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Azure's last hope

Almost two years ago, a brutal war raged over the land. The most powerful kingdoms, and the largest cities are being overthrown, or destroyed by one kingdom calle Yvuon. Armand, Yvuon's King, wishes to have control of the world, and is doing everything in his power to fulfill this wish. The Kingdom of Azure is Yvuon's Rival and attempts to put a stop to their onslaught. Unfortunately, The people of Azure were betrayed by one of their own; Making many lose all hope.
A man called Tyrus, who was a trusted captain and friend of the King led a few Yvuon soldiers into the Kings palace, which allowed them the chance to kill the king. After the King's death, his son Elix took the throan. Yet unlike his father, He refused to sit at the sidelines and watch the people of Azure fall. Elix decided to go into battle with them and was killed early on in battle.
When word of his death go out, people thought for sure that Azure would fall. Rumors were spread that Lady Luna, (Elix's wife) had taken her own life, but her body was never found. After the war ended, Armand gained control over Azure, bringing an end to their once peaceful lifestyle.
In a secret village called Asuria lives the rebellion. This group of rebels formed soon after the war ended. At first, it wasn't clear who they were led by until a member was captured.
  It was then that Armand found that Luna still lived, and that she would do what ever it took to end his reign over the people..

1[Sonya Blue]
5[Chellie Bear]
7[Fallen dreams] (the super member *plays own theme music)
8[Wally :(] (dont even know why i joined...never really rp no more...)
10[M E Y A.]

Sir Vincent
Lady Luna
Queen Nina
King Armand
Captain Tyrus

Yvuon Imperials
Asurian Rebels

Azure's last hope rp area

A few short but simple rules...
2.)Keep Cursing to a minimum Please
3.)Your character is NOT Invincible!
4.)No Flamming
5.)NO GODMODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...i really hate that
6.)This is a must!...Be Creative..if you refuse to be creative i will shove the creative stick up your ass! *waves creative stick in your face*
7.)Have fun...or else!
As I think of them, more rules will be added
I am a reasonable person, so don't push my buttons, If I must i will kick you out of here...and I really don't want to do that

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2008-08-11 [MadHatress]: well...
be smart about who you let join this time

2008-08-11 [Kaos101]: She shouldn't be strict about who she lets join, just be a little more enforcive with the rules.

2008-08-11 [MadHatress]: well that too...

2008-08-11 [Sonya Blue]: oh bite

2008-08-13 [Kaos101]: lol love you too, Angel.

2008-08-13 [Sonya Blue]:  >.>

2008-08-13 [Fallen dreams]: yo right here im still here for this rp and this is the only one where i have a girl character werid

2008-08-13 [Kaos101]: ...A girl character? That is weird.

2008-08-13 [Sonya Blue]: your all

2008-08-13 [MadHatress]: yeah!
I play guys all the time, lol

2008-08-17 [Fallen dreams]: well i thought id try it

2008-08-20 [Sonya Blue]: anywho, I'm starting the whole thing over

2008-08-31 [Wally :(]: Im still here...I think :)
hopefully i can still rp and not get lost this time :)

2008-09-01 [MadHatress]: i dunno...with the way these dweebs RP, youi'll be lost if you're gone even a day

2008-09-01 [Wally :(]: lol i noticed that...
to many members is my opinion...
you get lost if your gone for even an hour...
its happened to me...

2008-09-01 [MadHatress]: I know how that feels.
I'm trying to work in something interesting, but I'm not getting the 'circumstance' I want just yet...I want to let people in, but idk what that'll be just yet, lol

2008-09-01 [Wally :(]: lol
ive tried making something interesting
but it all would either die out quickly or...turn into disaster...

2008-09-02 [MadHatress]: I think I'm getting bored with this one anyways.
I might take my character(s) and do something with them

2008-09-03 [Wally :(]: i dont even know whats going on in this one most of the time...
i cant understand how people can rp so much like that lol
must have alot of time on their hands...
i cant really do much on one since i get on once a day only to check my stuff on here...
and my myspace...

2008-09-03 [MadHatress]: blech.
I don't like myspace. It can go belly up and I wouldn't care.

2008-09-05 [Wally :(]: heh.
all my friends are on myspace...
so i guess i have to have one to...
all i do is check my messages on it anymore...

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