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Paer'm Kaelaesar ail Shari (1st time back in nearly two years. DFD)

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Name: Au. Hills Station 2 Engine 2 Truck 2: 4th Alarm Respond code 3



Thank you to my good friend coolone from TR for this cool bannerish thing. I LOVES GIR

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Crazy kid

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A rose from my friend and sister [Queen of darkness]


The Water CycleTaught by Me. Come Learn the wonders of the Water Cycle!! YAY!

<img:> Thats my mate, [Lyeria]

[Welcome to my den. I am a Dragon with the element Fire. Dragons are solitary creatures save for their mates. I have a mate. I hate humans. I love People, but I emphatically hate humans. If using proper grammar and spelling is a challenge for you, go away. Unless English is not your native language, in which case I will do my best to try and understand. Examples of what I will not tolerate include: wat u want?, I lOvE uR hAiR...or hey pepu1 how u do1n9. If you speak like that, as I've said before...go away...far away. Now...let's see, oh yes! If you want Sex/Yiff...go away...and explode. Failure to do so will cause sever annoyance and possible outbursts of rage directed at YOU! Now, what else won't I tolerate...give me a second here...the list is pretty long. Ah, yes...things that I will not tolerate include: Bigotry, Idiocy, Homophobia, Racism, Intolerance, People who try to use Religion to make laws, Backstabers, Cheaters, Lairs, and overall...HUMANS. I'm a furry (which is different from me being a Dragon). Do not get the two confused, I do not appreciate it. That's a general summary of me..."I AM ZIM"-is my quote of the day.
Who I'd like to meet:
If you do not meet my above requirements, don't waste your time. If you participate in anything I won't tolerate...don't waste your time. In fact...odds are, if you exist, I probably won't wanna talk to you. Just kidding...or am I? In all seriousness, I'm actually fairly laid back and nice. I look out for the people I call friends. I know lots of humans, and people, but very few ever become friends. If you still want to talk to me after my incredible tirades, you get a homemade chocolate chip cookie. If you want to talk to me...I like talking about faith, religion, sexuality, politics, camping, stock market, firefighting, more camping, friends, relationships, sports, food (specially food) books, Gordon Ramsey and what not...enjoy^^


[NEW POEM:]Inside of me, blinding me, binding me, grinding me apart, its tart and bitter, no quiter in me, yet everyday, I say...Goddess I pray...the things I see, please do not let them be, do not let me feel this pain, an insame a game of monopoly, I don't play sloppily, I must be strong, or be gone, like gone in the wind, no way to rescind my orders, rushing waters around me in this life I can not hate, for these things I can not wait, the simple pleasure making me like Davy Jones...chilled to the bones, burning hot, nots an no's who knows whats going on with reality, its just my mentaility acting up again, my friend what is it we do, for you or me, can we see the monster we create, this machine of hate and war, Obama at the Door's of the White House, the Nice house, the Fight house, in a time of all this pain, what is there for us to gain, except black gold, the story is so old, or so I've told, this doesn't even rhyme, each line out of line, each time, but still and still, I will not sit on the side, I will ride, stand, demand what I deserve, so I put this in a verse, rather than my best friend in a herse, thats the way things must go, the way that the river flows. In this desperation, our respiration increases, adreniline rushing, gushing from the mind...where do I NOT sign this government bull, I am so full of this game, like a freaking gang, ganing up on just follow me and see...what we will be if we do not plea, demand and make a stand.....

