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soul engraved

Member #16546 created: 2005-05-09 02:47:15Simple URL:   

Name: Reaper




fuck you bitches how do you like my balls?

Elfpack titles and orders
AdventurerCrazy kid


favorite bands: arch enemy, evanescence, lacuna coil, cradle of filth, killswitch engage, children of bodom, otep, atreyu, lamb of god, godsmack, heaven shall burn, dark tranquility, trivium, 3 inches of blood, hatebreed, nightwish, burn the preist now known as lamb of god, my dying bride, god forbid, adema, from autumn to ashes, darkseed, the haunted, deadstar assembly and tons more

favorite animes:
elfen lied
samurai deeper kyo
wolf's rain
gundam seed
gundam seed destiny
g gundam
dn angel
chrono crusade
rurouni kenshin
samurai x
full metal alchemist
tales of eternia
star ocean ex
street fighter
one piece
dragonball z/gt
flames of recca
yu yu hakusho
serial experiment lain
final fantasy unlimited
full meta panic
angel sanctuary
cresecent moon(manga)
.hack signs
king of bandit jing
record of lodoss war
samurai deeper kyo
witch huneter robin
vampire princess miyu
KO'd beast
more to come when i can think of them

currently watching: chrono crusade, dn angel, gundam seed destiny, naruto, .hack//signs, and elfen lied

best music in an anime:
gundam seed
gundam seed destiny
dn angel
.hack signs
fullmetal alchemist
rurouni kenshin
chrono crusade

favorite lyrics:

Demon Hunter - Sumer of Darkness

I'll be the one last breath before this death
I'll be the final glimpse of truth when there's none left
And if i shame your face degrade your faith
I'll be the first to hide behind disgrace
Bloodless on account o fmy failing aim
Treason at the root of my shameful name

I found my way to fall
I never meant to break your heart

Breathing in this pain (rejecting all i am)
I hear you cry again (is this my final stand?)
Before i go (before i lose it all)
You should know (i hate myself for hurting you)

I see the burn of the light from within my grave
I feel the pain of contradicition despite decay
And if the shadow of doubt will betray this gain
Then put an end to me now while the hope remains
Bloodloss on a account of my failing aim
Treason at the root of my shameful name

This is not my life
This is not our life
Every day i die
This is not my life

children of bodom - Hate Me!

I was born in ashes of molten hatered
Raised by demons in abodes of the end
The Reaper's scythe I fall upon to light my path
Wrecked by mangled wounds of life
I have become become the resurrection of the Evil one
'Y know that I don't fucking care if I live or die

I need a bishop preaching fire to get away with my sins
I despise everything I see so I don't give a fuck if ya hate me

Ain't got respect for humanity
Never lived or wanted immortality
The Reaper's shadow I fall upon to obscure my path
Every day I'm being battered up until I bleed
You motherfuckas just leave me be
Ya could never give me cure for the pain I feel inside

Led by the Reaper I walk in the night
Show me the way to yer kingdom come

I believe in Armageddon, I've been baptised in alcohol
I'm enbodyment of Antichrist
I'm living for my own demise

children of bodom - Children Of Bodom

In the silence of darkness, among the shadows of the dead we hear
a wolf howling hungry to wake up children of the graves
Unripe Vengeance! The cult that serves as revenge
has put forward it's fangs to declare a fucking WAR!

Only calmless spirits of corpses are passing by the altars of Bodom
where everything but death is a lie
To spill your blood to become our wine
We'll reborn really where only the wild will survive

The clash of wickedness veils Lake Bodom blood red
We have gathered our souls to praise the triumph of Death

Children of Bodom
angry are rising
Running amok, slaying
with a sense of desire

From the twilight of the past,
among the victims who died

Something Wild
has survived!

children of bodom - Silent Night, Bodom Night

On the eve of their doom
they are baptized
in the unholy waters of Bodom
With no hint of the torture awaiting
to greet them at the break of dawn

When the calm is setting in
we'll watch it swiftly disappear
Too many years of silence
soon he's bound to reappear

The Reaper
is calling for you to come home
With the thrust of a switchblade
on the grip of a madman
And the waters of Bodom
turn a blood shade of red
As the Children Of Bodom
lake their last breath.

