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Hidden & Found

I couldn’t sleep; I don’t know how long I spent staring at the darkness of my bedroom. I finally turned my head to my messy bedside table to see the glowing red numbers saying; 0103 AM. How perfect I have been laying here for a good two and half hours. I sighed loudly; the sound seemed to echo in the darkness. I got out of my warm bed as I turned on my bedside lamp and I blinked the fuzziness away from my eyes. I yawned loudly then I pulled on my slippers and black silk robe that lay on my computer chair. I heard the sound of a tin can being kicked outside; I wondered who would be outside this late? I walked over to the window and slowly pulled back the heavy curtain back just a little, I saw four people outside by the fence of my back yard. My brows furrowed together in confusion because it was freezing outside and by the way they were dressed it looked like they would freeze to death. I shook my head and walked away from the window. I couldn’t believe that those people would be outside at this time of night...well early morning. They must be drunk and walking home from a night out on the town or maybe they are going to an early morning party which makes no sense but Nadia has done that before.

I walked into the cold kitchen with a shiver; I turned on the light and let my eyes adjust to the brightness. Damn I wish I had put by sunglasses on before I left my room, sadly I’m sensitive to light and I wear sunglasses everywhere. I stuck the kettle on and waited for it to boil, and then I got my favourite coffee mug out of the cupboard. It was a pale sage green colour with roses on it; my grandmother gave it to me for my birthday six years ago for my 20th birthday which I spent in London with my friends, Nadia, Duncan and Cameron.

Back in my room with my nice hot steaming cup of green tea. I walked over to the window again just to see if the four people from before were still out there. And to my surprise they were but instead of facing away from the house they were looking right at it. Right at me! I just couldn’t look away or even move away from the window. There were two guys and two girls all dressed in black and they were all pale.

One of the girls has golden blond hair that seemed to form a halo around her heart shaped face; she was wearing a beautiful short black dress with killer heels. She was at least 5’9 or maybe 6 feet tall and she was towering over the small brunette girl wearing a black puffy skirt with a black silk shirt, next to her.
On either side of the two girls where the two guys; the guy standing next to the brunette was an emo. I could easily tell that because of his red streaked black hair and his black hoodie, skinny black jeans and snakebite piercing.
Then there was the hottie who was standing next to the tall blonde girl; he was really hot with his Robert Patterson hair style and long winter coat. It seemed very strange that they would all be hanging out, they look like they were from different groups of friends just thrown together but I could sense a deep connection between them. 

The guy with the Robert Patterson hair style lifted his hand and waved at me which caused me to flinch back from the window and stubble back to the edge of my bed and I yelped when I spill my tea all over my silk covered legs. I dropped my mug on the floor, making a mental note to clean it up later, and I pulled off my silk robe and I patted my legs with the robe while wincing.”Bugger! Why does this always happen to me?!” I snarled to my dimly bright bedroom.

I woke up again when it was to the sound of my very annoying, very loud alarm clock. I let out a groan as I smacked the snooze button on the clock then I sat up on the bed feeling way too tired to go to work this morning. As I stood in the nice hot steaming shower shampooing my hair up my mind wondered back to the four people I saw this morning. They were very beautiful, pale people all dressed in black but the one thing I found very strange is that he waved to me and also that I couldn’t move like I had been paralyzed with fear of being caught or at least that what’s I thought it was. Or maybe I’m reading way to into this because of my lack of sleep. As I got ready for work my best friend Nadia walked into my room like a hyper little blonde-pale-blue- eyed fairy.

“Morning, sunshine!”Nadia sang cheerfully which made me want to shoot her.

I just grunted at her as I buttoned up the last three buttons of my shirt. Nadia just sat on my bed, I noticed that she had her long ice blond hair up in a high bun on her head; she was wearing her normal hair dressers uniform; black tunic and black trousers with her black flat shoes. Her make was perfect as always but I noticed that she had rose coloured lipstick on which meant that Victor was coming into the shop today.

Nadia had a huge crush on Victor Black the town’s most hottest guy in town but I don’t think he is that special but hey what do I know about guys?

“So what was with all the noise last night?” I looked at Nadia as I put on my sunglasses. Ah so my housemate did hear me yell last night when I spilt my tea on my lap.

