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This is a wiki for all you Models out there, and even wannabe Models!

If your a Model and proud of it, add your name here!
Models Members

If you would like to be a model, add your name here!
Model Wannabees

Post pictures of you strutting your stuff here! You dont have to be a model to post photos =)
Models Photos


Sasha's Wikis
Other wikis I have made.

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2006-07-24 [FireGypsy]: Oh yeah baby!

2006-07-24 [Hedda]: Export the pages?

2006-07-24 [FireGypsy]: Im working on it! Damnit i like JUST made this! >_< lol! I love you [Hedda]!

2007-01-20 [Peeves]: Are you a brain dead loser who's extremely good looking? Then modeling is for you. Anyone who could do something that actually requires some thinking would.

2007-01-20 [FireGypsy]: Models aren't brain dead, retard. What is your point?

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