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Bright Eyed Rogue (I choose heaven over the earth...)

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Name: Andrea a.k.a Andy


My new piercing, got it done yesterday. (5/31/09)


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Drunk-assSex-monsterCrazy kid

I know i don't get on here that much anymore cause i'm usually on Elftown. If you would like to talk to me talk to me there. My house name is the same as it is here. I will try to get on more tho.

PPL i have a new poll. I made it because i want to know what u guys think of my poetry.GO TAKE IT NOW!!!I want to know what u guys think but u have to read my poems before u can answer the poll.

I have 12 percings,11 in both my ears and 1 in my nose.I'm going to get my lip and the rest of my ears done later on tho.I have blackish brownish hair right now but i'm going to dye it again.I'm pretty short which suxs cause most of my friends r already tall enough so i feel even shorter.I don't have that many friends cause i don't talk to alot of ppl but i would like to meet new ppl that r like me.Most ppl say i scare them but u just have to talk to me to find out for urself.Well that's pretty much how i am so if u would like to talk to me just im me or whatever.

here's a poem i wrote in class one day and it's my favorite:

As i sit there on my bed slitting my wrist i start to lose myself
I don't notice i'm surrounding myself with my blood
After a few minutes i don't feel any pain
As i sart bleeding to death i get cold and lay down on my bed
As i lay there dying i remember everyone in my life
I remember the times i had when i was blind
Blind with hate and had someone to get me through it
I remember when there was a time when i actually had hope
Hope in myself and the people i love
But that hope died and withered away a long time ago along with my heart
As i lay there dying i start to regret what i did alittle
Then i think it was for the best

Hey people i changed my poem around alittle bit cause i finally got the book out of my locker today.I like it alot and hope u do too.Feel free to write me a message telling me what u thought about it.
I have some more poems if u guys want to read them send me a message and i'll write them for u.

I'm bored so i'm gonna put 2 other poems of mine up here.

I am alone again
I will always be alone
No one can fill this empty space
Right when I think they will they leave me
I have learned that not trusting people is the best thing to do
Maybe it's because I do that but i'm fine the loneliness in my life now
For in the future I'll know it was for the best that i pushed people away

That's one of them and here's the other one.

Will I always be alone?
Will I ever have someone that loves me?
Why do people always leave me when I need then?
I dunno how much longer I can take being alone
Maybe suicide is the best thing for me to do
No one would miss me because no one even loves me
You have to have love in oreder to be missed and i have neither
All I have is hurt inside of me
I believe that once I'm dead everyone will be happier
No one really needs me and I can see it in their eyes
All I see in the eyes of the people is a cold wasteland of loneliness
I have been hurt alot and I don't think I can take it any longer
I even hear my own family say they would be better with out me
Am I that fucked up that i can't even have anyone love me?
Right now suicide feels like the good thing to do
And maybe some day I will do it and make everyone happy

Those r my other 2 poems so feel free to tell me what u think of them ok.

OK i'm bored again so i'm going to put up a poem i did that i really like.Hope u like it too if not oh well too bad.

Call of Death:
Death has come for me tonight as I slit my wrist
I hear him as I bleed
I can see him in the shadows of darkness
I can feel him as I am alone in the dark
I freeze up as I feel his chilling breath go down my spine
I feel his cold hands as he grabs my face to look into my eyes
I hear him whisper in my ear that it is time to go
I look in Death's eyes and tell him I'm ready to leave this life
He stretches out his bony hand for me to take in mine
I take Death's hand and walk behind him in silence
Tonight Death has come for me to take me from this life

Ok that's it yes i know it is dark and depressing but that's how I am. so deal with it and tell me what you think of it ok.

This next poem is for the Love of my Life-Chad.Hope you like it hon.

My True Love
Just when I had given up on life and love you came and changed all that.When i was ready to let go and leave this world you came along and told me to hold on.When I thought no one loved me you did.When I was down and out you were there to brighten up my days.You gave me a chance when everyone else thought i wasn't worth it.You are my life if I don't have you I couldn't live.You are the only one to get me through the day.When I am alone and ready to give up I think of you and I make it through.When I can't sleep I imagine you there with me and i fall asleep.I need you because with out you I am nothing.I know that when I get older and don't look the same anymore you will still love me.Some people say we can't be but I don't care I love you now and will always love you.I would give my life for you.I would even bleed for you if i had to just to prove how much i love you.I will always be by your side when you need me to be.I will never hurt you so please don't hurt me.I Love you.

I tried to put how I feel about Chad into words and I hope that it turned out good.

Age: 19Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 5Day of birth: 30

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Virginia

Exact place of living: Richmond

Known languages


Other interests

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: unknown

Body shape: big breasted

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