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Name: Mat, Fat Mat, Mat Man, Matty, Mattykins, Matt Matt and Mat-a-tat-tat >.>


A waffle from the Christmas Markets, was quite niiice :)

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Sex-monsterCrazy kid

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Hello names Mathew Abernethy :)

I will be quite frank, I do not come on this website as much. I really ought to as this place has had a major impact to my life. On here I have met several amazing people. Some from my own country and others from far away such as America. But one of the biggest changes to my life was, I met my soul mate on here. Thanks to this website I have met this fantastic person, and out love is still going strong to this day, almost 5 years now. So although I do not come on here as much,I would like to say one thing to this website.

Thank You.

Thank you so much for what you have done.

With that over, I better say a bit about myself hadn't I?

Well, where to begin! I am currently 22 years of age, and still don't act like it. I act more like 2.2 years of age ;D but many people say thats a good side to have. As you may see in the photo of me happily chomping away at a waffle, I am a should I say, big fella :D. However, I am no ashamed of this, as I love being the size I am, I feel it has made me who I am, or at least helped :).

I am currently studying at the University of Manchester doing a BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering course, and hooo boy is it hard, seriously 6 - 8 exams per semester!? Ridiculous xD. However, doesn't stop my drive, as when I graduate, I hope to work in some big engineering company, preferably automotive to earn lots of cash, and of course to work on luscious cars :3

As for hobbies and interests, well, I have quite a few. The biggest of them all being gaming. I live, breath and somehow eat gaming O.o. I like to keep up to date with the current gaming news, and generally a fan of all kinds of gaming, maybe except the sport franchise but playing a game you can go outside and do doesn't interest me :/. However my main interests are such as indie games (If you haven't checked out Cave really need to), The occasional FPS, just not CoD, oh dear god anything but that. And last but not least, story telling and adventure/platform games.

Other interests and hobbies is such stuff as going to conventions and cosplaying, mainly as Chen Stormstout from Warcraft (really need to put a shot of that on here sometime), the usual going out with some friend's drinking and bowling, and last but not least, traveling.

As for everything else, can't really think of right now. So thats me, nothing really of interest, just your normal average guy. Like I said, can be on here once in a blue moon, but hoping to pop back every now and then :)

Now, onto the rest of the profile!

R.I.P Josephine Anderson

Now, I put this up many a years ago, back when I was 17, and still to this day I miss her. I know its not tasteful to put stuff like this up, however tis was the first time I mentioned something like this on anything. ack then I wasn't on FB or any other social media, so putting this out there made me feel better, to show she wasn't forgotten.

Still to this day she isn't. Ladies and Gentleman, Josephine Anderson was my Grandma (although she hated being called that so insisted to be called Nan :P). She was possibly the most kind hearted lady I have ever met, always there for a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with and the cheeky snack to have when the parents didn't know. She spoiled my and my sister bloody rotten, and not a day goes by I still remember those days. but rather then being sad and mourn her loss, i think about the good times, remember the cherished moments, it is after all how she would want it :). But alas on the 5th February 2009, she passed from this world. So see this little section as a mini memorial of her, to know she is not missed.


Good god, How true is that!?

Animes i mostly like are:

Ouran High School
Lucky Star
Angel Sanctuary
Demon Diaries
Soul Eater
Negima!? Or Mahou Sensei Negima
Azumiagh Daoi
Tsubasa Chronicles
Death Note
Dragon Ball
Fairy Tail
Attack on Titan
and many many more

Games I love:

Kingdom Hearts series (yes including the damn hand held ones >.<)
Sonic The Hedgehog
Metal Gear Solid
Dragon Ball Z
Jak and Daxter
Ratchet And Clank
Guitar Hero
Gears Of War
World Of Warcraft
Legend Of Zelda (Strangely only the hand held ones O.o)
Dance mat.....Yes you heard me!
League of Legends
Cave Story
And my number 1 favorite franchise:
Assassin's Creed, especially number 4.
And many many more



Ladies and Gentleman, earlier on in my description I mentioned why Elfpack has changed my life...

Well. This is that person.

This person here is the reason why this place has made an impact. This woman had changed my life for the better. There are many words to describe her, but I cannot think of a more powerful one other then....well...The One. She is always there for me when I am sad, when I am happy, when I am angry, everything. We have shared a big part of out lives together and I have never looked back. I proudly live each waking moment knowing I have this fantastic woman for my girlfriend. I love her from the bottom of my heart, and hope that we carry on for many years to come.

Btw, if you are reading this Becky, yes I know its cheesy as hell but, deal with it. :p

[Lex] / Ravan Baxter

This is also a person close to me, a really really good friend. We have shared a lot of stories together, a lot of crying, happiness and even craziness together! Alas we do not speak as much as we used to now, but if she ever looks upon this profile, I would like to say this:

"Thank you for the moments. Thank you for those special days we had together laughing, joking and even Kareoke'ing on MSN a many o nights. You was someone dear to me, a damn good friend and person. I hope all is going well for you right now, and wish you luck in your future :D. And if I ever manage to go to the US anytime in the future, I hope we can meet each other and have a damn good piss up :D"


Trust me, he really is a secret transformer, he just refuses to show it >:]


Thank you! *rock poses*

Age: 28Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 14

Gender: male

What do you do?: Being lazy

Place of living: United Kingdom-England

Exact place of living: Halifax

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishJapanese

Home-page URL: S

Weblog URL: T

Favorite URL: F

Elfpack crew wannabe: No

heavy metalhip hopjazz
progressive metalpunkrap

Other interests
beerbookscard games
chasing the preferred sexcookingdancing
physicspornrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: fat

Height: 173

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