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2006-08-05 15:35:05
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Everyone loves [wheelsy]! Why? Because He is the coolest! Why? Dont ask questions Damnit! Just take my word for it and love him!

[wheelsy]'s oh so awesome fans!

[FireGypsy] *humps [wheelsy]'s chair* =D
[Saaaammi.] :] Luff oooo hunny =D


Wheelsy, Just Plain Wheelsy

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2006-08-04 [wheelsy]: Sasha humps the chair and not me...

2006-08-04 [FireGypsy]: lol I cant get in trouble for humping your chair, but I can get in trouble for humping you ^_^

2006-08-04 [wheelsy]: I won't tell. xD

2006-08-04 [FireGypsy]: XD

2006-08-06 [Another Boy]: *humps Wheelsy* xD

2006-08-06 [wheelsy]: Sasha, Sean give me love!

2006-08-06 [FireGypsy]: In a creepy gayish kinda way! XD

2006-08-06 [wheelsy]: Sean's an awesome guy =D

2006-08-06 [Another Boy]: *stil dry humping Wheelsy* Exactly!

2006-08-06 [wheelsy]: I love you Sean, let's just not tell Shelby. -Winks-

2006-08-06 [wheelsy]: But I love Sasha more xD

2006-08-06 [FireGypsy]: yay! oooOoOoo *points to mainstuff poll* My album is up there! *dances*

2007-07-30 [wheelsy]: Wow, I've not gained more fans...

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