When the calm is setting in
we'll watch it swiftly disappear
Too many years of silence
soon he's bound to reappear

children of bodom - Mask Of Sanity

I can't waste away, I'm slowly losing my way forever
Better raise your slave for me anymore
Daylight's sin inside, day's growing closer, wait for pain
I cannot wait another night to be alone

Voices are calling me, 'be my night!' this devil's sigh
Yeah, shadows are tainting me, yeah,
I know that only you can render pain

Peace of mind, you run away from me
So make me lose my mask of sanity

I can't waste away, I'm slowly getting my way forever
Better is what I used to feel alone
Shattered light's sin in taint, day's growing longer, wait for pain
I cannot wait another night to be with you

Peace of mind, you run away from me
So make me lose my mask of sanity

Peace of mind, you run away from me
So make me lose my mask of sanity

children of bodom - Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood

Fire of the light, lil' blooded ridin' hood angel
Light before the night, dark you'd try
You try reversing the ray of fire
The ray amid sets your desire

I'll kill you!

Show me the signs of your silence
In the race of corpse alone
Take me down, oh please can I feel you?
My lil' blooded ridin' hood

Goodbye motherfuckers!

Little blood I'd blow away
For a second did I go
It's a loss!
But I'll follow you 'til the end of the world

I'll kill it for you
I hate you and I want you dead!

I'll kill you!

Show me the signs of your silence
In the race of corpse alone
Take me down, oh please can I feel you?
My lil' blooded ridin' hood

Devil's Never Cry

Steel a soul for a second chance    
But you will never become a man     
My chosen torture makes me stronger    
In a life that craves the hunger    
A Freedom and a quest for life     
Until the end the judgment night    
Stepping forth a cure for soul's demise    
Reap the tears of the victim’s cries    
Yearning more to hear the suffer (of a)    
Of a demon as I put it under     
Killed before, a time to kill them all    
Passed down the righteous law     
Serve a justice that dwells in me    
Lifeless corpse as far as the eye can see   
|The eye can see (X3)      
(clean vocal lyrics)      
We are falling       
The light is calling      
Tears inside me       
Calm me down       
Bless me with the      
Leaf off of the tree      
On it I see       
The freedom reign      
We are falling       
The light is calling      
Tears inside       
Calm me down       
Midnight calling      
Mist of resolving      
Crown me, with the      
Pure green leaf       
Bless me with the      
Leaf off of the tree      
On it I see       
The freedom reign      
Praise to my father      
Blessed by the water      
Black night, dark sky      
The devil’s cry       
(demonic lyrics under clean voice)    
The power's proven to end the madness    
Upon I take it to end the savage    
The rays of light a truth to meaning    
To my father my blood is pleading    
A justice rage for all to feel     
With innocent cries and hatred squeals    
The gore of evil seems to satisfy    
When slain an maimed and pacified             

Dvine Hate

Now you've really crossed the line    
Your hate for me is divine     
My love yearns your suffer     
On your grave lurks my prosper     
Taunt more as a lure but it's no use    
Knots tight my excite I prepare the noose   
Say no more it's time for you to make your move   
My blackened soul lit by your fuel    
Implodes your moral and drain your pride   
Too late for debate or run and hide    
Time to take your life it tolls the bell   
To your hell I’d like to welcome you

Taste The Blood

The flinch in your eye calls your bluff    
Feel free to die when you've had enough    
Useless cause is breaking your back    
Your life will end when you attack    
Make your move       
Make your stand       
Make the win       
(ha..) Like you can      
See the war       
See me rule       
See the mirror       
You’ll see a fool      
To take me out you must fight like a man   
You've yet to prove that you can (you’ve yet to prove me that you can)
I see your might and it compares to something   
That is if something is nothing     
Time to figure       
Time to sin       
Your times done       
When you begin       
Live for suffer       
Live for revenge      
Now your life       
Comes to an end       
Taste the blood       
Taste your fate       
Swallow your pride      
With your hate       
Your last breathe      
Your last stance      
The last of all       
In your command       
Knee’s in the (blood) with your crying pleas   
Wade in your sorrow, bathe in your fear    
Clear the mind from righteousness suffered   


