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Written about Monday 2022-04-04
Written: (780 days ago)

"Hypnotized By Fear"

A common threat's created
To use then as a tool
To hypnotize the masses
Through fear to trick and fool
The masses to accept and want
Totalitarian rule.

Covid is the Trojan Horse
Created to disguise
A planned, WICKED agenda
To take people by surprise
To cause a massive frenzy,
Driving fear to hypnotize.

With the masses entrenched
In a state of panic, fear,
Logic has been crippled
Making thought no longer clear
And desperate for safety,
Solutions are sought to hear.

The solutions preplanned
Were then put into motion
By the creators of the crisis
All ready with their potion
They have then injected
Without resisting notion.
This scenario preplanned
Played out perfectly
And with it is entwined
More schemes of atrocity
For the global elite's goal
To control humanity.

There is an antidote
The WICKED don't wish to show
That will bring back clarity
Should we learn and know
And this is the truth
In factual, REAL science
That cuts through the fear
That holds us in compliance.

Hypnotized By Fear
Alters our perception
And without the truth
They can use deception
To keep us hypnotized
And in full compliance,
But when we learn the truth,
We cultivate defiance
And when this becomes
Around the world, widespread,
The WICKED will be defeated.
Their agenda will be dead.
Many millions are awakened,
Are not Hypnotized By Fear.
We are connecting dots,
Because our thinking's clear.
And so, we push the truth,
Encourage others to it, explore
To free themselves from fear
And to awaken more and more.

Our strength is in our numbers
When united we become;
When empowered by the truth,
No longer by fear made dumb.
The WICKED on the other hand,
Their numbers are small in size
And so, they use weapons
To control us, with fear, hypnotize.
So when we are no longer
By fear controlled and fooled,
The WICKED lose their power
And are by the people, overruled.

By Artsieladie/ Sharon Donnelly
©2022-02-19 All rights reserved.

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Written about Sunday 2022-02-13
Written: (830 days ago)

"Historical Lies"

When the history books are written by the devil's spawns,
Don't expect truth be told to us they use as their pawns.

There are three sides to every story,
But the only side that's told
Is the side that protects the evil
Hoarding power with their gold.
Scapegoats take the fall,
Become the despised,
While the true WICKED players
Are kept hidden and disguised.

Churchill was no hero
Nor was Roosevelt.
They sided with the devil,
Stalin, who only dealt
Torture, death, and rape
Upon millions, innocent,
Allowed them no escape.

There's no mention of the typhus plague
Transmitted with a lice infestation
Nor the brutality against Germans
Divided from their nation.
Stalin starved and tortured people,
In death camps used them as slaves.
From Russia and other nations,
He buried millions in mass graves.

To seize ALL of Europe,
Stalin had plans to do.
The zionists kept this secret,
But Hitler, this he knew
And it's why he took on Stalin
At such a great cost
Knowing if he didn't
All of Europe would be lost.

The zionists play both sides
As profit from both they reap
And this evil agenda
Is a secret they guard and keep.
At the Battle of the Bulge
General Patton said,
"The wrong one we defeated"
After millions the war left dead.

We hear about prison camps,
The persecuted Jews,
But nothing about the Allies' prison camps
Where their captives were brutally abused.
The history as it's told
Is all one sided for zionist compensation,
With no regard for others' losses
Allowed for consideration.

Roosevelt wanted the U.S. in the war,
But Americans were not in the slightest for.
By instigating Japan
He invited the attack,
Sacrificed our soldiers
In the Pearl Harbor whack.
Stalin was his buddy.
He called him Uncle Joe,
A murderous communist
And yes, he did know.

Churchill said that Germany
Had gotten way too strong,
That only the British
In the top place did belong.
So, because of spite and pride
Hitler was automatically seen
As the enemy to defeat.
Germany must be stripped clean.

