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Written about Tuesday 2005-02-15
Written: (6504 days ago)

Te he he...The Duckyness was in a pageant!!!! It was fun and I didn't fall. And [lala land] was in it with me so the making fun of her was fun as well!
It was a highlight after my horrible 2 weeks before it. I still really miss my Jesse Lee bunches.
Valentine's Day wasn't really what I wanted. I didn't get much real time with my [Spikéd One] inside or outside of school. I went to see Jesse Lee and was worse than I have been in at least a week. I was extremely happy for parts of it, mainly on the earlier parts of the day, and I guess they were worth it...

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Written about Friday 2004-11-19
Written: (6592 days ago)

Well, my lucky/graceful self has done it again. I am once again hurt. Doing those damn sucide sprints in basketball practice, I have caused my Scaitic nerve to become imflamed and it hurts like hell. I'm out of practice for 8 days and I'm going insane! I miss it already and I've only missed 1 scrimmage and 1 practice. Grrrr!

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Written about Friday 2004-11-12
Written: (6599 days ago)

I hate being sick! Not only am I sick and whiney but my [Spikéd One] is to! My head hasn't stopped hurting for...let's see...3 damn days no matter how much motrin I take. I swear I must be pmsing cause I feel like crap.
Basketball is going to kill me! Eh, I'll get over it.
Grrrrr....sleep needed

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