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Made by [FireGypsy]

To guess a letter or the whole phrase post a comment below.

Have Fun!

The Game

Round 58!

FILM - T _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ t t _ _

Round 57 has ended! The answer was Some Like It Hot

The Links

Winners 2009 - This year's winners.

Hangman Leaderboard! - View all participants and their standings on the leaderboard.

The Winners 2008 - 2008's winners.

The Winners! - 2007's winners.

Guess Who! - Guess the celebrity from the photo given.

Elfpack contests - All the contests running on Elfpack!

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2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: back to sqaure one?

2008-05-16 [shinobi14]: How could you not get that? XD

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: i know.. it makes such perfect sense now.. i feel like such a twat xD

2008-05-16 [~sminx~]: what is this you're playing?

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: its because that thing looked nothing like a 1 xD

2008-05-16 [shinobi14]: My diary game. XD Check it out. =]

2008-05-16 [~sminx~]: kool. i think i will. it might be nice to play a game for once, instead of having to think it up lol

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: then why dont you take a break?.. put like.. the wikis on suspend for a bit

2008-05-16 [shinobi14]: NOOOO!! Get back to it!! >.<

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: .. not even a please? .. wow danny.. xD

2008-05-16 [shinobi14]: ... please... T___T

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: good boy *pats danny's head* xD

2008-05-16 [~sminx~]: aww lol... its a nice thought, but i take my time doing them anyways, so its not too much trouble, i'd just like to play a game as well :) so don't worry [shinobi14]!!

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: *says in a country famers accent*.. Dannnnay?.. Dannay boi? xD

2008-05-16 [~sminx~]: lol! im off out now, but i may put another hangman up tomorrow... but only if you promise not to guess the damn thing on the first go! *shakes fist*

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Yeah Devil xD..

and do a guess who! again D:


2008-05-16 [~sminx~]: weeelllllll...... ok.

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Yay xD *glomps*

2008-05-16 [Romantic Rebellion]: see y'all x

2008-05-16 [DeeJay™]: hey, it's not my fault im good! xD
besides, i got a long way to go before i catch her up.. neeed 5 more! :D

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: i need 9 xD.. so everyone just.. give me chance lmao

2008-05-16 [DeeJay™]: you had your chance in the last one! you guessed a letter before i said my answer xD

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: I guessed "A". and she didnt even comfirm it xD

2008-05-16 [DeeJay™]: but still.. if i got it from nothing, why couldnt you? :D

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: because im dumb xD..

im actually admitting to that

2008-05-16 [DeeJay™]: lol, there's nothing special about me! i dont have super-hangman-playing powers xD

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: omg that would be so cool xD

2008-05-16 [Retribution]: 5 friends...makes sense? I rather not be a bunch of stranger's "friends" besides the 5 I do have...amount to an importance level you have no idea on how to be. That is a statement not an insult..can't live with it, go cry in a corner.

2008-05-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: i thought you were leaving this wiki?.. were we mis-informed?... awww man.. we were having so much fun Re-joicing

2008-05-16 [Retribution]: see..same old offensive'll never can't even handle a damn statement...

2008-05-16 [DeeJay™]: dude, go away. YOU'RE the one causing the problems. YOU'RE the one offending everyone.

2008-05-17 [Retribution]: no I'm not..I'm defending myself. Huge difference.

2008-05-17 [Retribution]: and I have full right to stay and wait for hangman just like you or noobs. So piss and drink.

2008-05-17 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: 06:12:22 originigiro: no I'm not..I'm defending myself. Huge difference.

Uhm.. Hello? xD who started all this?

2008-05-17 [DeeJay™]: [Retribution] : "Oh use to reply to this comment..I'm unwatching this wiki and not going to read what either of you two reply as."

shouldnt you have left like, a few days ago?
now you're insisting on winding us all up, and making a mess of the hangman! wiki. just leave..

2008-05-17 [~sminx~]: STOP ARGUING ON MY WIKI!!!! please, i've had enough of this. if you must continue, do it somewhere else. i was going to put up a hangman today, but i'll wait until tomorrow now, to make sure this stops! i don't want to get involved and take sides, so please just work it out.

