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Kire (froggy)

Member #31981 created: 2005-10-28 05:03:43Simple URL:   

Name: Eric



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I dont know wot else to say. Im an outgoing, happy and lively person who enjoys chatting to new people and i dont really have a problem with any sort of person, i'll chat to anyone and everyone!<img:img/mood/5_1116262856.jpg>

ppl can be so stupid sometimes its sad because it seems like they r all trying to humillate u or destroy your life

[xXxGod Called In Sick TodayxXx]
The Ten Commandments of Chemical Romance

1. Thou shalt not put a gun to thy lover's head.
2. Thou shalt be willing to die for love.
3. Thou shalt seek revenge on those who wrong you.
4. Thou shalt be a demolition lover.
5. Thou shall unleash the bats.
6. Thou shalt protect thy lover from everything (even vampires).
7. Thou shalt respect the lord, Gerard.
8. Thou shalt sing the holy hymns of the chemical romance.
9. Thou shalt see beauty in bloody love.
10. Thou shalt rock hard.

[joshua9] Description:
im stupid. love rock and guys i like static x
rammastein relient k godsmack hawthorne heights nirvan green day metellica i know i spelled it wtong i dont like when guys yell or hit me just cuase they can but i do like guys bigger than i am and older i hate when ppl missjudge me or there sterio types
well tootles pleas read this and tell me u think haters ashole i dont care homafobes well actually there fun to makle fun of

don't be sterotype people

[Mi*Kaela] (talking about soccer)
because i have bad knees and i can hardley walk up stairs that how bad they r and the Sparta team does that and the r the top team in Utah because they don't have lives and they practice 6 days a week twice a day so yeah and i have really bad asthma and running and putting pressure on my knees hurts really bad and during games i have hard times running even if i do take advil and wear my knee braces but if i can talk my mom into it then i will do it cause my team is 2nd well should be first cause that ref was horrible and we really won that game but he said the other team won but o well and i did that whole season with bad knees i can do like 2-4 more months


[meg_bb7_10] (happy)
[Knights Queen]
[pRinCEsS AmY]
[Poetic Hatred]
[night bear]
[i hate school]
[*Sweet Pea*]
[~*~Jessica Filth~*~]

Kire's Pics

Age: 14

Gender: male

Exact place of living: Brisbane

Known languages

alternativecountryfolk music
hip hophouseopera

Other interests

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