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Sasha's Firedancing


Welcome to my page dedicated to the art of Firedancing!

Sasha's Firedancing Videos

This is a page of my best firedancing videos

Sasha's Fire Fans

Pictures of me performing with my Fire Fans

Sasha's Fire Poi

Pictures of me performing with my Fire Poi

Sasha's Fire Hoop

Pictures of me performing with my Fire Hula Hoop

Sasha's Fire Sword

Pictures of me performing with my Fire Sword

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[FireGypsy]: Let me know what you guys think! Please rate my videos (or at least your favourite ones) and leave me some feedback.

Hehe, my mouth is burnt from fire eating XD But I LOVE it and I wouldn't have it any other way!

[*_*]: wow thats freeking rocks

[Miss.PYRO™]: woah
you are so good at it
I wish I could get as good as that some day
Im not too brilliant atm
still in the learning process
I have quite a few bruises from the training chains
but if it means I can get that good, Its worth it
how is fire eating?
is it hard?

[FireGypsy]: Sweet! Fire eating is neat. I usually eat the flames off my fans when they start to go out. You always burn your mouth a bit, but after a while your skin gets tougher ^_^ I actually just had a gig with two other people last night. Was awesome! Made $40 bucks each.

[DevilishlySweet]: Wow, I love the fire hoop dancing...did you make the hoop yourself?

The dancing reminds me of Justin Timberlake's new video *cough* Not that I was watching it, lol.

[FireGypsy]: Thanks! I certainly did make it myself ^_^

Hmmm. I haven't sen any of his videos XD

[DevilishlySweet]: I normally dont but I happened to be channel surfing and the fire dancing caught my eye :)

Thats awesome that you made your fans and hoops :)

[FireGypsy]: I made the hoop, poi, and sword myself(err, turned it into a firesword). The fans I bought from Trick Concepts. But I do have a TIG welder and I do plan on producing them in the near future ^_^

[shinobi14]: Sasha... you are GOOOOOOD!!

... but you already know that. ^__^

[FireGypsy]: Thanks babe ^_^

[Dancer In The Dark]: Oh, wow, it's awesome!!

Did you teach yourself of did you take lessons? (If that's even possible XP)
And how did you make these things, what do you need??

[FireGypsy]: I taught myself ^_^ And which one would you like to know how I made it? They are all very different.

[Dancer In The Dark]: I'd love to know how to make poi...

[Dancer In The Dark]: Oh Thank you so much! ^^

[Ascenterra]: Fire is beautiful, these are all wonderful.

[FireGypsy]: Such old photos and im too lazy to update them =(

[FireGypsy]: Holy crap, this brings me back....

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