2008-05-17 [Retribution]: leave if I desire to. just because I said it, doesn't make it true. Sorta like being a bother to the both of you

2008-05-17 [DeeJay™]: dude, didnt you hear the owner? stop arguing on her wiki.

2008-05-17 [Retribution]: I only make statements. That wasn't arguing a point. You overlook things.

2008-05-17 [DeeJay™]: just shut up. we dont care xD
wait patiently for the next one in silence (y'know.. the one you made us miss. the one you said you didnt wanna see, 'cause you were leaving this 'gay', 'barfable' wiki), or leave. i'm happy either way :)

2008-05-17 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: shut up we dont care? xD.. nice.. reaaaaal nice

And she said stop.. putting stuff in brackets doesnt make it ok lmao

2008-05-17 [DeeJay™]: hey, "i was only making a statement" xDDD

look, can we all drop this now? no more comments on the subject at all. agreed?

2008-05-17 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: il agree

2008-05-17 [DeeJay™]: alright, that's two of us.
[Retribution]? how about you?

2008-05-18 [Retribution]: well, I suppose. But I'm just saying...some times do throw subjects into fights too. ...ok...done.

2008-05-18 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Can i respond to that without making it mean?

I admit i do.. but i didnt this time.. you said something mean when it wasnt even provoked..

2008-05-18 [DeeJay™]: right, are we done now?
you've both added 1 more line each.
end? ^^

2008-05-18 [Retribution]: deal.

2008-05-18 [DeeJay™]: *says "deal!" in [Mr. Oogie Boogie]'s voice*
then it's settled :D

now, when's the next hangman? :D
sminx?! we're waiting x3

2008-05-18 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: you cant do my voice xD.. or can you O_O.. wait.. WAS THAT YOU RINGING ME?!?

2008-05-18 [DeeJay™]: erm... no?

2008-05-19 [Retribution]: ha..

2008-05-20 [Retribution]: "The life aquatic with steve zissou"  (ha, can't trick everyone!) There a naked girl in that movie...or so I've Whoo! Winner!

2008-05-20 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: havnt even heard of it xD

2008-07-22 [Retribution]: dead wiki??

2008-07-22 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: same as Guess Who!.. shame xD

2008-08-26 [Romantic Rebellion]: She's been really busy, but she is also trying to think of a really good one to have us all stumped! lol

2008-08-26 [DeeJay™]: i hope we can get another one going :D

2008-09-05 [~sminx~]: Hey guys! Sorry i've been away for soooo long, my poor little laptop broke, but it's all better now! I'll try to post another round in between getting ready to go to university in two weeks!!!! eeek! But I'll be really busy so you'll have to give me a little time to think of one!
'til then... ciao! x

2008-09-10 [DeeJay™]: w0000t, new hangman! <img:mood10_gif.gif>

uhh, i'll guess.. T

2008-09-11 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: HAH! xD.. i actually know this aswell. thank god to my dad making me watch shite...

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

2008-09-12 [DeeJay™]: hmm.. interesting knowlegde base there, [Mr. Oogie Boogie] xD

2008-09-13 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: no seriously... i've never seen such crap before in my life xD.. he thought it would be good... oh we we're SO wrong...

2008-11-02 [DeeJay™]: you guys guess boring letters..

2008-11-02 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Bend It Like Beckham

2008-11-03 [DeeJay™]: awh, man! swervy dave!
lol, i think that one's a PJ.. x]
i actually went to the cinema to see that film.. it was terrible D:

2008-11-03 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: a PJ? xD

2008-11-03 [Timbit]: The answer is:Bend It Like Beckham

That one was easy

2008-11-03 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Too bad i said it first then isnt it xD

2008-11-03 [DeeJay™]: lol, yeah. PJ = personal joke :p
me and a friend were playing pro evo, and he came up with the names 'swervy dave' for beckham, and 'stretchy pete' for peter crouch xD
i dont know why we found it so funny, but it was hilarious O.o

2008-11-04 [shinobi14]: Is it "Bend it Like Beckham"? ;)

2008-11-04 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Do you want a slap danny? xD

2008-11-12 [Timbit]: Quantum Of Solace

2008-11-14 [~sminx~]: Well done! You can take the banner now, and your name is now on the leaderboard page :)

2008-11-14 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: congrats ^^

2008-11-14 [Timbit]: N

2008-11-14 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: A

2008-11-15 [Timbit]: No Country For Old Men

2008-11-15 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: how the fuck

2008-11-15 [Timbit]: tisk,tisk. Language... I'm rather good at Films sorry...