The Versailles Treaty
Left Germany divided
And in the parts taken,
Countries then decided
To brutally treat and slaughter
Germans as they wished,
Grieving Hitler greatly,
Wanting such vanquished.
It was his love for Germans
That drove him to defend
The Germans and to make
Their torturous lives end.

This does not get told,
Just that he was a hater
Of the Jews and Gypsies,
A heartless dictator.
They don't tell us, though,
But keep under the lid,
That Hitler helped the Jews
Relocate to Palestine. This he did.

What the German people have
Suffered and endured
The world cares not about.
This is all ignored,
While the zionists keep milking,
Sucking the world dry,
Instigating conflicts
So more and more die.

I'm not praising Hitler,
But for the story to be told,
EVERY side must be covered
Not just one side sold.
War is always brutal
And the innocent get killed,
While the zionists reap from all
And have their pockets filled.
All involved in war
Are guilty of doing wrongs
And so, the blame is shared.
The guilt with ALL belongs.

The zionists hoard wealth,
Place nations all in debt,
While from all the peoples
They rob all they can get.
By indebting the entire world
To them through their central bank,
They force nations to do their bidding,
While more wealth they suck and yank.
The zionists, freemasons, jesuits,
Are all one WICKED lot.
Bankrupting and starving the world
Is their ultimate goal and plot.

Even for the Jews
The zionists care not
As they sacrifice them, too,
With their extermination shot.
The zionists see Judaism
As an umbrella to use
To get away with evil deeds
Should anyone accuse
Them of crimes they commit
As they can then claim
Antisemitism in defense
So accusers get the blame.
The zionists, the jesuits,
The freemasons are all the devil's spawn,
All plotting to rule the world,
Kill off humanity until we're ALL gone.

These satanists won't do.
Pure hell on earth
Is what they pursue
With their one world order,
Dubbed now the great reset
To raise lucifer up for worship
To revenge on God, get.

We must look beneath the surface,
Behind the manuscript, the play,
Written by the WICKED monsters,
Who NEVER the truth, say.
We are ALL their target
Regardless of our race, color, creed.
They refer to us as 'goyim',
As fodder for their greed.

They divide us up with labels,
Then against each other, pit
To keep us from uniting,
While they rob and kill us, bit by bit.
They feed us propaganda
Through sources they control,
Instilling fear with lies,
Flooding smut onto our soul.
They poison us for profit
In numerous evil ways,
Strip us of our dignity.
As they drug us in a daze.

They steal away our children
Under a perceived holy cape
And sacrifice our innocent
Through torture, killing, rape
For the devil's pleasure,
Whether baphomet or ba'al,
They hide behind the veil.

Historical Lies,
To keep truth concealed
Have been written, told,
For if the truth's revealed,
All the WICKED deception
Would be, to the world, disclosed
And the WICKED beings
Would ALL be exposed
And ALL of humanity
Would against the WICKED, rise
And there'd be no escape
From the WICKED's just demise.

By Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
©2022-02-13 All rights reserved.

"Adolf Hitler: The FULL story never told."

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Written about Monday 2022-02-07
Written: (836 days ago)

"Truth Offends"

If Truth Offends, then let it be so,
Because those offended, they damn well know
That the Truth Offends them because inside
Lying and wrongs they've justified.

When truth's the enemy, morals are shot.
It signifies no courage one has got
To stand up for truth they know is right.
It's easier to follow wrongs than put up a fight.

Truth and honesty in a world of lies,
So many cave to the latter and compromise
Their honor, integrity, self respect
And to immoral behaviors do not object.

When inconvenient for truth to speak,
The compromised are too morally weak
To face scrutiny from a hostile crowd,
Where among, immoral acts are allowed.

There is NO honor regardless of fame,
Wealth or prestige. There's only shame,
When one for truth can't stand and fight,
Follow through and do what's right.

Favor earned in a world where evil prevails
Cannot in God's Eyes tip the scales
And save one's soul from the lake of fire,
When pleasing man is one's desire.