[OLD POEM:]So slow, I must go, I must stay, I must say, the way these things have changed, have I missed my aim? I have tried to stay true, to what I am, but now I'm so blue, lost and confused, let loose, but I think its by my own doing, moving on down this list of pain, its a chain, a chain reaction, a plain fraction of what it used to be. What is it I speak of, the things I think of? No one knows, not even me, the world, the universe, what is worse? I do not know, for these things I see, these things I breath, these things I drink, water flowing down the sink, no filter, on reality, this is my mentality, no emotion, but emotion, intense comotion, these things set in motion, cause collision, no persision, we rush in, bust in, no thought no care, its not there, no delicacy, its all irrelevancy, good and bad, who is mad or glad? These are the questions we must ask, the feelings we must express, no more war like a game of chess, no more weight on my chest, nothing left but to test the best, only thing left to do, is do what I do, be who I am, and carry on, the thought is scarry on every levle, leaving me disheveled, crumpled up in the corner, but not matter what the problem, no way to stop 'em cause here we will stand and rise, our eye looking way past all the lies, past the limits of the sky!!

[OLD POEM]:Emotions like ice I'm not nice, I don't do what I know is right, I'm always itching for a fight, so let me shed the light, on who I really am, I am the man you see at the corner store, standing gaurd at the door, so tired, but so wired, ready to stand, ready to is moving so slow...and yet it flows around me, standting I ill in my head...or dead...or just dreaming in bed? I do not care to know, I do not want to go and find out..for I know in my heart there is doubt, what about? I can't seem to escape my mind...its like I'm blind to reality, but in reality I'm to deep in deep to see this life...where's my knife, to cut out this pain for, what can I gain for having to go through all this time...line by line, like a movie been scripted, its like burden thats been lifted, or suposed to be lifted...can it be called gifted to feel the weight of the world on my shoulders at this age, have all this rage building up inside me, how can it be? But I know it can be, to be able to see all thats wrong, to know its wrong...but yet, why can't I get along, move along, let the past be the past...I know it doesn't have to last, but I want it and don't want it...need it but don't need its like a pain that I've been body feels heated as it tries to deal with emotions, trying to keep the cold, cause I don't need a chip on my shoulder, I need no one to be a supporter...I just need myself and my water, my mate, and this hate that fuels my machine...that helps me to do the things I do.

[OLD POEM]:The feel of this heat, the beat of my wings...the things I have become...some of them good some bad...but I am so glad to take this chance and vent how I feel...the world so unreal...but to real...this pain that won't heal...the knife in my back...the bullet in my chest, its just another test of my strengths, the lengths that I go to for the ones I love, i will glady throw down my gloves....yet why do I feel so long ago..this would flow like the Fire in my Veins, my long my wings still Fire rages but the cage is on...still on me...not letting me see...causing me to flail...causing me to frail but so mind is never gone but never there...should I"She" Is taking over once can I stop drop her baggage but yet I want to be her...see her...I need her for she is who I am inside....a blow to my my side my mates will stand, hand in hand...holding me up...We stand so proud, never loud but always heard...thats abusurd. words quite but you don't deny it, the truth for what its worth...the truth, I know it hurts, the ramblings of a madman...where is the sandman coming to put me down to sleep...for i hae no more words to speak...and its only the start of my week...she is inside me, she won't hide me...the Dragoness against the night sky...wings spread to fly...she's ready not going to die...her power surges...the urges increasing...the pain is bubling...I must be doubling back to see what this is...this I off the ragne...filled with only two emotions...a comotion bout the size of the ocean...what am I gonna do!(I know it is kind of weird but...bare with me on it.)

To Will, Protection, I need none, Love, I need some, Death, please don't come. In the event that I die, please remember I love you always. Don't protect me, it will only get you hurt. Love me, for that is what allows me to move on. Death, please don't come for me yet. Not yet

Poetry is like Fire. How well you control it, determines whether or not its the most beautiful thing to see, hear, feel and taste; or if it is a disaster, leaving behind destruction in its wake. But even than, poetry can have a profound meaning, like Fire, its all on how you interpret the situation being applied.