I shrugged a little.”I was nothing. I just stumbled onto my bed and spilt my tea on my lap, okay? No big deal.” I said as I brushed my long wavy strawberry blonde hair then I pulled it up into a loose bun.

I heard Nadia gasp softly as I took my sunglasses off and I knew she was worrying now. Nadia was such a worrier and sometimes it was such a pain in the bum. “Are you okay? Did you get any burns?”Nadia asked with concern.

I sighed softly as I put on some light mascara onto my strawberry blonde eyelashes. “My thighs are just pink, that’s all, Nadia. And yes I did put some lotion on my thighs. No burns at all.” I said before she could start fussing over me. She knows that I am a faster healer and I have been all my life. I knew Nadia was de-worrying right now because she wasn’t talking, so I had some time to finish my make up before she started talking about nothing that interests me.

A sandy blond Duncan walked into my room with his twin brother a golden blonde Cameron. Yes the twins or as Nadia likes to call them the ‘Sun Twins’. The reason she calls them that is because Cameron and Duncan are both tanned and blonde, no not fake tan and fake hair colour. It’s all natural. Cameron and Duncan do not look alike at all but they do look similar; they have a strong jaw, sharp cheek bones, and nice long straight nose with beautiful dark green eyes that almost look black. When I first saw Cameron and Duncan at high school for the first time, I was in love with them. I thought they were gods until Duncan opened his mouth and I found out that he is a jerk but a sweet jerk. Cameron is a real sweet heart, he is softly spoken and a real gentleman but he is very protective of me and Nadia.

I growled softly as I put on my shades and turned around and looked at the twins.”What has my room suddenly become a brothel or something where you think it’s alright to barge into my room?!” I was in a very grumpy mood and my roommates knew that, they where use to my bad mood swings. I blame my strawberry blonde hair. Duncan looked around my messy room and smirked at me.

”Well I only see one brothel girl here.” And with that comment I snapped. I stormed across the room not listening to Nadia’s protest, I went to slap Duncan but Cameron looped an arm around my slim waist and threw me onto the bed. I squeaked as I was thrown and as I landed on my soft bed.

”Enough! Anyone would think that your both still in high school with the way your both acting.” Cameron said and glared at Duncan who was chuckling but he stopped when he saw his brother’s glare. I looked over at Cameron.”I hate your brother, Cam.”I snarled as I got off the bed.

“So do most people. We came in because Duncan said he heard a noise coming from your last night. We just wanted to make sure that you are okay.”Cameron said with concern as he looked at me. I was touched that the twins cared about me but do not need two muscular guys watching over me. I could take care of myself.

“I spilt tea on myself last night, no burns, yes I put lotion on my thighs and my skin is just a little pink. Remember I am a fast healer.”I said in a hurry before the twins could ask questions. I would rather not to tell them about what I saw last night, what I felt but I could feel change coming very soon in my life.

Once I was at work at the local High School I felt more awake and relaxed than I had been at home and less annoyed. I dumped my bag and snowy white winter jacket on my computer chair and I booted up the computer. While I waited for the computer to load up I saw two flashing red lights on answering machine as well as a stack of letters for the headmaster. Yes I was the headmaster of Kelso High School’s personal assistant, so I was the only that had to deal with his crap. I picked up the letters and looked threw them, one was off his mistress and the others where important or just junk mail. So I sorted through them while I listened to a very angry parent ranting on the answering machine leave a message about lack of support for her son. Blah blah blah blah. It was just another whining parent that thought their son walked on water, I hated people like that. By the end of the three minute message I had sorted out the headmaster’s mail. Then I sat down and logged onto the computer then I played the other messages and took a note of them, all five of them. I checked my emails and most of them where memos that I had to pass on to the headmaster, which I would. So I just printed them off and put them on my desk with the letters and messages.

I stood up and walked over to the coffer maker and mini fridge in my small office. I was lucky enough to have. I told the headmaster that if he wants me to lie to his wife about him having a mistress then fine I would but I want a coffee marker and mini fridge in my office. He was more than happy to let me have what I wanted. I poured myself a nice hot cup of coffee once it was ready. I added in some milk and three spoonfuls of sugar when my office phone rang. I walked over to my desk with my coffee; I noticed it was from the school office so I didn’t bother with normal happy phone talk.

