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dont remember wher I was going.
At my aunts..
yet I look like cousin it..
Was taking photo's.
TRhis was taken in oct 2007
My usual clothing.
Cousin did this to me..
I love my hair in this picture.
Well, i got my hair dyed in like feb-march and this was taken in june, kinda faded was originally red, but faded to pinkish, then went bye bye.
After fun at the park, I was getting ready to shower..
Was at the park.
I just got my in september..or november 2008
I lived with her for about 6 months.
I tried doing this like a few months back, couldnt get it >.<;
My sister took this picture after I was lifting weights.
I love my eyes in this picture, haha./
yes shrek ears..
before the shower.

/ [toravisu]

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