2008-11-15 [Timbit]: I'm so hyped for the next round "N" LOL....Ok, I'll be patient and wait... :)

2008-11-17 [Timbit]: A

2008-11-18 [Timbit]: S

2008-11-18 [~sminx~]: Sorry, I accidentally put two words together, so I have now separated them! But it is still the same title as before!

2008-11-19 [Timbit]: L

2008-11-19 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: O

2008-11-19 [Timbit]: A Life Less Ordinary

2008-11-20 [~sminx~]: lol correct again! :)

2008-11-22 [DeeJay™]: 'A' please ^^

2008-11-23 [Timbit]: N

2008-11-23 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: T

2008-11-24 [Timbit]: R

2008-11-24 [Romantic Rebellion]: H

2008-11-25 [DeeJay™]: F, please

2008-11-25 [Timbit]: The Pursuit Of Happyness

2008-11-26 [~sminx~]: Well done again!

2008-11-27 [DeeJay™]: is it.. the pursuit of happiness?

2008-11-27 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: xD ahahha!

2008-11-27 [Timbit]: Now DJ you are a little slow on the reply and Mr. Oogie Boogie don't egg him on. LOL

2008-11-27 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: awwww.. but i love him D: XD

2008-11-28 [DeeJay™]: haha, aww <3
but, if i wanted to be really petty, i could argue that you got the answer wrong, due to the mis-spell on 'happiness' xD
in theory, i was the first person to guess the right answer :p

2008-11-28 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: ... ah you see? how can you argue with that logic

2008-11-28 [Timbit]: Sorry Ladies....but the movie title was spelled "Happyness". Check out the Video Cover or Movie Poster if you have a disagreement. :P

2008-11-29 [DeeJay™]: it's an american film, right?

2008-11-29 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: ... xD ahahahah

2008-11-29 [Timbit]: Thank You [Mom] Bring on the next puzzle....I have more winning to do to get me to the top!! :D

2008-11-29 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: and we have more moaning to do xD

2008-11-29 [~sminx~]: it may be an american film, but each country has its own spelling. the english title is spelled 'happiness'. if you look on the link above you will see that under the original title there is a UK alternative title.
[Timbit] won that round for guessing the basic title and spelling does not really matter as long as it is correct spelling in either english or american...
i will post a next round very soon, thanks :)

2008-11-29 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: haha... [Timbit] and [Mom] got owned xD

2008-11-29 [Timbit]: Well now I've been corrected....thanks [sminx] :)
Maybe you can guess the next one Boogie Man!!
I challenge ya!!!

2008-11-29 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: ... i can try? xD

2008-11-30 [DeeJay™]: and fail miserably :|
*evil laugh* teeheehee!

2008-11-30 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: *glares*

2008-12-01 [DeeJay™]: *pets* it's okay, you can try. :3

2008-12-01 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: .. so basically.. im a retard.. but at least i can try?

2008-12-01 [~sminx~]: hehe you guys make me chuckle =)

2008-12-01 [Romantic Rebellion]: T

2008-12-01 [Romantic Rebellion]: O

2008-12-01 [Romantic Rebellion]: E?!

2008-12-01 [Timbit]: What's Eating Gilbert Grape

2008-12-01 [Timbit]: Man this would be the fastest I've answered one....Hope I'm correct??

2008-12-01 [~sminx~]: yep correct again :)

2008-12-01 [Timbit]: Sorry Romantic, Oogie, and DJ...better luck on the next puzzle.

2008-12-01 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: omg... i was on this morning.. and 7 hours later the next one has come and gone.. just wait a second for my organs to catch up

2008-12-01 [Romantic Rebellion]: I didn't even get my last letter put in! ugh

2008-12-01 [Timbit]: I love the selected Letter choices that spell "TOE" Guess I'm about to join you soon [DJ Devil] with a tie for 2nd place!!