You got nothin' and nothin's got you    
I can see your fear it surrounds you    
Built with strife and insight but it's not enough  
I'll defeat and discreet your every move   
This instinct that you dwell will just take your life  
One step, one breath you're under my knife   
Killing slow is the way I conquer    
It's time for torture test can't wait no longer   
With your first step you will burn    
Can’t control your hate you've learned    
Killing slow is the way I conquer    
Until you know the meaning of suffer    
Step twice you invite and welcome death    
Pay …….. to me with your last breath    
Say goodbye to a life that you once knew   
Along with every being that was before you

Lam of God - Now You've Got Something To Die For

Now you've got something to die for.
Infidel, Imperial
Lust for blood, a blind crusade
Apocalyptic, we count the days.
Bombs to set the people free, blood to feed the dollar tree
Flags for coffins on the screen, oil for the machine
Army of the liberation, gunpoint indoctination
The fires of sedition
Fulfill the prophecy.
Now you've got something to die for.
Send the children to the fire, sons and daughters stack the pyre
Stoke the flame of the empire, live to lie another day
Face of hypocrisy, raping democracy
Apocalyptic, we count the days.
We'll never get out of this hole until we've dug our own grave
And drug the rest down with us, the burning home of the brave
Now you've got something to die for.

Name: Tung
Nickname: TJ, Tungy, Reaper
Birth date: february 22, 1987
Birthplace: somewhere in motherfucking Vietnam
Current location: Georgia
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown/black
Height: 5'8
Righty or lefty: Righty.

Your heritage: vietnamese and 25% white on my mother's side i think
Your fears: not really sure
Your perfect pizza: peperoni, ham, pineapple
Goal you'd like to achieve: raise a family and keep them happy

Your most overused phrase on AIM: shit and fuck
Your first thought when you wake up: shit, what time is it? and goddamn it's early
Your best physical feature: dunno
Your bedtime: when i get bored..
Your most missed memory: my memories died long ago

Soda: pepsi, red bull, bawls
Best fast food joint: Checkers,mc donalds, sonic, and subways
Single or group dates: single
Adidas or Nike: Adidas
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: nestea
Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: coffee

Smoke: no
Cuss: all the time
Sing: nope
Take a shower every day: yep
Have a crush(es): nope
Do you think you've been in love: no
Want to go to college: not sure
Like high school: HELL NO!!!!!!!!
Want to get married: absolutely
Believe in yourself: sometimes
Get motion sickness: yep
Think you're a health freak: HELL NO!!!!
Get along with your parents: NEVER!!!!!!!
Like thunderstorms: hate them
Play an instrument: no

In the past month...
Drank alcohol: yes
Smoked: no
Done a drug: no...
Had sex: no
Made out: nope
Gone on a date: nope

Eaten an entire box of Oreos: nope.
Eaten sushi: no
Been on stage: no
Gone skating: nope
Made homemade cookies: no
Gone skinny-dipping: nope
Dyed your hair: nope
Stolen anything: nope

Played a game that required removal of clothing: no
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no
Been caught doing something that you should'nt be: yeah
Been called a tease: cant remember
Gotten beaten up: hmmm... dont think so... cant remember... maybe when i was little..
Shoplifted: once
Changed who you were to fit in: yeah... then changed into who i am now

Age you hope to be married: doesnt matter... as long as it happens... but hopefully before 25
Numbers and names of children: 2-3 dunno names
Describe your dream wedding: just me, the girl im getting married to, my friends and the preacher
How do you want to die: umm... sleeping.. or painlessly..
Where do you want to go to college: i dunno yet..
What do you want to be when you grow up: pro gamer
What country would you most like to visit: Japan

In a guy/girl...
Best eye color: GREEN!, blue, light blueish or clear
Best hair color: red or blue
Short or long hair: doesnt matter
Height: shorter than me
Best weight: depends
Best articles of clothing: SKIRT!
Best first date location: dunno
Best first kiss location: under a tree next to the lake

Number of drugs taken illegally: none
Number of people I could trust with my life: dunno
Number of CDs that I own: about 20
Number of piercing: none
Number of tattoos: soon
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: 1
Number of scars on my body: atleast 10
Number of things in my past that I regret: none

