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2006-08-29 19:13:19
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welcome Green Day fanz Enjoy

new banner:
remove the (*)s
copy and paste this to your house(dont forget to remove the (*)s
<*IMG:*> (remove the(*)S

1.[The Darkness of your soul]the owner(what now)
2.[The Witch's Cat]the guard and attack dog...woof!!!!
3.[~*Laguna_Lover*~] i love green day
4. [Taking Back Jo]
5. [Love like Winter.]
6. [ew..denica.] I <3 Green Day old and new, young or old!!
7.[~!~*Welcome To Paradise*~!~] GREEN DAY IS MY LIFE!
10.[Five Fatal Flaws]
13.[*Suicidal Cupcake*] I FUCKIN LOVE GREEN DAY
14.[Romantic Rebellion] They rock!!!

If anyone edits this page just to be annouing(this doesn't include editing to become a member or add a banner),your ass is grass!!!!!!!!!
    love the guard dog

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2005-10-08 [The Witch's Cat]: They aren't orginized.Hang on

2005-10-08 [The Darkness of your soul]: i know

2005-11-01 [~*Laguna_Lover*~]: I LOVE GREEN DAY rock on guys

2005-11-01 [The Witch's Cat]: Thanks

2005-11-02 [The Darkness of your soul]: i know

2005-11-02 [The Witch's Cat]: *nods*

2005-11-04 [barrassg rocks]: i love greenday i think they r cool.!!

2005-11-05 [The Witch's Cat]: Good

2005-11-12 [The Darkest Star.]: Excuse me, sorry to be annoying but if no-one who is not a member edits the page, you can never get any new members, which defies the object of this wiki...

2005-11-12 [The Witch's Cat]: Fine.There.I'm the guard dog of this place,and don't like people who erase what other members do*Glares at [The Darkest Star.] and growls*

2005-11-12 [The Darkest Star.]: Aren't you on the witch's domain?

2005-11-13 [The Witch's Cat]: Not anymore.I was treated like crap there and not going back.I even asked to be taken off of there

2005-11-13 [The Darkest Star.]: You were treated like crap? How?

2005-11-13 [The Witch's Cat]: The owner gave me permision use a banner.I asked if she was sure I could use it or not atleast five times befor actually useing it.Then she went off and told me to take it out of my house because she didn't give me permission.......I can forgive people,but only when they ask for it.I said sorry about one thing I did wrong,but I'm not appologizing anymore for things I do right.

2005-11-13 [The Darkest Star.]: That's strange... I don't think Lady meant it... Don't take it to heart..

2005-11-13 [The Witch's Cat]: Try being yeld at for everything you have ever done.You don't always give out forgiveness freely.Plus I didn't take compleatly to heart.It was a safe haven for me,then I get yeld at.I can't wait to be 18, so that I can move to Eanglend.Norther Eanglend to be presise.^_^

2005-11-14 [The Darkest Star.]: Eanglend? Where's that?

2005-11-14 [The Witch's Cat]: Sorry.I can't spell for anything.England.I was in a hurry.GUes that shows me to rush things>.>

2005-11-14 [The Darkest Star.]: Oooh, you don't want to live in England... It's awful... Especially the North...

2005-11-14 [The Witch's Cat]: Why is it awfull?

2005-11-14 [superego]: oh dear god..... another one......  

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