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donaldtheloser68 (lost love and trust in one lie)

Member #17621 created: 2005-05-13 01:56:42Simple URL:   

Name: Donald Green



If you had me alone, locked up in your room for 24 hours, and I had to do whatever you wanted me to do, what would you do with me? Post this in your house. You might be surprised at the answers you get

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Crazy kid

I'm donald im th guy you know but dont want to know cuz suck at life.oh yea also i am a sexy band nerd funny dorkfish loser... aint that right <risika08>

---ya'll dont know it but im skilled with the kool-aid----

oy banners

Brody is a sexy sexy beast

wee me lady friend be this




you know im bored when i put my poetry in my profile.

eventually ill upload the other 20 or 30 pages of peoms i have but until then g'day

I wont back down: until the war is over
I wont back down: til i see you whole again

so when you're six feet under baby
and you cant see out your grave
then you can call me baby,
you can call out my name

if you dont want to baby
then you'll get on your knees and
say your prayers maybe
ask your god to forgive me

I won't back down: until the war is over
I won't back down: til i see you whole again

So if you're wonderin baby
If i can hear your screams
you say i'm talkin crazy
but you still aint come clean
When your mind gets hazy
and you lose your will to be then
i'll still be here baby
be here to watch you bleed

and i won't back down: until the war is over
I won't back down : til i see you whole again

from deep within the heart of earth a new life springs.
this new energy with it a new thought brings
think not of the ways in which your father lived
but always when breathing do your best efforts give. \\
60 days and 20 nights, your story like the sun burns bright
but one day it will turn black and cold
your heart and soul then withered and old
fallen angels never seen the heartbeats fall so neat between
the final thoughts of broken men, an aging cities faulting sin
verbaLLY bear right to arms, my mind regaines a silver charm
fight my words 'til your last breath, i swear they'll live on past my death.
this artists hunger rages on, finding beauty in the black dawn
carried away, carried away through your mind
carried away, carried away in your heart
the black sun rises...the black stars are shining down
now i hear the distant growl..following me
taste the sky..taste the sky
fear his eyes..fear his eyes
the tribe calls me home, this journey made alone
the sky she cries on me, her tears fall sorrowfully
fighting to regain my. fighting to regain my
emotions evade me, emotions evade me
surrealist catalyst. this governmental fist
religon was made from nothing, but i was made from something dont you understand.
heaven and hell are on demand
the sky

take my breath away with your book of time
i see no reason to keep life or limb in mind
you wont take heed to the distant thunder
in darkness brewing unholy hunger
i'm calling out to both gods and men
do not allow this city's sin
I break my neck to keep it down
I sell my soul to hide the hurt
But no one looks up to the sky
To see the tears shine in my eyes

Do you wanna die
I wanna die
Do you wanna die
Iwanna die
These are the things inside my mind

You dont wanna know
The things that i know
You dont wanna know
The things that i know
Your empire finally erodes

it looks like im alone but you're right beside me
look here come the shotguns no need to bind me
The FIring squad Takes aim

Rise to your calling the general needs you guidance young one.
Fight for what you believe in, the good fight so seldom pays.
Nothing can go wrong if you leave everything alone.
FIght songs are so dear to the tribesmen.
This our dying day is most precious
The things we once sought do redirect us
Face the facts our calling is not coming back
Turn a blind eye to an all to blatant an attack
The fire behind my eyes it rages on.
I've been forsaken because my wings are gone.
Call me home there's no return
Struck mute by life i have no dying words
My mental obsession
Relapse of aggression
We have no way to re-alize
What's going on here, America's dying
What's going on here our freedom is dying
Looking at life through the eyes of a dead man.
Looking at life throught the eyes of a dying soul.
No fate as great as the one that lies before us. For us
No fate as grave as the one that lies before us. Us.

Fire aroused from deep crevices where ancient oozes lay
This beast was made from our own hands, consructed killer built with human clay.
He bares his power as a valued gem, then your time is up.
To fear no thing brings death to all for soon hate will corrupt.
Hollow men with hollow eyes, feelings never shown.
Never weary left to die bleeding all alone.
The raven fights to surface only to be pulled back under.
While the bull it lives in fear when cometh distant thunder.
God; eternal, never-ending never-ending
No men fear him, ne're repenting
The bell is rung it's time to eat.
But this meal is soon found bittersweet.
Little children raped in summer.
Now righteous men they grow in number.
It seems to be they fight for god,
But soon we find a different cause.
In the homes of righteous men.
Lurk pedofiles, Black with sin.
They wear their suits they wear their ties.
But all these men hold hollow eyes.
Can't you feel the pain inside,
From when the innerchild died.
Across he lines, and never wary.
silenced pistols walls painted cherry.
Gone against societies rough grain.
Jaded eyes emotions feigned
Pent up language brews and boils.
The hero from his war brings spoils.
A silver toungue, thought gifted much
This curse'd gift is as the midas touch.
But these things they turn not gold.
They quickly fade and die, never feeling worn and old.

you have much more to fear from me.