You make me laugh Everyone!! :)

2008-12-04 [Romantic Rebellion]: haha I didn't even notice!

2008-12-04 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: dont get cocky.. everyone will stop playing.. and how lame will you feel when you keep winning and no one else is even playing against you xD

2008-12-04 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: but your obviously using or something like that xD

2008-12-05 [DeeJay™]: ..thanks, dear. just ruin the game for us all xD

2008-12-05 [Timbit]: Actually I use what God gave me a brain. What fun is it if you cheat?

2008-12-05 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: hey i dont cheat.. im just saying the resources are there ;P xD

2008-12-07 [shinobi14]: And they always will be. =]

But it is the user's choice to use them.

Don't assume he uses such resources. Unless you have proof, of course. ^__^

... it's innocent until proven guilty here on EP. =]

2008-12-07 [Timbit]: Thank You...Best of Luck to all in the next round :)

2008-12-12 [Timbit]: Hey [~sminx~] is everything ok? It has been sooooo long since the last hangman game. When can we expect a new one?

2008-12-12 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Dude, chill. xD. her life doesn't revolve around this site.. she gets new ones up when she can

2008-12-12 [Timbit]: Sorry I didn't realize your name was [~sminx~

2008-12-12 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: That's quite alright, don't let it happen again

2008-12-12 [Timbit]: I suppose we can have this cute conversations to pass our time by...

2008-12-16 [shinobi14]: You guys are adorable. ;)

2008-12-16 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: xD.. love you danny

2008-12-17 [DeeJay™]: *slaps [Mr. Oogie Boogie]* you said you only loved me! :O

2008-12-17 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: *realise this is the part of the film where all the guys i've said that to, and that they were the only one for me, come walking in the door*.. Time to run! *runs away leaving a jack shaped cloud behind me*

2008-12-17 [shinobi14]: Oh he did, did he? *glares at Jackie-shaped cloud*

2008-12-17 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: *the jack-shaped cloud slaps danny, then fades*

2008-12-22 [Timbit]: Well I guess it is only fitting to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS" to all us faithful Hangman players!!! As Tiny Tim said, "Merry Christmas, and may God bless us, everyone". If you don't know the movie it would be..."A Christmas Carol (1938)". Yeah, I know it has been redone, and redone, and different endings I'm sure but.....
Deal with it.

2008-12-22 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Wasn't that nice... OK


Danny? bryony thinks it's funny that you got slapped :D

Fail, Gutted!

She also says that she loves you

2008-12-22 [shinobi14]: And I love Bryony. <3 <3

But not you. =]

You smell.

And I'll gut you in a minute!!! >.<

*joke joke*

And a Merry Christmas to you all! Or to be a bit more P.C, Happy Yuletide! ^__^

2008-12-22 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: you love me and you know it xD

2008-12-23 [DeeJay™]: *slaps [shinobi14]* you said you only loved me! :O

2008-12-23 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Can us three just love each other equally? without all the slapping? xD

2008-12-23 [DeeJay™]: yeah, you'd like that, wouldnt you.. <img:Br23-gif.gif>

2008-12-23 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Yeah xD

2008-12-31 [shinobi14]: He may slap me, but he loves me really. XD

2009-01-01 [Timbit]: Well Happy New Year!!!! Bring on Hangman....

2009-01-01 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Patience xD

Happy New Years

And yeah danny... i do love you xD

2009-01-24 [Boomnesss]: Greetings people of the underworld

2009-01-24 [DeeJay™]: salut, madamouaselle :D

2009-01-24 [Boomnesss]: *curtsies*

2009-01-24 [DeeJay™]: *le bows* xD
comment alle-vous? :D

2009-01-24 [Boomnesss]: ^_^

2009-01-25 [DeeJay™]: uhh.. je ne comprom pa(sp?) :/
ca va?

2009-01-25 [Boomnesss]: uhhhh........ *has no clue what your saying*

2009-01-25 [Boomnesss]: hikoki no shita ni iru otokanoko....

