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Angel's AMV's

This is a wiki of all the AMV's i have made, watch them and tell me what you think of them!

My Youtube URL

Final Fantasy X2-You

Final Fantasy 8-Freak on a Leash

Final Fantasy X2-Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

Sasuke And Sakura-Bring Me To Life ([MadHatress] helped make this one)

Naruto Vs Neji // Sasuke Vs Garra-Remember

Sasuke And Itachi-Just Like You

Sasuke Tribute-Speak

Bleach-All That I've Got (Requested By [Reoshi])

Bleach-Buried Alive By Love

Wolf's Rain-Wings Of A Butterfly

Fruits Basket-I Don't Love You

Kingdom Hearts-It Ends Tonight

Naruto-Here We Go Again (Requested By [Reoshi])

Wolf's Rain - Bodies

Fruits Basket - Best Friend

Final Fantasy X - Listen To Your Heart

Final Fantasy 8 - Gomenasai

Bleach - Hangin' by a moment

Final Fantasy X/X2 - Demolition Lovers (unfinnished)

Final Fantasy - Everytime we touch

Final Fantasy - Kiss the girl

Gravitation - Perfect Enemy

Final Fantasy 9 - My spirit will go on

Final Fantsy X - Rosemary's Granddaughter

Other Videos Made By Me...

Our Stupidity-A video of me and my friends of Beechcroft Highschool

Our Stupidity 2

My Wednesday- A video i made of my family on a very boring snow day

Angel, Rikki, and Stacy Randomness

Last day of school

Rikki, trying to fix Darth Vader *FAIL!*

Robocop porno promo

robocop porno pt. 1

robocop porno pt. 2

If you decide to leave comments on my videos, please don't be rude about it, I appreciate comments on things i could do better and that sort of thing, but do not tell me that they suck or are terrible...

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2008-07-30 [Reoshi]: XD omg wow thats quit a bit

2008-09-08 [Sonya Blue]: i know...^_^
I still take requests from friends..which reminds me, i still have a request i haven't done

2011-10-25 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: lulz robocop porn

2011-10-25 [Sonya Blue]: rikki and our friend Stacy were

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