This world.
Limbo. Purgatory.
Fires of life.
earthen crematory.
Birth to the new year.
Basting speaking thinking meat.
The larval mind.
Fresh blood in stale waters.
last breath.
seething song.
Rotted mire.
Qualude judgement.
the edge of the sword.
A dead Tornadoe.
The lost.
fairy tale genius.
Destitute nation.
Shower the victor in gold.
Bore through glass cages.
Strangled roots of ancient trees, Modern wartime reveries, chilling stories of new and old, let ancient tales stay untold. thoughts of peace, thoughts of malice, thoughts of drinking from christs chalice. Fleeting angels in morning light quenching GOD's dark appetites. The perfect storm is brewed of grinding bones, winding roads, and battered crones. The fear ive wrought is no campare to the likes of which shall be there. Where darkness grows and fear is ruthless. Man is lost and brought to this. cannibal feasts and foreign rituals. The drug of sin becomes habitual, Show the light of darkened pasts, bringing laughter to truth aghast. Man who fears the shadow he owns the wolf who's pack has just disowned. His life now meaningless no help in sight. his prey has left the droughts have come. Not one more day he'll see the sun.
follow me i'll show the way to happines, or hell it's the choice to believe, the choice to follow the choice to lead into dark hollows. Follow me i'll show the way Follow me in flames we'll play. I'll teach the ways of new and old, i'll pave the streets in azure gold. Bring me fire bring me ice ill bring the summer filled with life.
The king returns to empty halls the court is gone and faded
My body frozen casket closed my headstone gravely shaded
Tasks too large for mortal man a heart thats grasped in justice. Wrath brought up from hells bowels, it sings with devils pride. Worlds of pain; the locusts pray to end mans unholy suffering words of stone are crawling. Bring me wealth bring me fame but bring me not the calling. My home is burnt my land is fallow, my family murdered, My seed brought crashing down. Droughts of pleasure, Floods of pain. Delight in hallowed laughter. Children scream, the hearth is crumbling, the chimney falling down. My pain unending but fate devine where it, a crimson gown. Breathe my soul, Feast my heart, Drink me evermore. I ask you not to fear my words for 'twill only harm you more. Praise the crimson tears of happiness that aries cries for soldiers. Jupiters bravery goes only as far as his court will let it wander.
CALL ME HOME. THE Dark of life is the light of death the call of angels. Trumpets blaring GOD's call for his people. The sirens calling forth legions. Who shall be spared wrath from the heavens not i nor this race of men for sin is our Destiny. Slashing at skin burning fiery talons of beasts that i dare not turn eyes upon. Feel my cries for they devour me from the inside. PLEASE!!!! HELP ME!!!! I CANT TAKE THIS EXISTENCE LONG!!! I feel as though my life shall fall from under my feet seise to support the weight of my souls burden. DIE!!! I command YOU DIE LEAVE MY Spirit to its own undoing. let me destroy myself, dont touch me i dont want your contaminated skin near me. MY god is green his face changes as he grows. STONE FORESTS, copulating in silence: I am lost. I am afraid. I fear no one. BRing me home to my consciousness an the thing which should not be is born again to breathe my breath, and drink my blood. call me home and i will not answer for i can not return to you and never again will i be the good man which once bred color in his heart and mind for the only color i know is that of my heart. THE blackness inside that breeds my hatred for humanity and my own cells that pull me to my next breath. call me home i have returned.
i meant i didnt do this the poem is mine.

*sex - drugs- actin a fool
smokin weed - skippin school
fuck the panties - buy a thong
party hard - all night long
hoes suck and then they die
losers suck and still stay high
drink bacardi - take a shot
fuck the guy you think is hot
smoke a bowl and you're in heaven
we're the bitches of 2007*]

[~peaCe * pOt * tequila shOt
Jesus lOves me * stOned or nOt
sex * drugs * rOck and rOll
speed * weed * birth cOntroL
life sucks then yOu die
onCe yOu pull an ameriCan pie
half of us wOn`t gO to heaven
cuz we`re the class of 2 00 7~



Age: 22Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 30

Gender: male

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Texas

Exact place of living: waco

Known languages

adult popalternativeblues
folk musicgothgrunge
heavy metalhip hophouse
jazznew ageopera
popprogressive metalpunk

Other interests
bookscard gameschasing the preferred sex
watching sportwriting

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: muscular

Height: 183

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