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Ella xx ( twat face )

Member #24605 created: 2005-07-25 13:25:37Simple URL:   

Name: Ell




Me :)

Elfpack titles and orders

Well, what can i say except...


вяσωη єуєѕ

вяυηηєттє »»» уєαн вαву

мє∂ιυм нєιgнт, ѕℓιgнту ѕмαℓℓ нαнα :) вυт ¢υтє

нανє α ρяєтту вιg ƒαмιℓу αη∂ ℓσνє тнєм αℓℓ ¢σz »»» тнєу яσ¢к. gυєѕѕ ιт яυηѕ ιη тнє ƒαмιℓу :)

Me and my mates???

Well we're just a little bit... out of this WORLD crazy. It's coz we're cool... OBV.

These people mean a LOT to me;

Z C. ♥♥ >>> She's Sexy.
M D. ♥♥ >>> She's Fit.
K F. ♥♥ >>> She's My bitch.
G C. ♥♥ >>> She's Hot.
R W. ♥♥ >>> She's Stunning.
B B. ♥ >>> She's Beautiful.      
S D. ♥ >>> She's Gorgeous.
E T. ♥♥ >>> He's The Sex.
T M. ♥ >>> He's Cool.
A H. ♥ >>> She's Solid.
W B. ♥ >>> He's Very Sweet.

♥ The DEFINITION of best mates. ♥

They're awesome!

Omg. Don't you just hate it when people have those repost this if your one of the 2% that do? You do realise that the more people who repost it, its gonna equal more the 2% you retards. And also, where the fuck do they get the figures??? Made up probably. What a load of bullshit. Yeah mate.

Things I ℓσνє... ♥

му αмαzιηg ƒяιєη∂ѕ
נαηє ησямαη
ηєση ¢σℓσυяѕ
му єуєѕ
ℓα∂ѕ <3
ℓαтє ηιgнт ραятιєѕ
¢яιмρє∂ нαιя
gσσ∂ тιмєѕ

αη∂ ℓσα∂ѕ σƒ σтнєя ¢яαρ :)

Whats on the вσχ؟؟؟

нσℓℓуσαкѕ >>> Yeah baby


ѕ¢яυвѕ > Makes me laugh... ALOT! Hehe love it.


8 ѕιмρℓє яυℓєѕ

Family Guy »»» ιт'ѕ ¢σz ιм ¢σσℓ :)

αмєяι¢αη ∂α∂

And loads of others!!!

ι αℓѕσ ℓσνє ƒιℓмѕ!!! But there are too many of my faves to name sooooo yeah!

Ever been in love??? Maybe...

-- [Name:] Ella
-- [Nickname:] Ell
-- [Birthdate:] 1st of April 1994, april fools day haha lol.
-- [Birthplace:] Hospital
-- [Hair color:] Brown
-- [Height:] 5ft 3
-- [Righty or lefty:] Righty

-- [Your heritage:] english 
-- [The shoes you wore today:] Erm black boots
-- [Your weakness:] Guys with nice eyes? (well i dont no!)
-- [Your fears:] wasps!!!
-- [Your perfect pizza:] pepperoni
-- [Goal you'd like to achieve:] like have a good job when im older

-- [Your most overused phrase:] oh my god or shutup (well loads lol)
-- [Your thoughts first waking up:] omg as if its 10:30 alredi! lmao
-- [Your best physical feature:] eyes?
-- [Your bedtime:] none
-- [Your most missed memory:] Being in the netball team in primary lol

-- [Soda:] coke
-- [Fast food joint:] Not sure, mcdonalds?
-- [Single or group dates:] probably group?
-- [Adidas or Nike:] Adidas, i dont reli care lol.
-- [Chocolate or vanilla:] chocolate! ;)
-- [Cappuccino or coffee:] cappuccino
-- [Favourite football club] who cares

-- [Smoke:] no
-- [Sing:] yep
-- [Take a shower every day:] yep, pretty much
-- [Have a crush(es):] obv, who hasnt?
-- [Do you think you've been in love:] maybe
-- [Want to go to college:] yeah
-- [Like school:] when i see my friends there, hate the homework.
-- [Want to get married:] yep :)
-- [Believe in yourself:] sometimes
-- [Get motion sickness:] sometimes
-- [Think you're attractive:] sometimes
-- [Think you're a health freak:] no
-- [Get along with your parents:] yeah, nearly all the time
-- [Like thunderstorms:] yeah except wen the lights go out (powercut!)
-- [Play an instrument:] have tried loads in the past but kept quitting them!

