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 This is a short wiki on the most addictive, annoying, time-consuming and fun internet games i have stumbled across. Obviously, there must be some rules to the term 'internet game'. for one, it must be free to be played by anyone. Two, it should not require a serious amount of download time ('java' and/or 'shockwave' will be needed to play most, though). and three, it must be fun!

So, after we've established that anyone can play these games, with no download, and they're fun.. why not try them out? :D


Number 10:

Base Jumping!

A very simple game, yet very addictive!
the idea of the game is to defeat the king base jumper. "how?" I hear you scream! well, you do this by beating him to the ground. simple, huh?
however, before you can even play the king, there are 5 different leagues you must pass through, each one with 3 other members. if you finish top of the league, you get promoted. finish 4th, and relegation is on the cards.
"what do i do?" prepare yourself for a crash-course in base jumping! space bar to start your jump (make sure you wait for 'go'!), and space again to open your parachute. the key is to be quick off the mark, then open your parachute as late as possible. just make sure your little guy doesnt do a face-plant...

play now!


Number 9:

Parking Perfection 3!

Another simple game, yet terribly irritating!
the idea of the game is to clear each level, by following the instructions given to you by your driving instructor. these vary from simple 'drive forwards and park in the box', to 3-point turns and parallel parking. use the arrow keys to move forwards and backwards, with the left and right keys turning the wheels. position your car into the yellow box for another instruction, but make sure you do it safely! the instructor isnt exactly a boy-racer..

play now!


Number 8:

Tiger Golf!

a fun, casual, chill-out type of game (or so i think) :D
we all know how to play golf, right? hit the ball into the hole, move onto the next one. this version, however, is 18 holes of mind-bending madness!
uhm, okay.. not quite 'madness'. it's not really 'mind-bending', either... but it's still good fun!

play now!


Number 7:

Gas Mania!

a hectic, addictive game. once you start on this one, you'll not be able to stop!
the game is based on a garage/petrol station/gas station. customers roll up in their family cars, sports cars and vans, and you have to assign them a pump, start filling them up, grab them an item from the shelves at the back, take their cash or card from them, and put it back in the till, before they sail off. points are awarded for how 'happy' your customers are once they leave. get a certain amount of points to progress to the next level :D

play now!


Number 6:

TG Motocross 2!

A strangely therapeutic game, based on a dirt bike.
sounds strange, huh? but if you don't get addicted to the thrills and spills of dirt biking, perhaps the comical face-planting will float your boat (see pic). x]
up and down arrows to accelerate/brake/reverse, left and right arrows to shift your weight on the bike. try to be smooth over the jumps and you should be alright. then again, getting it wrong is just as fun!

play now!


Number 5:


Oh, we're getting to the good ones now!
this game is pretty simple. you have to get your 'blots' to the end flag, dodging all the spikes, and enemies, and flames, and bombs, and whatever else those crazy programmers can throw at you!
it's more of a puzzle game than an action one. your job is to draw lines for your blots to walk over, so they don't squash on the spikes, picking up keys as they go. or drawing a line from a flame to a bomb, exploding it, and creating a hole for your blots to walk through.
this blurb really doesn't do the game justice. go try it yourself if you like your 'lemmings' games, but think they're too tough x]

play now!


Number 4:


This is, quite simply, one of the best internet games you're likely to play.
has anyone played pictionary? or seen similar shows on TV? well here is the internet version!
it's a multi-player game (obviously) where one person is shown a word and attempts to draw it, whilst the others try to guess what the word is.
as you can (hopefully) see in the picture, the word was 'pumpkin'. the first person to guess correctly gets 10, second 9, third 8 and so on. the words can vary from the very easy, to the extremely tough.

play now!


Number 3:


Oh hapland. hapland, hapland, hapland..
if i told you i knew what the idea of the game was, I'd be lying. i have no clue. still, it made it onto this list at number 3, so it must be pretty good! ..right?
this game is tough. really tough! it's a complex puzzle game, where each action must be done in turn to complete the level. the only way to do this is through trial and error (or follow one of the various walk-through guides, but that's cheating!).
please, don't ask me how to complete it. i really don't know. i don't even know what the completion requirements are.. at a guess, I'd say something like 'keep the little stickmen alive', but i doubt that's it xD
please, go play it. click on everything you can, and see what happens. you can waste hours on this game :D

play now!


