people
057: Serious or funny: I'm rarely serious.
058: Fast or slow: Fast, witty.
059: Prefer being single or involved: Single is ok some of the time..but not all
060: Simple or complicated: Simple-complicated is just too...complicated
061: Cremated or buried: cremated...i want them to make sure i'm dead
062: Thong or boy briefs: boy briefs
063: Up late or in bed early: Up late.
064: Light or dark: dark
065: Tall or short boyfriend: tall, definatly
066: Walk in the park or a movie: The park at night on a blanket
067: Sexy or cute: Sexy.
068: Hug or kiss: Kisses...hugs are awkward
069: Happy or sad: Happy
070: Life or death: i'm thinkin life here...
071: Gig or disco: huh?
072: Left or right: I'm right-handed.
073: Sausages on top or on the side: On the side, definatly
074: Shoe size: 8 1/2
075: What you would ask God: not sure...
076: Believe in reincarnation: yes
077: Believe in aliens:no
078: Your last words will be: No regrets
079: Does true love exist: Of course it does!
080: Number of kids you want to have: none. i HATE little kids
081: The one thing you can't stand: stupidity
082: Best feeling: accomplishing something great
083: Worst feeling: losing someone.
084: What you're afraid of: Losing someone close to me.
085: Emotional person: Very
086: Cry during a movie: oh yeah
087: Goal in life: to have no regrets
088: Promise you made to yourself New Year's Eve: that's kinda personal...
089: Favorite artist: my mother
090: Animal you would come back as: kitty cat
091: Most beautiful part of the male body: the ass...definatly the ass
092: Place you want your love to marry you: a garden or on a beach
093: What you think of Elftown: It's okay.
094: Something you miss in Elftown: nothing really
095: Favorite pick-up line: oh there's so many out there...
096: Thing you do most on your PC: write short stories
097: Weapons you keep in your pocket: i got a swiss army knife...that count?
098: Ethnicity: not too sure...heard a few different answers depending on how drunk my dad and uncle are.
099: Age you'd like to be when you die: dunno
100: Closing remarks: TTFN!


i feel special now...:-D

Age: 16Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 6

Gender: female

What do you do?: Being lazy

Place of living: USA-South Carolina

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

alternativegothheavy metal
new agepunkrock

Other interests
bookscard gamescars
chasing the preferred sexfantasyhistory
role playingslackingsmoking

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

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