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2007-05-25 12:00:43
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famous question i asked james hetfield.
Q: if you were a woman for a day what would you do?
A: i would stay at home and play with myself in front of the mirror.

rock on james

just getting this thing going but if you want to be a member just add your name or if you need help message me [gothilectic] and i'll add u on.

this wiki is for metallica die hards only.


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2007-07-17 [♥▲♥ Rave_N_Punk♥▲♥]: aww puppy dog eyes lol thats soo cute

2007-07-17 [Vaughne]: I soo have to join this wiki!!! ^-^

2007-07-19 [♥▲♥ Rave_N_Punk♥▲♥]: u soo r a part of this wiki the owner added u lol soo ya whats up ppls

2007-07-19 [Vaughne]: Yay I'm on this wiki ^-^

2007-07-20 [♥▲♥ Rave_N_Punk♥▲♥]: lol looks like we r the only to right now lol

2007-07-20 [Vaughne]: Lol so it would seem *happy she is on the list* ^-^

2007-07-24 [shinobi14]: "End of passion play..."

2007-07-24 [Vaughne]: Crumbling away...

2007-07-28 [♥▲♥ Rave_N_Punk♥▲♥]: oh yesh

2007-07-30 [shinobi14]: Im your source of self destruction!

2007-07-30 [Vaughne]: Lol I love that song!!! "master.... master.... master of puppets I'm pulling your strings..."

2007-07-30 [CrAzY ChUeY]: I'ma gonna change this up abet.

Take a look to the sky just before you die...ITS THAT LAST TIME YOU WILL!!!

2007-07-31 [Vaughne]: For a hill men would kill! Why? They do not know!

2008-04-14 [Meison Asagari]: oh my dear lords of metal... how do i join this shrine of light!? TALLICA!!!! I love this band more than my own legs!!

and live, i have never seen anyone as spellbinding and awe inspiring... what do i have to do to get in on this??

2008-04-14 [shinobi14]: This is the test to get in...

"The brightest flame burns quickest, that's what I heard her say.."

Continue that. =]

2008-04-15 [Meison Asagari]: "A son's heart's owned to mother, But I must find my waaaaaaaaaaaayah!"

realy? that simple? :)

2008-04-15 [shinobi14]: Yeah, pretty much. Unless anyone else has a test?

You see "Metallica Fans" don't normally know much past Master Of Puppets and Enter Sandman. But you, by showing me that you know the Load album, that shows me something. ^__^ I like you. =]

2008-04-16 [Meison Asagari]: I owns all 10 albums,cunning stunts, S+M dvd, live shit, binge purge, garage revisited and a collection of collaborations including "bellz" with the prodigy.
I have a limited tour book - gold pressed photo album, and am in the middle of making myself a bass guitar that looks like the deer-wood ESP Explorer that James Hetfield Plays on the S+M performance.

I've seen them twice live, I've followed them for nearly a decade.

you could say im a consumate fan :)

2008-04-18 [Hiro hyn hîdh ab 'wanath]: d[O_o]b Metallica_Turn The Page Playing...

2008-06-23 [CrAzY ChUeY]: Check out the video for the album on their website. They play about 15 seconds or more of it. Sounds like album after ...And Justice For All.

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