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Ep Independent HOWTO

This page describes a few things worth remembering when doing pages for Ep Independent.

1) Make the articles as separate wiki-pages. They can then be linked to from upcoming articles, index-pages or from elsewhere on the Internet.

2) Always export the wiki-pages! It makes them possible to find via a Google-search, makes it possible to rate them as interesting/funny/etc.

3) Only use images uploaded to Elfpack! Other images will stop working after a while and the article looks like shit then.

4) Don't forget links back to the upper page(s)!

5) Don't create subsections before there is something to put there! Use the top-level for everything at start (EP Books/Literature Reviews is a good example) and first when the page gets too big, start dividing and maybe create a last updated list.

6) Don't overwrite old pages with something different! Create new pages for new articles.

7) A little advanced for you who want your great image to be found: If you have an image of particular interest on your page, you should write what it is in () directly after the IMG-tag. Then the file-name will turn into that and there will also be a "title" on the image (pops ups when you hover the image). Example: <img:img/image/1_1097677203.jpg>(Hedda's cat Lilo)

It also has to be interesting, fun and good looking, but that goes without saying. <img:zabuN-gif.gif>


Most people don't bother to read through all the EPI. But if you know anyone(s) interested in a particular article, then you can use the invite button! You can also "Stumble" (See link to the right) a wiki-page to show it to non-Elfpackers.

And be proud of your article. It's you baby, and it might need some maintenance later.

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