2009-01-26 [DeeJay™]: i said: "comment alle-vous?" = how are you?(polite)
then attempted "je ne comprom pa" = i do not understand
followed by "ca va?" = how are you?(informal) x]

2009-01-26 [Boomnesss]: lol

I am quite well

and I said: the boy is under the airplane
in Japanese....


quite well ^____^

2009-01-28 [Miss.PYRO™]: can I just say, it's je ne comprend pas
I do french gcse
I hate it but Im not too bad
ca va mon petits champignons?


2009-01-28 [DeeJay™]: merci, mon petit escargo. mon francais est terrible, (because) je choisi (german) x]
je suis bien, merci. et vous?

2009-01-28 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: oh will you two stop it xD ahha

2009-01-29 [Boomnesss]: pantsu mietera zo....

2009-01-31 [Miss.PYRO™]: because is parce que. et non. we wont stop =]

2009-02-01 [DeeJay™]: ich kannst nicht halt! xD  ..maybe? O.o

2009-03-11 [Boomnesss]: ahodara ^_^


2009-03-11 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: D

2009-03-12 [Timbit]: Ok, I'm going to take a stab in the dark with this one without any it...."Some Like It Hot"

2009-03-12 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: If that's right.. we're going to steal any form of food... you buy, within the next 10 days xD

2009-03-12 [Timbit]: food...that's just not right to leave me starving for 10 days. Well at least you left me the water. XD

2009-03-12 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Guess again!


2009-03-12 [Miss.PYRO™]: I love Some Like It Hot
such a good film ^_^

2009-03-13 [Timbit]: What you took my water away also....I throw you into the depths of the Swamp Kings. Climb your way out of that pit for your unkindness!!!

2009-03-22 [~sminx~]: lol yes well done again [Timbit]!

2009-03-22 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: That proves, that guessing before ANY letters were put in?

means SOMEONE needs to put down the remote and go play in the sun ;P xD

2009-03-22 [Timbit]: Thank You [~sminx~]!! If it wasn't for Hangman I'd have no fun in my life... I enjoy every puzzle you bring forth. :)
As for [Mr. Oogie Boogie] I love Movies and the Sun...Good Luck on the next round!!

2009-03-22 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Bahhhhh xD

2009-04-04 [~sminx~]: Please can everyone guess a few letters first to keep it fun for all players. Thanks =)

2009-04-04 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Do you mean at once? or before we guess the title.. because to be fair.. if we know it.. we should be able to dive right at it.. it is a contest afterall ;P



2009-04-05 [~sminx~]: I mean before you guess the title. I'm just trying to keep all players interested. If one player keeps winning other people may stop playing :(

2009-04-05 [Timbit]: Sorry but, if winning the rounds upset others...I'll stop playing gang. Have fun!! No hard feelings.

2009-04-05 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: Yeah i know what you're saying..

but what im trying to say is we're playing to win.. if we dont guess the title when we know it.. and we let others guess more letters before we guess the title.. someone might beat us to the correct answer.. you see?

And if people are stopping just because someone keeps winning.. then they have no gaming spirit xD.. i personally WANT [Timbit] to keep playing.. its making me try harder ;P

2009-04-05 [~sminx~]: I don't mind who plays and I don't mind if you want to just keep competing. I do understand that would make it more fun. Everyone keep playing, just as long as everyone's happy =)

2009-04-06 [Timbit]: I know what it is but [~sminx~], you need to fix the puzzle first as the 5th word has part in the next line to look like there is actually 7 words in the title... I'll give my guess and then whatever the rest would like I will either continue or stop playing.... My guess is: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

2009-04-06 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: ... If thats right.

then you watch too much tv dude ;P xD

2009-04-09 [Timbit]: Hey Gang,
Just wanted to let you know I will be going offline for quite awhile...I am moving and just not going to have internet installed at this time. April 15th will be my last time online with you all. Had a blast and it sure is nice getting at least upto 2nd Position on the Leaderboard with a 7 game winning streak....I think that should hold for awhile. Enjoy the future games...[Timbit]

2009-04-10 [Miss.PYRO™]: damn. I knew this one as well. I watched it on the plane home from china. gutted that I was beaten to it. I seem to have missed an interesting discussion as well =/

2009-05-20 [Pammy Dodger]: H

2009-06-19 [Boomnesss]: i say A

2009-06-21 [Mr. Oogie Boogie]: P

2009-07-02 [DeeJay™]: R, please :D

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