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2010-03-29 18:42:10
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Night of evil on earth

The city of Edinburgh is where you are based!

<img400*0:stuff/C%3aUsersMichelleDocumentsedinburgh-view%5b1%5d.jpg><img400*0:stuff/C%3aUsersMichelleDocumentskohala-mountain-road-boulder-and-field%5b1%5d.jpg> <--that one is like the battlefield ^^

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2010-03-31 [Tis gone but never gone]: Andra was walkng down the street to the flower shop she owned. She looked up at the sunny sky, she smiles. She loves the sun so much! So warm, bright, it remind's her of the archangel Michael, who was her old lover until she fell under the spell of Lucifer and joined his army. She shrugged the thoughts of her past away because it wasn't for to remember but only to move on with her life. She opened the door of the shop, turned off the alarm and started to get everything ready for the day ahead.

2010-03-31 [shadows of life]: Ty yawned as he got up and dressed. Ty walked down the street to a small cafe for some coffee. After getting his drink he went out said and took a seat.

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