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Written about Monday 2008-12-08
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In 2008...

I fell in love. Absolutely fucking crazy in love. I started my first semester of college. My team won the Super Bowl. I started losing weight. I got high. I got trashed. I colored my hair.

I picked a college to go to in Texas. Still was in love. Made new friends. Had an amazing Valentine's Day.

March: Partied with Simone, broke my arm. Still was in love. No job.

April: Met him. Felt so fucking good. Went to prom.

May: Got my heart broken. He left. Car got stolen. Everything was gone from it. Tornado hit my house bad.

June: Got a job. Tried to get over him.

July: Still worked my ass off. Started talking to my ex again. Woke up and realized that life is not over. 

August: Still kept talking to my ex. Realized I missed him a lot. Fell in love all over again. Got a new car!!! Started school.

September: Grew up!!! Turned 19, still dating Jeff, still worked my ass off. Got a new phone.

October: Still dating Jeff. VOTED! Obama '08!

November: Still dating Jeff, still going to school. New laptop :D

December: Still dating Jeff... freaking out about passing this semester.... still working..

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Written about Friday 2008-02-01
Written: (5710 days ago)

This diary isn't sad and empty anymore!!!

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