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2007-03-24 15:22:55
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THIS IS A WIKI DEDECATED TO GREEN DAY IT IS FULL OF GREEN DAY PICS......And before you get me started i know i spelt green day wrong on the wiki im really sorry i must have not pressed the space bar properly and then it was to late....I do infact know that its spelt with a space (Green Day) and im real sorry that its wrong :(


<img:><img:><img:"%20alt=""><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:"%20alt=""><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:> OH that billie joe having a wee??



i dont know why but i think these are cool (pervy i know)
<img:><img:> Tre iz so like 'I thought you only kissed me like that' XD

<img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:>stange but in a sexy way<img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:><img:>

its saint jimmy, he is soo cool!!!
<img:><img:><img:> aggghhh its tre coverd in green paint from the american idiot vid<img:>
bow down to the mighty billie joes bum

<img:> wanna take a bath with tre? hehe


green day lyriks
about greenday
greenday rock members

the banner

( i know its big but it still rocks so get over it!!)


spetial thanks to [Sky Chord] for the banner, YOU ROCK!!

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2006-09-06 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: hehe

2006-09-08 [__Gone__]: *snuggly and warm*

2006-09-08 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: .....hehe

2006-09-11 [__Gone__]: *wif tre...*

2006-09-11 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: aww no fair, i dont know where he lives =(

2006-09-12 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: <img:> look what i found, aww mike looks unhappy

2006-09-13 [__Gone__]: awww... poor mikey

2006-09-13 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: hehe, he will be ok once he has had his coffie *giggles*

2006-09-18 [__Gone__]: ohh... just like [Box]. Them two are like twins when it comes to coffee.

2006-09-18 [Box]: Ummm adie. First of all you never beat anyone up, you never got a black eye, and you never got suspended. YOu are such a fuckin poser.

2006-10-14 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: aww no-one ever posts here enymore =(

2006-11-08 [__Gone__]: if i have your permission *sarcasticly* i got a black eye when i was at my other school, and i have beaten up someone this year.

2006-11-09 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: lol, i like to beat people up its fun hehe

2006-12-26 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: <img:> :O

2006-12-30 [Sky Chord]: LMAO!! XD

2007-01-07 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: <img:>
I keep finding them hehe

2007-07-30 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Green Day ROCKS!

2007-07-30 [Dr. Carlisle's Esme Kitty]: Wait... How do I become a member?

2007-08-02 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: i'll add you  =D

2007-10-08 [Beetle Geuse]: add me too plz

2007-10-08 [*Suicidal Cupcake*]: Okies, Yay people wanna join!!!
Im still really sorry i spelt it wrong tho T__T I feel silly!

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