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kremit73 (that kind of embrace that you never want to leave)

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Name: Eric Matthew Horrell


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Eric is:

country kid at heart that has blossomed therough the effect of scouts drugs and rockclimbing to be an outdoor nut.

used to listen to country and nothin but untill my brother played me metallica.......effect of that is a kid that will mess some poeple up in a killswitch moshpit if they ain't watchin for teh flyin bomb am an ecclectic music goer that knows his roots.

jock....yes jock....i was the kid that was so excited for foot ball camp that i would have dreams where id wake up and i was sweaty and twitchin like i was tryin to get into football position. in teh winter i lifted, this is where my muscle mass came from. hours upon hours in a downstairs sweat dreanched wieghtroom with 5 to 20 other sweaty guys. pumping iron, playin jokes, listening to 80s rock. in teh spring came my sport,,,,track. no i hate running but i love to take a 12 pound ball of iron or a 3.2 pound metal disc and hurle it as far as my body will let me.

music geek. not only is my itunes organized to a near t but i have playin the trumpet a learning musoc for 10 years now. i am that guy who can go to a marching competition and pick out the flute that is missing an acccidental flat in teh trio of the sousa piece. i am attempting to play the bass and posibly the that i cna sarinade you...then there is my vocal geekdom. i was in teh school church choir that sang a school mass every thursday. and there teh director saw my bass voice and asked me to sing in the adult choir on sundays. which i periodically do still.

catholic by indoctrination....i personally don't really call a religion. i'm just me...i think its my science geek dom to know logic in things that has strayed me from my parents ideal path.

my major is engineering physics in applied fav classes in highschool were chemistry and physis and art. my highest scores on teh act were my science scores...I AM A SCIENCE NERD.

used to be innocent. never drank, had girlfriends but never did anything naughty cause i was to shy. never touched anything that smoked...unless i was playin with fire. them i meet ally and sarah.........and well you see what has come of that. they were the cause of my first sexual relation, my first cigarette smoke, my first weed smoke, and teh beginning of my lyin to my parents. the drinkin of corse had to come form my classmates who would drink everyweekend....

and i think thats all i can think of about me.
you see me now as a hippie stoner football player jock rebeller(in my own way) whiskey drinkin beer slurpin tv watchin friend lovin music and science
science dork.....

or for a less mouthfull .Eric.

Age: 25Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 1

Gender: male

What do you do?: Studying

Place of living: USA-Missouri

Exact place of living: The Gen

heavy metalhouseprogressive metal

Other interests
carpentrychasing the preferred sexdrinks

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 180

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