The road to Heaven is narrow and steep,
Slippery and with ravines, deep
On either side where evil lurks,
Where satan waits with tempting perks.
Many are tempted, a very large sum,
By the tricks of satan and do succumb
To believing that it is okay
To bend God's Rules and disobey.

God has warned us of deadly sins.
When we partake, the devil wins
And we in turn give satan control,
Jeopardizing our immortal soul.

The world's a place of abominations
With satan picked leaders in many nations
Passing laws and forcing regulations
Serving satan's will, his dictations.

For those who seek a righteous path,
Follow God's Word, seek not His Wrath,
The world is surely a despicable place,
Driven by lust and greed, a total disgrace.

If, with the ways of the world, one is okay
And they're following along day by day,
Such a life on earth will reap a cost.
From the Kingdom of God they will be lost.

Life on earth is very short,
How we live it, who/what we support
During our lifetime until our body dies,
Determines where our eternity lies.

Some believe they can in neutral, coast,
Without ever choosing which to host,
Good and righteous or evil and sin,
But neutral won't with God score a win.
We can't determine what others do
Nor force on others to, a path, pursue,
But for ourselves we get to choose,
Which path we take to win or lose.

One strong in faith reminds those
Who are weak and so, they chose
To compromise their self respect
And one who doesn't they reject.

Thus, we must bear in mind Truth Offends
And seeking righteousness often tends
To invite scathing judgment from a society
That accepts and yields to immorality.

Many are lured by fortune and fame,
Seek the favor of man, a worldly aim,
But earthly possessions one does not need
Nor does fame and fortune sow the seed
That will reap a harvest of righteous fruit
For one who seeks as their pursuit
To enter into the Heavenly Gates,
Where, for only the righteous, God awaits.

By Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
©2022-02-04 All rights reserved.

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Written about Tuesday 2019-09-03
Written: (1724 days ago)

Just gotta' love dead peeps, because apparently some, though proclaimed dead, are still active on Elfpack. Perhaps, it's because the site is dead itself? LMAO

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Written about Tuesday 2018-07-17
Written: (2137 days ago)

#luciferian_worshipers #Wicked_elite #zionists_are_fake_jews #illuninati #masons #british_monarchy #vatican_one_world_church_to_worship_satan
It's important to remember: "Anti-zionism is NOT antisemitism", because zionists are NOT real or actual believers in Judaism. Zionists only 'use' Judaism as a false front so they can claim antisemitism whenever anyone or any group speaks out against their wicked acts against humanity, all to appease their insatiable lust for wealth and power. Zionists worship satan/lucifer and are driven to do satan's deeds and to raise lucifer up to rule over the world. The one world church as part of the new world order is intended for worshiping satan/lucifer NOT God.

Zionism is the greatest threat to world peace, period. The #zionists are the wicked 'master puppeteers', the 'string pullers', behind ALL the wars, the terrorism, etc.. All we see is the work and the horrible results of their puppets, who the zionists acquire the allegiance of their puppets to do their bidding for them through bribery, blackmail, extortion, manipulation, and whatever evil means they can think of.

For instance, the zionists love politicians who have skeletons in their closet and the bigger, the better. This is also how #pizzagate or #pedogate fits neatly into this zionist equation. When a person has a very dark, despicable secret, that person can be forced into doing most anything, if not in fact, anything, just to keep their secret(s) protected.

This is why we have such corruption in the US and in other countries around the world because of the zionist puppets deeply planted into the political systems and vital areas of countries. This is also referred to as the 'deep seat'. Here in the US, zionist puppets are covertly doing the zionist bidding in our CIA, MSM, military, political, judicial, banking, educational systems and have influence to control our health and well being, particularly with big pharma and the FDA.

The zionists, as part of their #NWO (control/rule the entire world) agenda, want to exterminate BILLIONS of people from the earth. They want WWIII and the way to pull it off is to have the super powers go to war with each other. Hence, the 'planted puppets' in the US are trying any angle they can to instigate war with Russia.