Number 2:

Desktop Tower Defence!

this game is fantastic.
the idea of the game is to stop the little bugs (called 'creeps') getting from one side of the screen to the other. some creeps go left to right, some go top to bottom.
how do you do this? well, you build different 'towers' to shoot at them, in the hope of killing them. there are about 8 different towers, with various different pros and cons to each. each tower can be upgraded to take more HP from the creeps.
to prevent the creeps from walking straight from one side to the other, build a maze with the towers for them to follow. the only rule is 'no blocking' which is not leaving a path to the exit for the creeps. creeps find the shortest route to their goal, so try to make it as long and complicated as you possibly can.
play a few games, and you'll be hooked. i can almost guarantee it!
think you got the top score? add it to the 'DTD Warriors' group!

play now!


Number 1:

Monkey Snowfight!

this is fun.
two monkeys plunged into arctic conditions for a snowball fight. oh the joy!
set up your player with a scary name, and an even scarier face. challenge someone in the lobby, or offer a challenge to anyone in the room. once someone accepts, you're ready to play.
the idea is to knock the HP out of your opponents before they knock yours out. the only way you can do this is to load up your cannon (with 1 - 10 clumps of snow), and hit the 'fire' button. the longer you hold this, the harder the shot.
try not to hit the floating ice blocks (but clear them if they're in your path), and try not to waste snow (if you run out, you wont get anymore!).
keep in mind the angle of projection from your cannon. if it's too high, you'll hit the roof. too low, and you wont clear the center barrier. a nice curve into the middle of your opponent's head should be ideal :]

play now!


Got a favourite? Tell us which one! :D

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2008-09-11 [Hedda]: Cool! I really liked Desktop Tower Defence (Before I kind of played it through). There are also loads of clips about it on YouTube if you need a hint. I'll try the other games now.

2008-09-11 [DeeJay™]: yeah, it's a great game :D
but dont use youtube.. that's cheating! xD

2008-09-11 [Hedda]: I didn't get why Monkey Snowfight is fun though. Pretty boring. And Parking Perfection 3 was totally annoying.

2008-09-11 [Orestez]: Hey, these are DJ's picks Hedda.

But yeah... the snowfight was kinda boring, lol

2008-09-11 [DeeJay™]: "Parking Perfection 3!
Another simple game, yet terribly irritating!"

and, uhh.. desktop tower defence is actually my favourite. i just thought monkey snowfight might appeal to a wider audience :3
it has cult status <_<

2008-09-11 [DeeJay™]: :O
i completed parking perfection!!!
lol, never done it before x]

2008-09-11 [Orestez]: lmao

2008-09-14 [Icedragon]: Y'all forgot to add Ultimate Flash Sonic, thats a pretty well made internet game

2008-09-14 [DeeJay™]: O.o
never heard of that one x]

2008-09-14 [Hedda]: It took me only one try to complete

24 days!

2008-09-15 [DeeJay™]: haha, that's an awesome game! xD
i did it twice. first time i got 35(ish). second time i got 16 ^^

2008-09-15 [DeeJay™]: i got 9 this time! :O

2008-09-15 [Hedda]: Oh, that's good! 13 days for me.

2008-09-29 [Ringbearer]: No-one ever tried Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2? That one got me addicted mucho.

2008-09-29 [Ringbearer]: And 9 too. The trick to to get those auxiliary rockets to boost you three times, and that can make you lift off into space quickly.

2008-09-29 [DeeJay™]: the left rocket works a treat, too. if you max that and hold left, you go so quick you're bound to hit something! xD
and waaw.. with a name like 'super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 2', i should hope so! :O

2008-10-06 [Hedda]: This was a pretty fun selections of games. They are about making or finding a star, but mostly about figuring out how the games work:

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