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The Eyes of Deception

Ever had the feeling that you were being watched? Ever feel like someone was following you, but then you find out nobody is there?
Ever wonder exactly what that is?
People tell stories of a woman that once lived in the in the Perrygrand house. She killed her husband and her 4 children, then she took her own life. The woman comes after anyone who steps foot in her house. When you see her, she looks alive. But do not look into her eyes, if you do... It may be the last thing you ever see.
Once you walk inside the house, you are trapped, the door has been broken for years now, and you can not open if from the inside. If you wish to make it out of haunted house alive, then you must find the other door. It is unknown as to where it is, because nobody has ever made it out alive.

[Note:if you choose to play a ghost, you must have a human character also. also, NO GODMODING what so ever.]

The Eyes of Deception Humans
The Eyes of Deception Ghosts
The Eyes of Deception Rp Room

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2007-07-09 [MadHatress]:

2007-07-09 [Sonya Blue]: lol

2007-07-09 [Chellie Bear]: YUP I JOINDED

2007-07-09 [Sonya Blue]: lol

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2007-07-09 [Sonya Blue]: XD

2007-07-09 [Eyes of the Reaper]: May I add my own pic (if I join) or must I use one of the one provided?

2007-07-09 [Sonya Blue]: you can use your own pic if you want

2007-07-10 [danielle. get low]: joining lol

2007-07-10 [MadHatress]: cool, lol...the more people the beter^^

2007-07-10 [Sonya Blue]: Yes!

2007-07-10 [MadHatress]: lol...^^ thought so...

2007-07-10 [Sonya Blue]: lol

2007-07-10 [Deg]: This looks like a sweet rp but where/when do we rp in the first place? lol

2007-07-10 [MadHatress]: idk when...but the rp room os the last wiki on this page...

2007-07-10 [Sonya Blue]: we can start when ever and the rp is in The Eyes of Deception Rp Room

2007-07-10 [MadHatress]: <img:dand-gif.gif><img:BR-GIF.gif>

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2007-07-10 [Deg]: sweet!

2007-07-12 [Sonya Blue]: yup

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