Then about #ISIS... ISIS is nothing more than a zionist agenda with the intent to have Christians and Muslims against each other, with the goal being that the two religious groups will eliminate each other. Since these two are the largest opposition, after these two are eliminated, all remaining religious groups will be easier to eliminate, with the atheists and the true Jewish people not exempt from this agenda, because zionists aren't 'true Jews', but are only operating under the 'umbrella of Judaism'.

Zionists are really 'satanists'. They've already gotten their claws into the Vatican because the Vatican is to become the one world church but not to worship God; rather to make all remaining people follow and worship lucifer or else be eliminated. Then the devil can have his ultimate revenge on God. The zionists, who aren't true followers of Judaism, will and do claim antisemitism whenever the truth about them is spoken but it's just a cunning tactic they use against those who dare tell about the real, dark, and wicked truth about them. Remember, satan is the master of deception.

It's acutely imperative that the mass majority of the 'peopleS' (plural) of the world awaken and see the full and complete picture of the zionist true mission so we all can comprehend how crucial it is that the 99% JOIN FORCES AGAINST zionism. If we don't join forces; if we continue to attack each other using our differences as an excuse, we will be leading humanity to its final doom. We must seek truth to share and awaken others through reliable sources, non-zionist controlled media, which excludes MSM because the zionists own and control all the major MSM news sources.

The only way to get rid of and not have to deal with symptoms, is to "eradicate the cause". So if we, the peopleS of the world, truly want to rid the world of wars, terrorism, starvation, etc., then we have to "eradicate the cause" TOGETHER, OUR ONE COMMON ENEMY, zionism. We, the "united 99%", can because the 1% against the "united 99%" has a snowball's chance in hell of surviving and the zionists know this.

This is why they direct our focus on subject matter, such as our differences, to drive wedges between us and so many fall right into the trap. EVERY time we bully, insult, show disrespect, prey on, use, abuse, assault, etc. another one of us, the 99%, we are then helping the wicked zionists to come closer to achieving their ultimate goal. We can speak out against zionism until the cows come home, but if we're still attacking one another, the speaking out is all for naught because in reality we're giving the zionists what they want: division of the masses. We have at our fingertips the ability, the tool, to unite all over the globe through the Internet. So, why aren't we using this unity tool to OUR advantage? Why are we catering to the zionists by dividing ourselves? The zionists are "banking on it", literally. If we Love each other, are kind and respectful towards each other, this will bring us together, and ultimately, destroy/eradicate zionism. <3

~ Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
Zionism - 2018-07-17

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Written about Monday 2018-07-16
Written: (2137 days ago)

I'm thinking it isn't worth the aggravation anymore to be online. The Internet is plagued with just too many vultures, predators, and parasites. Then besides this, the level of stupidity and ignorance is mind boggling. Then add in all the fake and superficial types, shallowness, spinelessness, and immaturity. Very few want to read past a line or two because they might actually learn something. To have any kind of 'intelligent' conversation is next to impossible. So many are content with being sheeple. Few cultivate having values and most can be bought for a price or some type of bribe. Is it any wonder we have so much corruption? Corrupted people love people who can't think for themselves; people who are self serving and are willing to kiss ass and suck up for the sole purpose of seeking favour for themselves. Corrupt people love people they can wave a promise of something under a suck up's nose and the suck up will then do their bidding for them. Corrupt people don't like people who have a mind of their own and use it nor people who can't be bribed/bought. It's gotten to the point most people can't be trusted and I don't like having to have my guard up all the time. I'm about ready to say, "Screw it!" <img:daN-gif.gif>

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Written about Tuesday 2018-06-19
Written: (2165 days ago)

So, 'this' is what Elftown's come to accepting now, porn? THIS is NOT 'artistic nudity'. It's porn. Someone ought to send them, member 6430, to fake, where people join who have no sense of human decency and definitely no self respect, which apparently this Elftown member has none of either, either.
Email: okay_fine@hotmail.com
Porn image:

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