[OLD POEM]:Why is it when I talk to you, I feel like I walk through hell and back, My bones crack, I adjust for the never mind runs, my body stays, there are so many ways to say those three magic words, the ones that hurt and kill, addictive like a pill in what may be called the younger generation, spend my days at the station to avoid the pain of talking to you, but I guess what I said is true: "The longer you run, the harder the gun hits, the bullets are poetry, those three damn words, the ones that kill me, but keep me going everyday, I look to the sky and say LET ME FLY, as I cry, stuck between the only two, what should I do? I do not know, so, I will let this poetry flow like blood from my veins, maybe I'm insane? I let this flame flow, for the two, to here the three magical words, that hurts, leaves me feeling like I'm in a hearse and a limo, I'm in limbo as I write this poem, My mind roams, looking for the truth, some little shred of proof. Help me find my way


Elfpack Ninjas

10" ways to tell when two people REALLY love each other
1) when they walk, side by side, they're almost always in step
2) an disagreement usually consists of "do you want to?" ["only if you do"] "But I want to if you want to!"
3) an argument consists of "no, you're right"
4) they brag to all their friends, and not just about the sex
5) there is a lot of snuggling, the sex is great too
6) they can understand each other even with their mouths full
7) when they're together, it's almost always all smiles
8) they invent their own "language"
9) A minute apart is an eternity
10) an inch is a thousand miles
11) when one gets hurt they both do, no matter how far appart they are and even if the unhurt one doesn't know what happened
12) a phone call averages 58 munutes to about an hour and ten
13) A "short" phone call is about 20-37
14) one can't fall asleep easily without the other singing to them
15) insulting one's self is the utmost of crimes
16) making up takes no longer than three minutes
17) a grin, or pout, means a thousand things at once
18) a grin, or a pout, and a glance down only means one
19) A lie is followed by a blush a huggle and the truth
20) when they say check the time, you check the time
21) no only means "no" the first three times
22)Love is mysterious. When a love is true and pure, it creates a bond, made stronger than steal, or diamond, or any other material you can name. It is the bond that allows unison, allows you to become complete. Thats why having love of material things will only end bad, but love for someone can be the most rewarding thing you experience. [Personal Edit to the thingy]
Kidnapped from my hubby [Lyeria]

My family:
Maid of Honor: [Innocent Seduction]
Sister:[Innocent Seduction],[Queen of darkness],[{SaRcAsTiC *lOsS *oF *tHe* SuBcOnSiOuS}] (who is also my Dragon Master) [bubs lil angel](Hurt her, and you will find out why I'm a ninja)
Brother from another mother: [chugnut]
Son: [making love to a corpse.]who is also the person who will get my Fire Helmet if I die in the line of duty.
Partner in crime:[ImClare]
Dragon Master:[{SaRcAsTiC *lOsS *oF *tHe* SuBcOnSiOuS}]
My advice Guru and friend:[itweetinHEELS]
My Ninja Clan Leader:[Vaughne]
Anything else you want to be:
I loves my family-Be Nice. They are all I have, other than friends, litteraly. If you upset them (This goes for me as well) I blow you up.

I stay dedicated to the people I care about. Odds are, if they are listed on my page, or my friends list...I care about them...a lot, in some fashion or another. They are all I have, besides my career. I will listen to your problems, and help you with them if you want. I'll try to be there when you need me as often as I can. If you wanna know me, yell at me, hate me, like me or some other such thing...I'm here.

<img:> <img:>
I kidnapped this from my big sis [Innocent Seduction] But she said its okay.

<img:> give good advice. You got it. Your Iroh. An awesome friend, reliable. You stick next to the your friends and family. Even when they try and push you away.

I love my mates (or lovers, though I prefer mates), and will protect them till I die.

My bed room:

Age: 31Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 13

Gender: male

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Exact place of living: Warren

Known languages

Elfpack crew wannabe: Yes

adult popalternativeblues
heavy metalhip hopjazz
popprogressive metalrap

Other interests
boardgamesbookscard games
catschasing the preferred sexchess
pornreligionrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: same sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 183

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