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Fangs Vs Claws

By [Cerulean Sins]

I was moving up in the world until I met Clayton. The man that cursed me forever. The man that turned me into a weretiger the night first made love to each other. I was a normal woman moving up in the world with my PR company but Clayton ruined my perfect life with his good looks and charm.

The first time I met Clayton was at my best friend's singles mixer party. Rose loved play match maker and she was the very best. Rose owned her own online dating company called Red Rose and I did her PR for her. I was at the bar nursing my gold digger cocktail  for the past 20 minutes wondering when I could leave but that's when Clayton came up to the bar and stood next to me. He was stunningly beautiful with his sun-kissed skin, sharp green and gold eyes, sharp cheek bones and square jaw. He was very muscular and he was at least 6 foot 8. He looked like a god, no a dark god because he was wearing all black. Black shirt, black jeans, black dress shoes and a black leather jacket. He looked like he just came off a cover of a romance novel. I just wanted to run my fingers through his hair. His hair was made up of different colours; blonde, black, white, ginger and brown.

I looked away from him because every hot guys where jackasses with huge egos but small equipment. I sipped my drink and glanced at my blackberry on the bar, I noticed it was almost midnight and it was time for me to leave. I downed my drink and snatched my blackberry off the bar and got off the comfy red velvet bar stool. I walked away from the bar and I went looking for Rose but sadly after looking for a while I couldn't find her. She must be busy with clients or something. I shrugged and made a beeline for the exit but I slammed against a muscular wall. I looked up and saw it was Clayton.”Sorry.”I muttered and I felt heat spread across my cheeks.

Clayton's lips curved at the conner of his mouth.”Want to dance?”His voice was deep and dark. It reminded me of rough sex and sin. His eyes promise nights of passion and pleasure. God I was becoming one of those girls that melt at a hot guys feet. I shook my head.”No. I have to go.” I walked around him but I could feel him following me. God some men just never gave up! I huffed as I open the door and walk into the freezing cold night. I shivered and cursed myself for not bring a jacket. Slush and ice covered the streets, Christmas lights brightened up the cold December night. I walked very carefully and slowly down to the busy street just ahead of me.

“You should really have a jacket with you and you should be wearing saver shoes.” A dark voice like sin rumbled in the cold winter night. I lost my focus and I slipped on the ice. White pain jolted through my hip when I landed on the cold icy ground.

”Mother-fucking-son-of-a-bitch-asshole!” I muttered. I could hear the crunch of his dress shoes on the ice and slush coming towards me. Big strong hands gripped my arms and lifted me up off the freezing cold wet ground then lowered me down safely onto my 6 inch heels.

”You should be more careful.”Clayton's dark voice whispered into my ear. I spun around and faced him.

”You shouldn't sneak up on me!” I snapped at him then I blushed.”And thank you for helping me up.”

“Anytime, darling.”Clayton said as he pushed a lock of my golden blonde hair behind my ear.”Now about that dance?”He smiled a little at me.
My heart sped up and my hands got a little sweaty.

”I-I-I can't I have to go.” I turned away and walked very carefully to the main street to flag down a taxi. I just had to get home, I had to get away from Clayton because the man was sin.

Two weeks later I was on holiday for two weeks and I was planning on going to Edinburgh but my flight was cancelled. Plus I couldn't get Clayton out of my mind. When I had gotten home from the mixers party two weeks ago, I had researched his profile on Red Rose dating site and found out a little about him. I had found out that his name is Clayton Vandom, 30 years old, he lives just outside of London in a farm house and he's single. He works for a IT security company called Mead Security and he has been worked there for four years. His star sign is Leo, he loves Chinese food, a cold beer and he smokes. I sighed and grabbed my tobacco tin, I just didn't understand how a beautiful guy like Clayton Vandom would go onto a dating site. I mean lots of girls would be very willing to be his girlfriend but maybe he's gay.

