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2009-03-13 19:21:20
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angels senior pics

...I look thoughtful in this one...

/ [Sonya Blue]

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2009-08-10 [Sonya Blue]: they are pictures to remember your senior year in highschool, usually people take pics with stuff related to things they did in highschool, like if they played sports, or were in band. My clarinet was at my school when i got my pics done, so i didn't get my pics done with my instrument...

2009-08-10 [lulu dinobot]: .... ooo..kkk lol we dont do things like that over here, it must just be an american thing! lol

2009-08-10 [Sonya Blue]: lol...maybe

2009-08-11 [lulu dinobot]: lol ... yeah :) i was in america a few times...its a weird and wonderful place, like Wonderland on acid :) haha

2009-08-11 [Sonya Blue]: lmao, well i would probally think the same thing about where your from if i ever visited

2009-08-15 [lulu dinobot]: lol .. more than likely ... Belfast is a WEIRD PLACE!!

2009-08-15 [Sonya Blue]: lmao

2009-08-17 [Elf_Person]: HOLA ANGELS

2009-08-18 [Sonya Blue]: hey

2009-08-28 [Elf_Person]: WAZZZZZZZZZZZUP

2009-08-29 [lulu dinobot]: :| [Elf_Person] ..."WAZZZZZZZZZZZUP" died years ago...let it go!! its time to move on!!

2009-08-30 [Sonya Blue]: hey hey hey, its funny to be random once in a while, Wazzzzzzup is just like a random hello...XD

2009-08-31 [lulu dinobot]: that died along with the twin towers and princess diana...there gone...dont try to revive them!!

2009-09-24 [Eccentrifuge]: Wow! I can't believe you just equated a pop culture slang phrase going out of style to the Twin Towers and Princess Di.
Do you have any idea just how insensitive that was?
Two thousand, seven hundred and fifty two people died that day, and you want to equate that to 'wazzup'?
Their memories don't deserve you trashing them like that.
Honestly, I get where you're coming from with the 'move on' philosophy, but it really doesn't hurt to think before you speak.

2009-09-24 [lulu dinobot]: sorry but still who am i to care??

2010-05-28 [My Sky's The Limit]: :D Angel, you're so purdy!

That one's muh favorite :]

2010-05-28 [Sonya Blue]: Awww, Thanks Cathy!

2010-05-29 [My Sky's The Limit]: No problemo :]]

2010-05-29 [Sonya Blue]: ;) how have u been?

2010-07-26 [Elf_Person]: WUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ UP

2010-09-16 [lulu dinobot]: seriously ...its gone...leave it to RIP

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