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Written about Thursday 2007-11-01
Written: (6009 days ago)
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1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random (hopefully interesting) facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 6 more bloggers are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them that they're tagged

1. I am a Dragon. Feel Free to ask.
2. My natural element is Fire, in other words, I talk to fire, fire makes me feel safe.
3. I have a really hard time getting along with most people.
4. I knew I was gay since Kindergarden.
5. I love snuggling
6. I am deadly afraid to admit I love RENT to certian people.
7. I love dessing like a girl, when I remember to shave.
8. I sit around in my pajamas all day, hoping to be smexed by a big strong guy.

[zelvrlilly2525], [Innocent Seduction], I get more people to tag later.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-09-12
Written: (6059 days ago)

Time to post some of my random lyrics that I have writen:

Set 1:Soldiers can cry, i wont lie, i feel the pain, every name on the wall, i fall to my knees please stop the gore, its a horror, i cant take it, i need to wake up, it eating my up, no luck, its time for me to man upi dont belive the need for someone to take the reins of the game, time for a leader, who doestn always pack a heater, i know its random, but its my tandom, my time to express to the best how i feel, its to reel, i cant escape, the rape, the murder, hurt all around, i need to stand my ground, and stand for what i believethan i will feel the reliefe, when what is said is said, burning in peoples head, learning what ive been learning, earning my way through life, do whats right its the time to revoultionize rid of all the lies, can you feel the hate, when i hesitate to stand up for the truth, no more tooth for tooth, say what u say in the booth and get it done, than run arounda dn have some fun... its really random, and i orrginally wrote it to Toy Soldiers by eminem and for Kookiecookie Copyright Juicebox tm and Upper Peninsula Records curtesy of DJ paul k (or my uncle) this track is currently under production

Set 2: when i flow, its like a slow trickeling stream a laser beam tickeling my forehead, lay
me in bed, six feet under, its a wonder, why am i cursed torn between the clean, and between the dirty, i feel
nerdy, i know my science and my rap, my math and my rock, one pop-ded in my head, thats what i said im
six feet under
i got this burning for the learning, to make it on top, to be hot, to be the talk of the
nation, no more patience, i hate this, hesitate to say this, but i do anyways, it pays, but thats not what
matters, batter-ing my mind, when i rhyme i cry like the soldiers red eyes
when that freaking lead flied, my eys roll in my head, im dead, thats all it took right
place wrong time the line burning in my skull, the hull its cracking, i am smacking the opostion when i get
hit from behing my mind is bleeding, my heart stops beating, im dead
song* that im working on, casue when im gone, this will be the memory of me the
rapper who didnt have to be a G JB the juice box, covered in rocks, clock on his life iis ticking down, all
around the chaos, drops the pen and paper, enough of the haters, its done, i got no more time to run, im
This song is copywright Juicebox records,and was written for KakosShadow

Set 3: its a burnin bulltet, right through the vest of the best its a test to see who is strong
whose moving on, whose listening, christing the ship for the maiden voyage, out to see, out to get me, the
fire burns in me, the fire grows in me, flows through me, even afater the death, one last breath to say it I
so remember the name, of the one who tried to change the game, racking his brain
for the anwsers, its canerous burning away at me, i got to say this one last thing, i think its the gradn finale,
everyone rally, rally for the cause of saving lives, leading life right, all day to night
i always wright what i think, it stinks cause sometimes i offend my friends and even
my family, cause im me, they say i was born to fight, i was born to wright, i was born to preach, breach the
walls, make everything okay again everythings goes crazy again my friends had to much juice and gin the world is spinning, why am i not winning, *flames shoot from my mouth* WHY
i havent written in a long time, and now its all flowing out, the pain rains down on
me, JB the wait of the world on me, im not a G why with the responibility, acountabillity im going crazy,
everythings hazy, the pen meets paper, chafer-ing im my brain, the names, the games, all the lies the eyes
on me, when i break down and cyre you see it, when i hold together like ducttape trying to prevent the hate,
wait, why do i hesitate to just let it out, check it out, i finally did it
coppyright Juicebox Records...this song is dedicated to KakosShadow, Coolone, and anyone else who can relate to this

Okay, one more, and probably the most important one I have written: I was sitting here reading, my heart bleeding, as I feel the pain from the past, my flag at half mast, in remembernce of the pain, the pain that has been my gain, the gain that put my brain on the right track, well, now...now I am back, back to speak to the weak and the meak from the dead, my head patched up, my knuckles cracked up, my voice back up, yup, I'm here to stay, and say what I really should have said, leave my head feeling empty, reevaluated, I dont hate it, I waited for it, now its time to hit and strike, strike with the mike as I try to make the stuff you like, I hope I do this right, writing and breathing, thinking and singing, rapping and clapping, showing my support, we decied to lock up in the fort, we tried, the fort fortified, no more lies, eyes filled with anger, I got over the danger, and now its time to spread the news that its time to take back our power, this is the hour, in which our families must unite, for what we feel is right, make a stand to the man, and demand that we become the people we are meant to be, can you all see, what is getting to me? Can you see it is time, power to the citizens, bonded as friends, eleminate the enemy, bring in the family, its time to me, to be men and women who have morale, corall the government, I'm lovin it, call me crazy, with a life so hazy, but it is finally time.

If you like the songs, I will post more of them.

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