Oh my god! That's it he's gay! Rose had mentioned that some gay men would be at the mixer. God I felt so stupid and dumb. He probably thinks that I'm crazy or something along those lines and he wouldn’t be wrong at all. I light up my cigarette with my green lighter and I take a deep drag as I stare out of the window in my small living room. Soho looked so beautiful in winter because of the snow and Christmas lights. I couldn't wait to go home for Christmas. I was looking forward to see my family and my godchildren. I hated living so far away from my family but I knew I couldn't get much business in the Scottish Borders which is why I took the big risk by moving to London five years ago.

I smiled a little as the smoke came out of my nose, I could just see the smiles I'll get when I go home. I flicked the ash into my Christmas ashtray I got off Rose last year for Christmas. I glanced at the clock, it was 8.30pm and I had to meet Rose, Sue, Claire and Eve for a girls night out but I had such a bad feeling in my stomach that I shouldn't leave my small apartment. I sighed and got off the window seat and I walked to my bedroom still smoking my cigarette, my apartment was covered in Christmas decorations. I just loved Christmas! 

I walked into the Five Dragon Chinese restaurant and I saw the girls laughing at our table. I smiled and shook my head a little as I walked over to the girls but I bumped into a slim muscular wall. I looked up and I saw ice blue coloured eyes.

”Sorry.” I muttered. The man I bumped into was handsome, he had blonde hair, ice blue eyes and very handsome face. When he spoke it made me melt.

”It's alright sweetie.”He smiled slowly, and I swear I thought I would have melted like chocolate at his feet. He was so handsome and charming. I blushed and smiled.

”I'm such a blonde.”I chuckled softly.

“Oh we all have those blonde moments, sweetie. Don't worry about it.”The blonde man said.”I'm Zane Knight. And you are?”He smiled.

“It's lovely to meet you, Zane. I'm Hallie Walker.”I smiled back at him and I shook his strong hand. I could Imagen how his hands would feel on my body and other places.

“It's a pleasure to meet you, Hallie.”Zane said softly as he his ice blue eyes ran up and down my body. I shivered and squeezed my thighs because I could feel warmth spread in between my legs. I heard the Eve yell my name and I blinked.”Well I have to go but I'll see you around, Zane.”I smiled and I walked over to the table of five that held my best friends but as I walked over to the table I noticed Clayton standing at the bar watching me like he owned me. I shivered and sat down at the table with my best friends.

”Hey girls.” I smiled.

After the meal and three pitchers of cocktails us girls parted ways. Sue's boyfriend picked her up, Rose's husband picked her up, Eve got a taxi home and Claire's girlfriend came back and took Claire to club. Since I didn't have any money on me I started walking home and I cursed myself for not accepting the the lift home my friends offered. I shivered as the cold wind blew against me. I pulled my jacket close to my body as I carefully walked all the way home, which was a 30 minute walk. I had such a good time with the girls, we laughed and joked about. I was glad I had gone out but that bad feeling was getting stronger and stronger in my gut. I was walking up to a new club called Pimms, and I saw Zane outside smoking a cigarette. He was so lush! I sighed wistfully as I past the few smokers outside of the club.

“Hallie...”Zane called as he put out the bud of the cigarette. He walked over to me as I stopped walking. He walked with such grace that he must be a dancer or a swimmer.

“Hey Zane.”I smiled then I shivered and wished I had dressed more warmer.

“You look freezing, Sweetie.”Zane chuckled.”Why don't you come on inside and I'll buy you a drink?”He put his strong male hand on my shoulder.

“I wish I could but I've got no money. Sorry.”I cursed myself for not bring extra money with me. God! He's just asked me out and I can't even say yes! Wait! I could offer to take him home with me and I can crack open a bottle of wine.”But we can always go back to mine for wine, if you want to?”

Zane smiled.”I'd love that.” 

“Awesome! It's not too far from here.” I smiled and lead the way to my apartment in Soho. A small apart of myself wished I had never invited Zane back to my place because I would find out that monsters are real.

I walked into my nice warm but small apartment with Zane right behind me. I was so nervous but it was a good nervous. I turned on the lights and all you could see was silver and gold tinsel, Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments and a big Christmas tree.

I tossed my jacket onto the cream leather sofa.”So do you want red or white or rose wine?” I asked Zane as I walk into the kitchen.

