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Kai - Chan (elfpack suckz.)

Member #32030 created: 2005-10-28 17:34:01Simple URL:   

Name: Emily



my christmas dress, for apple crumble. 08. :)



Treasury Inventory:
This means I came 3rd in the Cutest Couple Award of October 2006!

mybestfriendJeniferMileyAnderson C:
this is a very yummy chocolate!
this! is my lovely Jeni-sama! ♥
sama? 'cause she guides me in life of course! teaches me! protects me!
do I love her? more than anyone yes! *smiles widely*.

...'kay! so I'm back! c:
BUT! only because I miss the roleplaying! 8D

hm! so abit about me!
my real name is Emily Watson! but that name is forbidden!
call me Kai, even my mom does. >;)
I'm 17, but I act alot younger, everyone tells me
I'm immature, childish and that I should grow up!
But! Infact I like how I am! how I act!
I 'dun 'wanna be an old fogie! :3
I dye my hair lots! I'll be bald soon! no doubt!
I wear multi coloured hair extensions!
I am naturally brown haired! and I have green eyes!
I don't really like Elfpack anymore, nor the internet
in general.
Elfpack is fake, un real... alot of people live in
a fantasy world on here, but I prefer reality!
It's much more exciting, and fun! >:D
Jenifer, Ben and Andy. - They opened my eyes to
alot of things, and cleared my head so to them
I am gratefull, each of you is special to me for
different reasons, I love you all, so much! >_<;
but yes...
Hello! :D I'm Kai, and I'm hyperactive immature idiot!
pleased to meet you?


Age: 17

Gender: female


Civil status: single

Sexual preference: both sexes

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