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Written about Wednesday 2009-04-22
Written: (5541 days ago)

Dairy log: 22nd April 2009

Subject: Mathew Abernethy

Reason to live:................................fuck knows

Reason for this Diary entry: The Kittens are taking over, so here is my last diary entry before we all come to thier utter cuteness before they ravage our heads off before slowly disgesting us in the great Fjord known as the grand canary

If you think this shit is fucked up, then go buy a burger, grapple it like a dog, spit at a snail, fart in a prime ministers face before slowly fleeing from the jelletin cubes xD

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Written about Monday 2009-04-06
Written: (5557 days ago)

Well well well well, how can I explain today

First of all I didnt sleep at all last night because I was too busy wtahcing Anime XD

Second is I had to go to work handing in my work keys, agreed I did say i would meet Alice ther and I did

But here is the part it gets bad. Alice then said she has no money (regular record really) and so being the gentleman i am, I go and by her something from shop. We then went to her house and then decided to go down to white swan and have a meal.

Now, after this meal I would have gone home straight away. However instead Alice rung up Bryony using MY phone and meet up with her and Sam. WE then met with Jack and decided to go to Halifax and go around to Freindly Dragon and have a look around.

In the end I got home, shattered and feeling like shit because I havnt had ANY sleep that I was gonna have after I was just giving in the leys I had to work which was a 5 minute job and ended up having such a big tiring day out xD

So yeah, peace and chicken grease peeps.


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Written about Thursday 2009-03-19
Written: (5575 days ago)

Since there are like 4 of your guys, I would like to takle this time to wish

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To the Nobles!

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Written about Thursday 2009-02-05
Written: (5617 days ago)
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Okay people, here is just a little note for you all

I wont be on here for much, or if you know me a at college I wont be there on friday.

The thing is, I just came home today and I got a worrried call off my mum from my nans house...........................turns out she passed away...

Yep, my own nan, gone.........so yeah, kinda shitty eh?

So I am sorry I wotn be on much, I just need some time of my own =]

Love you all lots though guys xxx

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Written about Wednesday 2008-12-24
Written: (5659 days ago)

Again incase you didnt get the last you

Merry Christmas People! And Happy New Year!!!

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Written about Monday 2008-12-15
Written: (5669 days ago)

Well I havnt put a Diary entry in for a while so here goes


Also, Michael your gay

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Written about Saturday 2008-06-28
Written: (5839 days ago)

Well, today during the afternoon, Me Alice and Helly decided to go free hugging, and in total we managed to get:

150 HUGS!!!

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Written about Saturday 2008-06-14
Written: (5852 days ago)

Okay guys, its been decided

My party is going to be held on the same date as my dads birthday which is 20th July, thats:

20th July!

No this date will not change and if you cant make it, tough
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Written about Thursday 2008-06-12
Written: (5854 days ago)

Well since you havnt all been paying attetion to my mood lets put it this way

If those people who are coming to my party do not do my poll and I get a more known idea of to have it in June or Augest, there will be NO! party on either of those dates!

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Written about Wednesday 2008-04-30
Written: (5898 days ago)

Okay Guys its decided, I am quitting EP for a while, perhaps forever, I dunn yet.

I will stop ging on this stating from the 5th May, if you want my msn address or anything like that, contact me ASAP.

Also, Im sorry Im going but I just cant take it anymore with this site.

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Written about Monday 2008-04-28
Written: (5900 days ago)
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Okay Here goes,

The reason Im thinking of quitting EP is because of many reasons, some I dont wanna say and some I do

The main one atm is cuz it is getting in the way f my studies and I am afraid if I go on this site, I am gonna fail them so Im thinking of quitting till my grades are over atleast

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Written about Saturday 2008-04-19
Written: (5908 days ago)

This is what you get when you mix elfpackers, camera, and booze together



Have fun xD

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Written about Thursday 2008-02-14
Written: (5974 days ago)

Meh, Valentines day, deosnt really Bother me really ^^

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Written about Tuesday 2008-02-05
Written: (5983 days ago)



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Written about Monday 2008-01-14
Written: (6005 days ago)

Well i havnt put one of these up for a while os hear goes :P

Wish me luck today and 22nd of january cuz of my joyful exams V_V.


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Written about Sunday 2007-06-03
Written: (6230 days ago)

i put this on my msn myspace but ill put it here too

WARNING!!! if you are depressed or can get mad at yourslef easily PLEASE DONT READ THIS!!!!

We are disgusting
if you are reading this dont stop

i have just found out on this very date what the race humans can actually achive. we are the most destructive and disgustng race on this planet. it dosnt matter what they are, scientist doctor politician, it dosnt matter. behind every man, theres a sick and twisted person lurking it within it. this applies to every one in the world. Me, My friends and every other person out there in the world. we humamns have brought nothing but destruction and ruin to this planet. what was once a beautiful lucious planet is now a big rock of destruction and horror. either way you look at it, this race, the humans are the root of all evil. some poeple are sick and twisted, and the others are just dispicable worthless mammels. take poedos for an example, you think that they are sick and twisted and a form of evil looking on little children and/or worse raping them. you are forgetting, this low life scum was also a human. there fore this makes humans also low life scum. we should all be ashamed of ourselves for the ruin and chaos we have brung to this world.

thank you for reading this. If you think the same attitude that i do, you will understand this clearly. if you do not, then you will fall and currupt into the pit of hell as all humans do.....................................even i will.

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