“Red wine.”Zane said softly as he follows me into the kitchen. I swallowed nervously as my bad feeling got worse. I nodded a little and I opened the mini fridge on the work counter and I pull out a bottle of red wine that tasted like dark chocolate and cherries. I grabbed two wine glasses from the cupboard but just as I was putting the glasses on the counter I feel strong hands grip my hips.

I feel Zane's breath next to my ear and he whispered.”Let's leave the wine, sweetie. I'm hungry for something else.” His hands moved up my sides slowly like he had all the time in the world. I shivered gently and I nodded, I had lost my ability to speak. I felt his lips leave a trail of fire from my ear to my jaw and finally my neck. He playfully nibbled and kissed my neck which left me panting and gripping the counter for dear life.

I felt him growl against my neck as his hands moved to cup my breasts in his strong hands.”Oh Zane....”I arched my breasts into his skilled hands. I had never been so turned on in my life. Heat pooled between my legs as my nipples pebbled against the palms of his hands. I could feel his manhood pressing against my ass which made me rub my ass against his manhood.

White hot pain attacked my neck when I felt Zane bite my neck and I screamed. Pleasure and passion drained away from me as Zane drained the life from me. My mind was a storm of questions and disbelief. Vampires are so not real! They belong in books, movies, cartoons, TV series and myth. But hey I guess I'm wrong or maybe I'm right and Zane is just a vampire wannabe. Tears ran down my face as I whimper in pain, I struggled to get free but he just dug his nails into my breasts which made me cry out in pain.”Help!!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I heard a loud bang that kind of sounded like door being kicked down. I hoped it was one of my neighbours or at least the cops coming to save me. I felt my own blood run down my neck and I could hear Zane sucking on my neck. God I couldn't believe this was happing to me! “Help! Please someone help me!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I keep on struggling but I was getting weaker with every second. I felt someone rip Zane off me and I fell to my knees shivering and shaking from blood loss. I turn my head to see Clayton Vandom fighting Zane and the first thing that popped into my head was, how on earth does he know were I live?

Clayton picked up Zane and tossed him out of my kitchen and into the living room. Clayton looked at me and spoke.”I'll be right back, Hallie. I need to take care of the vamp.” And just like that he was out of the kitchen and into the living room. Vamp? Did he just say vamp? Oh god...I really need to stop watching horror movies and inviting strange men back to my apartment. I heard growling, thuds and crashing sounds as I crawl across the kitchen floor and to the living room.

Once I was in the living room I saw Zane had fangs, his mouth, jaw and chin was covered in my blood! Oh god he really had been drinking my blood. I looked over at Clayton and he hand claws which kind of looked like tiger claws. I grabbed a pillow cover from the fallen washing I had done this morning, I had meant to put it away but I was too lazy. I pressed the cover to my neck and watched the fight.

Clayton jumped at Zane and slashed him with his claws.”Your hunting in territory, Vamp which is a very bad move.” He said as Zane cried out in pain. Zane punched Clayton across the room.

“She's mine you fucking Tiger! She invited me in and she wanted my bite like the whore she is!”Zane laughed coldly.”She was begging for it! And she tastes so very good!”

I shuddered, I had lead him on a little with all the panting and moaning I had been doing but only because I wanted sex. But looking at Zane now, I so didn't want to fuck him. Clayton growled like a big cat would and he leaped across the room and fought with Zane and it was a bloody mess. Blood covered most of my Christmas decorations, sofa and my Christmas tree. Blinked slowly when waves of dizziness washed over me, pulling me under but I fought it. I had to see what happened, I had to see who would win.

Clayton was chocking Zane, he had Zane pinned under him and Clayton lifted his claw and thrusted it into Zane's chest right where his heart it. Clayton ripped out Zane's heart while Zane screamed and screamed and screamed right up until his screams died out. I had to look away from the sight and then I let the darkness suck me under. I laid on the floor with a bloody neck.