”Morning, Carol.”I smiled a little. I liked Carol because she was a sweet old lady in her mid fifties. 

“Morning, you have a call on line one but I should warn you it’s not for Derrick but for you.”Carol’s soft voice said. I frowned softly; I wondered who would be calling me but then I chuckled softly.

”Oh! It must be Nadia or Cameron or Duncan. Just put them through, Carol.” I heard Carol press a button as I pressed one.

”Hello.” A voice unfamiliar voice said which made me frown and confused.

”Who is this?” I asked. Who could be calling me? Maybe the bank calling about my accounts? God knows but I want to know! The unfamiliar voice spoke again but this time I could hear a smile in his voice.

”My name is Christian Windsor. I would like to meet up with you regarding your family. I am an inspector for the police and I have been looking over the case and I may have found out some new information for you that might interest you.”

My eyes widened at the news; I couldn’t believe that someone had information on the fire that burned my whole family away from me. I leaned against my desk because my legs felt like jelly; I let out a slow shaky breath and focused on how to remember to talk again. It had been so long since anyone had talked about my past, about the death of my family. I couldn’t wait to find out what Christian Windsor had to say.

I walked out into the cold wet February mid morning weather all wrapped up from head to toe. I lit up a menthol cigarette with my zippo lighter, I inhaled deeply trying to calm my nerves but it didn’t help very much. I gazed up at the dark clouds that promised to bring a raging wave of darkness to bring such dark moods to the people of Scotland. I however don’t need to blame the late winter weather for my dark mood, I am also in one all year around. I watched the thin smoke of my cigarette flow up into the sky like dull grey mist. I sighed loudly as I looked over at the road of where I lived, I could see the naked winter trees, the slush on the pavements and roads, the destroyed snowman in my next door neighbour’s front yard. I knew winter could be depressing but this was just annoyingly depressing; it was like every second life got more and more depressing. I looked at my watch and saw that I had a good 10 minutes until Christian Windsor and his team would arrive.

I walked back into the warmth of the house and checked on the tea, I poured the hot water into the tea pot while the coffee marker was still making a lot of noise brewing the coffee. I paced the kitchen like a caged lioness at the zoo. I couldn’t help but wonder if Christian was a reporter or some sick guy that got his kicks off listening to a tale of people burning, and with that I started to think that this was a very bad idea. What if Christian was the guy that set the house on fire and he wants to kill me in the same way? What if he was the killer but wants to apologise to me for killing my family? Oh I was so reading way too much into this.

I was just getting very paranoid but I couldn’t shake the feeling that Christian was lying about knowing information on my family’s death. But what scared me the most was that I had a feeling, the feeling of change. I could really feel my own life change around me and that scared me way too much for me to deal with. So I put that feeling side when the doorbell chimed through the house; Christian and his team where hear.

I took a deep calming breath to slow down my panicked heart. I opened the front door and saw the people from last night, the people that where outside my house. I kept the shock off my face with a calm expression.

”Hello, can I help you?” I asked nicely as I could. They were even more equine in the sunlight. The guy with the Robert Patterson hair style smiled at me and he had a lovely smile. His eyes were the colour of the sea, blue and green mixed together, framed in thick black eyebrows. He had a beautiful young looking face but his eyes were too old for his face but then again the four sets of eyes looking at me had old eyes and young looking faces.

The guy with the Robert Patterson hair style spoke first in a husky voice.”My name is Christian Windsor and this is my team, Adele Campbell, William Miller and Elizabeth Anderson.” Each member of his team nodded when Christian spoke their names. Adele was the tall blonde girl, Elizabeth was the small brunette girl and William was the guy with the snakebite piercing.

“Oh I see. Well it’s nice to meet you all, please do come on in.”I said as I stepped aside as they walked into the house.”Please just go into the living room.” I closed the door and walked to the kitchen and got the tray of cups, sugar, milk, tea and coffee. I walked into a very quite living room and I put the tray on the coffee table in the middle of the room.”Please help yourselves.”I sat down on the leather arm chair and crossed my legs.

”So what information do you have for me?” I asked them.

