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No Day But Today (new pic)

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Name: Solveig


creepy pic of me.


julia, brice and me at YQ

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Hi im solveig. if you dont like opinionated, smart and confident people then leave now. i say whats on my mind so if you dont want to hear it then dont talk to me. i dont care what you think, nor do i want to hear what you think. i may come off as a harsh person but im not. i love people and i love life, i just hate very superficial arrogant and stupid people, so if you are one of them stay far away from me. thank you!
if you dont like what i say then dont message me to tell me that, because in my opinion if you have time to message someone about how stupid their opinion is (you can message me if you have a problem with somthing im saying just as long as you are willing to have and are able to have a good discussion and/or argument about it) and you dont have anything to back up your statement then you are just a time-waster and have no real life. i like to have good conversations with people who actually have brains and can think for themselves. and that narrows down the people on this website to about 1/8 of the people becuase most of you are just mindless clones that follow what everyone else is doing and cant think for youselves so you copy everyone else. also, stereotypes. i hate them. i understand that they are going to happen and whatever, and im ok with that. i just dont like when people take it to the extreme and say things like "oh my gawsh, im so emo that im going to go cut my wrists and watch them bleed" or "im goth so leave me alone". this really pisses me off. its like ok, there is enough stereotyping going on, you dont need to stereotype yourself. Oh and I love it when you go on to someones page and you see them stereotyping themselves and you message them saying "your so emo" or somthing like that and they get all pissed off for you calling them somthing that they already called themself. its like hahaha your a hypocrite, dont talk. also i dont like people calling other people posers. it gets me angry because half the people that are calling other people posers are posers themselfs. also i dont agree with the war over in iraq. i have all the respect for the soldiers fighting in the war but i honestly think that the war is kind of pointless. i mean all its going to do it get iraq and a bunch of other countries mad at us for being so big and powerful that they are going to want to target us, and try to weaken us. and i also agree with [Châteaux En Espagne] about banners on elfpack. they are also pointless. the banners do nothing. if you want to change gay marrage or somthing then go out and do somthing about it, dont just put a banner up on your EP house because that is going to do absolutly nothing! also for all you lazy ass retards who spend the whole day on the computer, go out and get yourself a job or somthing that will educate you so you wont be a mindless zombie.Also I don’t like people who say that they are a fan of a band and know one of the bands songs. Its like, if your going to say you like a band, at least listen to the band, not just that one song that you hear every 10 minutes on the radio. I hate rap music. In my opinion, rap was created because some poor guy on the streets couldn’t get a job so he was like, “hey, I can rhyme” and he just started saying pointless things with no meaning and making them rhyme. Some people apparently thought this was talent so they were like, “hey this guy is wicked smart for being able to rhyme, let copy him”. Nowadays, rap has escalated from just talking about politic and such, to degrading woman, talking about murdering someone, and talking about what a badass the rapper is. And as I said earlier in my previous statement about being mindless clones, since people didn’t know what else to do or listen to, they were like “hey, everyone else is listening to rap and they say its cool, so let listen to it also”. Okay, that’s the end of my rap speech. Now on me ranting about live music. In my opinion, this country is going to crap because the live music you hear nowadays is almost always shitty. About 60 years ago was the time when actual live music was good. Im talking about the jazz, big band, and New Orleans era. Jazz IS real music. The stuff you hear on the radio these days sucks. Its all synths, keyboards, and computers. Well at least all t he hip-hop, pop, and rap music is. I do have to give some credit to rock and metal bands because they actually play instruments. But I bet if you asked them to play a D dorian minor triad (yes that is real) that they would be like “what the hell is that”, so therefor I cant give them a whole lot of credit. Jazz musicians however are different. They actually play real music. They spend years and years and years of their lives learning the art of music which so many people these days don’t appreciate. But jazz music is so much more than just a bunch of talented and skilled musicians playing music. This music actually means something. If you want to know what im talking about without having to read the rest of my huge paragraph, then go check out Charles Mingus. Charles’ music is about real things that actually happened, like his song entitled Moanin’. This song is about the discrimination of black people during the time he was alive. None of you would understand what im talking about unless you are a jazz musician. So I will shut up and save my energy for someone who actually understands what im talking about. Okay, back the original topic, live music. All the jazz clubs around the country are disappearing because so many stupid other bands and genres of music are popping up and having live concerts that people would rather go to than hearing REAL live music. All of these jazz clubs are going out of business, and that’s a shame because all genres of music is derived from jazz, and jazz is great to listen to and play. HAHAHA and it makes me laugh soooooooooo much when I see people saying, “music is my life” and then I look under what kind of music they listen to and is says stuff like; rock, metal, rap, pop, and hip-hop. Its like hahaha spend half of your live learning and studying music AND THEN AND ONLY THEN can you tell me that music is your life. Okay, now im done.

i agree with everything [mtruste] said in her paragraph about wicca. lmao fluff!!

i like jazz, evanescence, lacuna coil, reading, writing, ddr, thrift shopping, shopping with marissa (because you never know waht is going to happen) going to the movies and the mall, having debates with smart people, Idiom '59 II, maria my best friend [mtruste], my kitten Jar-Jar, and other things.

[mtruste] maria, you have been my friend for 3 years. We have become really close friends. Im a so glad you are my friend and i want you to know that. you are my best friend and always will be. You mean so much to me

[Destiny_Black] wow. what to say..... pretty much the same thing you said. i miss talking as much as we used to. And you do deserve our friendship. youve helped me with my problems, listened to what i had to say, and never said anything bad about me. you were my first friend on this website and i value your friendship so much. i hope we can stay friends.

-green carnation
-lacuna coil
-duke ellington
-charles mingus
-ella fitzgerald
-leaves eyes
-nox arcana
-frank senatra
-ray charles
i am a gamer. i LOVE WoW (world of warcraft)
my wiki:  addicted to WoW

Age: 18Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 3

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Massachusetts

Exact place of living: ???

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Elfpack crew wannabe: No

bluesgothheavy metal

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Civil status: single

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: normal

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