I woke up sometime later in the hospital with a throbbing neck and a killer hangover. I sat up on the bed and looked around. Nope I'm not in any hospital I knew, maybe I in a private hospital. I glanced down and saw I was naked, I grabbed the thin hospital sheet and covered my breasts. I licked my lips and wondered where the fuck I was, I looked over a the beeping machines.”You woke me up.”I muttered at the beeping machines with a glare. I looked around the pale cream room which was nice because it had a Christmas tree by the window. I gasped softly and remembered what happened to me, I got flash backs of Zane coming home with her, kissing her neck then biting her, the pain and Clayton killing Zane. Oh god Clayton killed Zane. My lips formed a O as I stared at the Christmas tree. “Oh god...”I whispered. I'm so going to jail but so will Clayton. “Fuck! Shit!” I took a deep breath and it came out shakily just as Clayton walked into the room.

“Your awake.”He said as he sat on the bed.”You should be resting, darling.”

“You killed Zane.”I blurted out as I held the thin sheet tighter to my chest.

“Zane?” Clayton asked and after a short moment he understood who I meant.”Oh you mean the vamp? Yeah I had to kill him because he was hunting on my territory. He went against the law, so I had every right to kill his leech ass.”

“You killed a man!” I snapped at him. I couldn't believe he was acting like killing so very normal.

“He wasn't a man, darling. He was a bloodsucking bastard that need to bite the dust.”Clayton said softly as he put his strong hand on my shoulder.”How are you feeling?”

“How am I feeling? How do you think, dumbass? I got attacked by Zane, watched you two fight, I saw him get his heart ripped out by you and now I'm in some room with a killer hangover and sore neck! How do you think I'm doing?!” I yelled at him. I was so angry at him. I was right about him, he is a jackass.

“I'm sorry, darling. And you at my home, my room mate is a doctor and she fixed you up.” Clayton said.”I have to tell you something that you won't believe but I have to tell you.” he sighed softly.

“This better be good.” I snapped.

“Okay well here it goes. I'm a weretiger. I can turn into a tiger which is why I had claws when I fought the vamp. Vampires, Wereanimals, shifters, witches, warlocks, demons, angels, mermaids are all real. We keep ourselves hidden from humans because you'll just hunt us down and kill us. Humans out number us Supernatural mostly because humans breed like bunnies.” Clayton said as he stared at me. I couldn't believe what he was saying.

“Prove it. Change into a were-thingy.”I dared him. I knew he wouldn't do it because he's a lier. Clayton got off the bed and started stripping his clothes.”What are you doing?!”

“I don't want to ruin my clothes when I shift.”Clayton said as he pulled his black T-shirt over his head and my mouth went dry as a bone. I had to look away from his naked chest because it was so perfect. It was six pack heaven.

“You can look now.”Clayton said after a moment. I looked over at a very naked and semi-hard Clayton. My mouth formed a O as I blush. I watched him shift into a tiger. Bones snapped, fur grew from his skin and he growled. I blinked a few times and I saw a huge tiger where C|ayton had been standing.

“Oh my fucking god! Your a tiger!”I shouted as I stared at the tiger. After a moment of staring at Tiger Clayton then I saw him shift back to a very naked Clayton.”Your a tiger.”I said.

Clayton nodded as he picked up his clothes.”Yep. I was born a tiger. Both my parents are weretigers and it's the same with my family apart from my cousin Sophie because she's half tiger half lion.” He said as he hid all his beautiful naked body under black tight clothes.

“Your a tiger.”I said again because I was in shock and kind of distracted from seeing him naked. “This is too much.”

“I know, darling but you need to know because that vamp has friends and they might come after you. And you staying here so I can protect you, darling. My pride will protect you.”Clayton said softly as he curled a lock of my hair behind my ear.”If you need anything just ask, okay?”

“Can I have a fag?”I whispered.

Two weeks later I was still stuck in Clayton's home with his pride. I was getting sick of being treated like I was a toddler. Clayton was the alpha of his pride but he need a female alpha which is why all the she-tigers have been such bitches to me over the past two weeks. I didn't care because I don't want to be Clayton's female alpha or Clayton's anything. I made some calls to my co-workers to tell them that I have the flu, so I won't be in for two weeks. I called my friends and told them the same thing. I called my family in Kelso and told them that I couldn't make it home because my flight was cancelled because of the snow storm. So here I was in the family room reading a book on tigers and it wasn't helpful at all. I sighed and put the book down on the coffee table, I stood up and walked out of the family room and I walked up the stairs to my room. I walked into my room and sighed as I closed the door behind me. I stripped off my clothes and walked to the ensuit bathroom that was adjoined to the room. I ran myself a bath and I poured half a bottle of bubble bath into the tub. I pulled my long blonde hair up into a pony tail and I heard a growl which rooted me to the spot. I slowly turned around and squealed when I saw Clayton, I grabbed a towel.