001:Name: Tung
002:Nickname: Tungy, Reaper, TJ
003:Country living in: USA
004:Birthdate: february 22, 1987
005:Height: 5'8"
006:Eyes: brown
007:Shoesize: 11
008:School/work: no
009:You smoke: no
010:Hobbies: chatting, video games, reading
011:Favorite color: black
012:Piercings: nope
013:Tattoo: nope
014:Fav Country you'd like to go to: japan
015:Are there people you won't reply to?: no
016:Nicest person (or ppl): Kristen, Jen, Beth, Dusty, Pike, Geraldo, Chris, Colin
017:Person you rather not have met: they will go unnamed
018:Who would you like to meet?: Jackie Chan
019:Who do you admire most?: jackie chan
020:Most sexy person (or ppl): Beth, Jen, Kristen
021:Favorite PJs: dont have one
022:Hair color: black/brown
023:Favorite movie: Underworld, King Arthur, Lotr Trilogy, Blade Trinity, Troy, and Ginger Snaps Trilogy
024:Favorite music: Metal, Christian Rock, Punk, deathmetal, blackmetal, hardcore, and instrumental
025:Favorite city: dont have one
026:Favorite magazine: Newtype
027:Favorite sound: dont have one
028:Favorite TV series: chrono crusade, gundam seed destiny and naruto
029:Favorite writer: dunno
030:Favorite nickname: Reaper
031:What is on your mousepad: Max Payne
032:What is under your bed: lots of junk
033:Favorite songs ever: summer of darkness, annihilate the corrupt
034:Favorite food: oriental foods
035:Favorite class: computer repair
036:Favorite drink: red bull, pepsi, alchohol
037:Lucky number: dont have one
038:What do you think is greatest about yourself: dunno
039:What deodorant do you use: red zone
040:Favorite shoes: converse
041:What time do you go to bed on weekdays: past midnight
042:What words do you use most: i dunno
043:Most romantic moment in your life: .....
044:Most embarassing moment in your life: ...
045:You spend your time rather inside or outside: inside
046:What do you do on the weekends?: same thing i do on weekdays nothing
047:What class in school do/did you dislike most?: english, history and math
048:Your breakfast: don't eat breakfast
049:What do you really hate/dislike to eat?: veggies
050:Pets: 1 dog and 5 puppys
051:Laugh or dream: dream
052:Serious or funny: both
053:fast or slow: both
054:You prefer being alone or have relationship: relationship
055:Simple or complicated?: both
056:Cremate or buried?: buried
057:Sex or alcohol: sex
058:Stay up late or go to bed early: late
059:Light or dark: dark
060:White/Black/Other: black
061:Speak or silence: both
062:Tall or small man/woman?: small
063:Newspaper: sometimes
064:Hug or kiss: both
065:Life or death: death
066:Gig or disco: hell no, neither
067:Left or right: right
068:Sausages on top or on the side?: neither
069:Dark/red/blonde: red or black
070:What would you ask God if you could ask one question?: are you real?
071:You believe in reincarnation?: dunno
072:You believe in Aliens?: no
073:When you die, what will your last words be?: the humans will suffer
074:Does true love exist?: i guess
075:How many kids would you like to have?: 2-3
076:What is the one thing you can't stand: RAPISTS
077:Best feeling: dunno
078:Worst feeling: being cheated on
079:What are you afraid of?: its a secret
080:Are you an emotional person?: sometimes
081:Do you ever cry during a move: hell no
082:Your goal in life: make a family and keep them happy
083:What was the promise you made to yourself at New Years Eve: less cussing
084:What is the most beautiful part on the female body?: eyes, body, boobs and butt
086:What do you think of Elftown?: dunno
087:Is there something you miss about Elftown?: no
088:Besides elftown, what do you do most on your pc?:Yahoo, MSN Messenger, aim

Age: 18Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 2Day of birth: 22

Gender: male

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: Georgia

Exact place of living: gainesville

Known languages

grungeheavy metalopera
progressive metalpunktechno

Other interests
boardgamesbookscard games
role playingslackingtravelling

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 173

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