Christian sat back with a cup of tea in his hands.”Well we have read the police file on the case, so we know what the human police have come up with but the Inquisition has a very different idea of what happened.”
My brows furrowed together in confusion at his statement he said to me. Human police? Inquisition? What is this some kind of joke? I should just kick them out. I thought. I looked at Christian, Adele, William and Elizabeth with an annoyed look.

”Look just cut out all the piss taking, yeah? If you don’t have anything useful to say then bugger off.”I snapped at them. I was in no mood to be fucked around with.

Adele, the tall blonde sighed a little.”Christian, darling, remember she doesn’t know what she is. You must use human tactics to make her understand.”She said in a bored calm voice. And I really wanted to punch her. Have a mention about my anger issues? Well I have a lot of anger issues and these guys are just taking my anger to a whole new level.
Christian looked at me very calmly and said.”We have a lot to talk about, I’m sure it will be a lot for you to hand, but you’re a strong person and you’ll be able to handle it.”

I was very sure I’ll be able to punch him in the face to ruin his pretty face. I felt my hands curl into fists as I glared at his blue and green eyes.

“Look I don’t have the time for this sick twisted joke that you guys are playing on me! So just get out now!” I snapped harshly at them. Suddenly I couldn’t move my body, trust me I did try to move, I tried my damnest to move but I couldn’t. Fear filled me up, I felt like I was drowning in it. I could hear my heart beating in my ears, I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest.

“Please, calm down. We’re not here to hurt you, or to mess with your mind. We’re here just too simply in light you on your past.”Christian spoke with a calm manner.

Elizabeth spoke to me in such a perky voice.”And trust us your past is very interesting.” She smiled brightly at me, showing her pearly white teeth. I really wanted to knock those teeth out and I most likely would when I could move. 

“Christian you might want to hurry up because I can’t hold her for long.”William said. He was looking at the centre of my forehead, looking like he was trying to figure out a tough maths problem.

Christian nodded.”I know, William. I know just how strong she is but she doesn’t know how to use her powers, William.” He said softly. Christian looked into my eyes.”Now you must understand that there is the human world and the other world but sadly they’re joined together. We co-exist together in some harmony but there are rogues that go too far, they cross a line and kill a human or other. And the Inquisition is bounty hunters that get paid to hunt down the other that has crossed the line. If you break the laws we come after you.” He took a breath. “Others are supernatural beings such as vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, witches, warlocks, demons, wizards, fairies, elves and so much more. But we-“He waved his hand at William, Adele and Elizabeth. “- are hybrids. We are half human, half something else. Elizabeth is half human half fairy. William is half human half demon. Adele is half human half elf. And me? Well I am half human half vampire just like you.” 

I could believe what I was hearing off Christian. I don’t believe in monsters that go bump in the night. This must be some kind of sick joke, maybe one of Duncan’s jokes. But not even he would go this far. The look on my face must have shown the disbelief that I felt because Christian sighed softly.

“I know this is hard to believe but you know deep down inside of you that it’s true.” Christian’s words where soft but firm. I knew he was right, somewhere deep inside of me believed it but was unwilling to accept it. I glared at Christian as I felt a cold sweat run down my spine.

“You heal faster than your human friends, you are drawn to blood, and you have bad mood swings and anger issues. I know all this because I went through the same but when I embraced my future as a hybrid.”Christian said with compassion.

” And you would be wise to do the same or you will end up like your family.” Adele spoke in a posh bored like voice.

As if the string on a puppet had been cut, I could move my body again. I launched myself at Adele with a snarl. I could feel my bloodlust rising within me. I could hear William and Elizabeth yelling out there protests but I didn’t stop until I had pinned Adele to the sofa. I was straddling her hips and I punched her pretty face, I hear bone breaking and blood squirted out of Adele’s lips on a cry.

No one threats me and gets away with it. Yeah I know it was wrong to let her get under my skin but I mean come on! She was pissing me off to no end and I really wanted her to stop sounding like she was better than everyone else. I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and pull me off Adele and held me in the air while I was snarling.

“Enough calm down.”Christian whispered in my ear. I could smell him since he was holding me off the ground in his arms, he smelled like dark chocolate, sex and man. For some reason I liked having his arms around and that comforted me enough to calm down.

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