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2007-08-01 20:33:02
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Kalah and some important people

MARLIN! Ha this boy. He is my Brother pretty much. I love hanging around him cause he's just one of those people you know you can trust and that wont stab you in the back.Just being around him puts a smile on my face. Hes my popsicle buddy! He's a great friend, He's World War II, he's Marlo, He's My Little Genius. He's Pretty much the greatest boy on earth. and im really glad we got to know eachother more this year. I would probebly go to the end of the world and back for him.
Ohhh Snap Crackle sara. What a girl. We are pretty good friends now but we used to hate eachother. Lots. Ha. This is one girl you can count on to have your back when you need it. She is there when you need a laugh or someone to have a deep convo with. No Matter what is going on with me she always knows how to make me feel better or just make my day better then it already was. She is my Super-hero-sara. Forever and always my good friend. Oh and she likes the number 10 if u catch my drift. ahh she knows!
Alisha Rocks. She is pretty much the only person in our school that I dont want to strangle half of the time.She is great to talk to and fun to be around. She is not one to judge people until she knows you and I respect that. She is a great friend and im glad we became closer friends this year.
Audrey. Some Know her as Stephanies sister. Some know her as My uncle James' sister in law. and some know her as just Aud. I know her as an absolutly great friend I would be lost without. She is always there when I need somone and We have the most fun anyone could ever have together weither we are out at the moose, driving around, or just simply at my house watching weirdos dance to spice girls and getting lap dances from my brother.She is Great to be with..if you know what I mean. Ha yeah she knows what I mean. Lol. Two Words can pretty much some her up and those are : Best Friend.
Tis my brother. We Fight an AWFUL lot but he has taught me a lot of stuff that I would have never of learned on my own. He is a role model..Not a good one but still one non the less. I love him to pieces X10 and would prolly be a completly diffrent person if he wasent around.
Meriah. Meriah Meriah Meriah. You people dont even know how much I am in love with this girl. She is pretty much my life. I would be nothing without her. There is no other word to descibe her except Perfect. I love my sister with all my heart and more. You dont even know what she means to me and how much I would give up just to see her smile. I love her. To death x1,000,000. Words cant describe what she means to me.

/ [Snickerdoodle]

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