In the past 6 months...
-- [Drank alcohol:] Yep
-- [Smoked:] no
-- [Done a drug:] no
-- [Made out:] yeah
-- [Gone on a date:] no
-- [Gone to the mall:] im british mate lmao
-- [Eaten an entire box of Oreos:] do they come in boxes?
-- [Eaten sushi:] eww no, never tried it.
-- [Been on stage:] yeah
-- [Gone skating:] ice skating? no, but i like it
-- [Made homemade cookies:] yeah, the other day :)
-- [Gone skinny-dipping:] agen im british lol
-- [Dyed your hair:] no
-- [Stolen anything:]nope, i did wen i was little tho lol

-- [Played a game that required removal of clothing:]dont think so
-- [Been trashed or extremely intoxicated:] not extremely intoxicated but yeah i guess, cant reli remember lol haha
-- [Been caught doing something:] doing what? doesnt sound good!
-- [Been called a tease:] yeah
-- [Gotten beaten up:] no
-- [Shoplifted:] no
-- [Changed who you were to fit in:] yeah i spose

-- [Numbers and names of children:] havent got any
-- [Describe your dream wedding:] Me in a pretty dress, and a reli nice husband lol
-- [How you want to die:] like wen im asleep, wen im very old
-- [Where do you want to go to college:] yes
-- [What do you want to be when you grow up:] something that makes me rich
-- [What country would you most like to visit:] Somewhere different from here? Italy? australia?

In the preferred sex...
-- [Best eye color:] doesnt matter as long as there nice like bright blue, green, brown (lush)
-- [Best hair color:] blonde, brown?
-- [Short or long hair:] short
--[Best height:] taller than me :D
-- [Best weight:] normal but not reli skinny
-- [Best articles of clothing:] like cool clothes, in with the fashions
-- [Best first date location:] dont mind, somewhere nice
-- [Best first kiss location:] dont mind lol

-- [Number of drugs taken illegally:] none unless youu vount alcohol?
-- [Number of people I could trust with my life:] quite a few
-- [Number of CDs that I own:] Who counts?
[Number of piercings:] 3 but im getting more, like my belly when im 16 :P
-- [Number of tattoes:] none, but want one
-- [Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper:] a few when i was younger
--[Number of scars on my body:] i dont no
-- [Number of things in my past that I regret:] quite a few, like wen i was a proper bitch to this girl. but i sed sorry its ok. were good now.


I love stuff i can dance too. My fave band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers, coz they rawk.

Alot of ∂郃єяєηт types of music.

Just being closed minded and listening to one type of music is ησт ¢σσℓ ℓσℓ.

But one thing i DO hate is music that is נυѕт α ℓσα∂ σƒ ησιѕє.

What do we do??? Usually DRINK, usually DANCE, usually BABBLE! <<< Well good song!

Wiley's a party guy and she knows it. :)

тнιηgѕ ι нαтє!!! gяяя

Wasps! >>> Had a bad experience!

Crazy old people >>> another bad experience

( wow not very lucky am i???) lol

Being scared of things!!! :(

I'm an ARIES!!!

Outgoing. Lovable. Spontaneous. Not one to mess with. Funny. Excellent kisser EXTREMELY adorable. Loves relationships, and family is very important to an aries. Aries are known for being generous and giving. Addictive. Loud. Always has the need to be 'Right'. Aries will argue to prove their point for hours and hours. Aries are some of the most wonderful people in the world.


Soooo i guess thats it.


Anything else???

мєѕѕαgє мє..

xxx <3 xxx

Age: 15Year of birth: 1994Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 1

Gender: both

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Exact place of living: Caistor

Known languages

Home-page URL: gfyjtyju

Weblog URL: tyutyj

Favorite URL: tyutyj

ICQ number: 564764

Elfpack crew wannabe: No


Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 150

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