“Clayton!”I shouted angrily at him as I wrap the towel around myself.”You should have knocked.”

“I did knock.”He said faintly as he ran his eyes up and down my body.

I licked my lips and his eyes followed that action.” So what do you want?” I asked him softly. God, the way he's looking at me, it's like he wants to take me from behind and make me his. I watched him close the distance between us, he put his strong hands on my shoulders.

“I, Hallie.”He whispered as he leaned his head down to meet my lips.

His lips brushed mine very gently and I shivered as my skin tingled. I pressed my body to his, I slide my hands up his chest and around his neck and I kiss him passionately. Clayton moaned into the kiss and held me tighter to his hard male body as his tongue thrust it's way into my willing mouth. Our tongue wrestle with each other while we moan, I felt heat pool between my legs and my nipples become hard. God I wanted him so much even though he turns into a tiger and he's very annoying. I felt his hard cock press against my stomach and I couldn't wait to have him inside of me. Clayton broke the kiss and kissed along my jaw while I panted.”Oh Clayton....”I whispered as he squeezed my ass and lifted me up a little, I wrapped my legs around his hips and groaned when I felt his jean covered cock press against my hot, wet pussy. My hands fisted in his hair when he started rocking his hips and I whimpered in pleasure.

“Bed...”Clayton grunted out as he whipped the towel off me. It's unfair that I'm the only naked one here. I tugged at his shirt to make a point that I want him naked too. I wanted to kiss and caress his body. He carried me out of the bathroom, after I turned off the bath water, and he dropped me onto the bed. I laid on the bed with my legs spread for him,

I leaned up on my elbows.”Hurry and get naked because I'm ready for you.”I smiled at him when he growled and all but ripped off his clothes. I watched him knee on the floor and pulled me forward and I giggled then my giggle turned to a moan when I felt his big tongue lick my slits.

“Oh yes....”I rocked my hips a little and he held them still with his big hands. I fisted my hands in the sheets as he sucked on my clit, and I moaned loudly.

”Yeah yeah yeah yeah....”I chanted as my toes curl and I wrap my legs around his shoulders. I arch my back, thrusting my erect nipples into the air as I pant like a bitch in heat. His tongue is so talented and skill full that his' nickname is now Mr.Pussy.

Clayton licked, sucked and nibbled on my pussy until I scream and my body shook while I came against his mouth. I squirted my cum into his mouth because his mouth was clamped around her pussy. After the waves of pleasure faded away I opened my eyes and saw Clayton rolling on a condom onto his long, thigh cock. “You taste so good but this time I'm going to cum with you, darling.”He whispered. His voice promise endless nights of screaming pleasure and passion.

“Fuck me, Clayton.”I whispered as he wrapped her legs around his hips, he placed his cock against her pussy.

“Oh don't worry, darling. I'll fuck you all night long.”Clayton smirked and thrusted balled deep which made me scream in pleasure. Clayton pulled out and thrusted back in, he did this several times, he leaned down and took of eager nipple into his mouth. I fisted my hands into his thick hair and pressed his head closer to my nipple as I rock my hips.”Oh fuck me harder Clayton! Deeper....harder...faster! I need more!” I begged him and he bit my nipple gently which made me more wet and hornier. Clayton growled against my nipple and thrusts faster and harder and deeper,he gave me what I wanted and what I needed. I moaned his name over and over again as my nails drag down his back and Clayton growled and kissed the valley between my breasts. He licked my left breasts like a cat would. I screamed as I felt white hot pleasure shaking my body, my cum squirted on Clayton and my nails dug into his back. I cried out when he bit my breasts as he kept on thrusting into me. I couldn't take the pleasure anymore, I passed out.

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