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Hedda's Sword

My sword hanging on the wall. It's a replica of a 15th century north Italian sword.


/ [Hedda]

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2006-07-24 [Box]: Good...lilo do to I think!

2006-08-06 [Niall Adam Setherton]: [Hedda] Why do you actualy have a sword wich looks like it will hurt if you hit someone.

2006-08-06 [Hedda]: People ask less stupid questions if I have it... ;)

2006-08-11 [Morningstar Rising]: Do you keep the blade sharp?

2006-08-11 [Goodbye EP]: Obviously. ^_-

2006-08-11 [Morningstar Rising]: I can't tell that is why I asked.

2006-08-11 [Goodbye EP]: Well, think about it like this... If he didn't keep it sharpened, what would happen? I mean, he'd be very unsafe if he had a weapon with the same power as a butter knife. The queen of Spain could come walking up to his bed while he's asleep and just start punching him in the head. That could kill him. But then we would have no ElfPack. And that would really suck.

So I do believe the answer would be yes. He does keep it sharp. Very sharp. Not only for himself, but for us! ^_^

2006-08-11 [Morningstar Rising]: Laughing my ass off. That is a hell of a good reason to keep it sharp. Don't want the Queen of Spain killing off our King Of ElfPack, cause that would suck really bad. So yea I get your point and its cool.

2006-08-11 [Goodbye EP]: lol

2006-08-11 [Morningstar Rising]: I did, got a good laugh from it. (Thanks)

2006-08-12 [Goodbye EP]: Your welcome!

2006-08-13 [Morningstar Rising]: <(^_^)>

2006-08-13 [Box]: errg...does the sword have a name...little swordy....swordie..whatever

2006-08-13 [Morningstar Rising]: thats a good question.

2006-08-13 [Box]: i know..all of my questions...Rock! sorry...

2006-08-13 [Morningstar Rising]: *laughing* Its cool.

2006-08-13 [Box]: Cant.....keep eyes open. *falls* hmmm...better but not good enough...

2006-08-13 [Morningstar Rising]: Hope you didn't hurt yourself

2006-08-14 [Box]: No im good...Swordy heddas pet sword

2006-08-14 [Morningstar Rising]: thats cool then.

2006-09-02 [Amaranthine]: what is the origin of your sword?

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