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Written about Thursday 2018-01-11
Written: (2289 days ago)

Thieves stealing my art and using it to make money for themselves! :((( GRRRRRRRR

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Written about Monday 2015-06-29
Written: (3217 days ago)

"Time For Dinner!"

"Come hither! Come hither, Snake,
It's nearing time for you to eat!
..And I have for you, Snake,
Such a delectable treat!

You see, Snake, I bait the trap and set.
Many, many times I have and I always get
The very same rat, time and time again,
Probably as much as a hundred times ten!

So, Snake, I think it's time
I give you this tasty meal.
Please don't stop devouring
No matter how loud his squeal.

Oh, but let him squirm,
Tickle you in your belly.
He'll try to feed you bullshit,
Stinking, rotten, smelly.

And then along will come
Those who to save him, will try,
His suck-up minions who
Have believed his every lie.

But first enjoy with me
A ring side, front row seat,
Of the arena he's cast into,
For the GOPs' stomping feet.

When they are through with him,
Has for them a purpose, served,
He will be all yours, Snake,
To give him what he's deserved.

Please, be sure of one thing.
Please, appease my one request
And this is to make sure
You, this rat, fully do digest.

Not until I see the results
Of complete, thorough digestion,
Will I be satisfied and relieved
And without doubt or question.

Justice will be served when
He at last becomes the dung,
Representative of all the crap
He's pulled and at me flung.

So, Snake, come hither, come hither,
Sit beside me, take a seat!
When the GOP is through with him,
You will then have him to eat!"

~ Written by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2015-06-29 04:25:00 (EST)
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Written about Monday 2015-06-29
Written: (3217 days ago)
Previous in thread: 136463 from kittykittykitty to Faith.Hope.Love

"He's abusing his invite links to clone himself and hack shit. :P" <--- Gee, then Stephen must be being presumptuous too? Did you give Stephen the same response as you have given me? pfffffffffffffft

It's not the wrongdoing and the wrongdoers of this world that/who are making it in the sorry state it's in. It's those who condone and go along with such who are. Commendable!!!!

You and others involved don't have to pretend with me about WHO he really is. He should have stayed away from my website's guestbook, where I was provided with the info I needed along with analytics to finally put all the pieces together and to make sense with why the crew all stick up for and are such buddy-buddies with him, why the crew puts up with all the shit he's pulled. Not to mention his role as being the crew's "convenient scapegoat" they can use to blame whatever on, so they don't have to explain what really is. So the dirty little secret is out along with several others.

You all want to think I'm stupid? Go right ahead. Believe it. Keep playing pretend like you all don't know what's really going on. When the data and evidence has been placed under your noses and still you all pretend you don't see. I might be tempted to think you're all blind but you're not. It's "selective vision" for the purpose of pretending you all don't know the Truth, when in fact you do! ..With the exception of a few who HAVE had the guts to provide me with enough information from "behind the scenes" so I can know a whole lot more than the rest of you know about or can even imagine.

As diligently as several like to work at trying to keep me and the rest of the world in the dark, there are some who KNOW and AGREE with that I was treated like shit because I refused to play the "pretend blind game", refused to go along with the program of kissing ass and it's some of these very same individuals who have and are privy to "inside information" who have aided my truth finding and revealing campaign. Will I ever reveal/tell their names? Hell no! Does Hedda know all the ways to track and keep track of me and what I'm doing? He may 'think' he does but I want him to 'think' he has all my ways of communication sewed up. hehe He's smart but I'm smarter.

It is said that "necessity is the mother of invention". Well, "necessity is also the mother of resourcefulness and improvising". When one has collected GBs of data OVERWHELMINGLY pointing to ONE PERSON depicting "invasion of one's privacy", the data then cannot be wrong. ..And when the ONE PERSON it points to deliberately removes and/or hides data implicating their wrongdoing, this neatly sums up and seals the deal, showing they are invading one's privacy. Then also tack on the threats against me made by this ONE PERSON to try and get me to shut up about what I know and have on him. Only a complete idiot, a total moron would be so bloody stupid not to be able to clearly see the Truth.

..And to think that I've tried countless times in countless ways to negotiate a truce, have harboured a willingness to work this whole entire mess out AND in such a way my plan was so it would be "mutually beneficial" for the sole purpose to put this all to rest once and for all, to let it all be nothing more than water under the bridge but not one is willing to make this happen because all involved want and expect me to accept all the blame for everything. Well, no can do. I'll accept only the blame for my mistakes, which I've made plenty in my journey to find the Truth but I'll be damned before I'll be the scapegoat for the mistakes and wrongdoings of others.

..And if anyone is even remotely entertaining a notion that I'm going to take it being the fall guy because Hedda CHOSE to invade my privacy and/or enable his wrongdoing in the process? Perish any such thoughts! He's not man enough to stand up and tell the Truth, admit his wrongdoing, which I've asked for him to do this only with me, to work things out 'with me' "to spare him of the humiliation public acknowledgement would cause him AND in spite of the humiliation and degradation he has caused me and continues to do" to put an end to this situation once and for all. It would be in EVERYONE'S BEST INTEREST, his, mine, and everyone's involved. But no, he's NOT willing. He's more than willing to keep this saga ongoing at the expense of others involved as well as myself because he's only interested in saving his own neck while enjoying "his warped form of entertainment". But his stubborn and arrogant ego fed pride is what's going to do him in because the Truth always prevails in the end but in the process he'll drag anyone down with him using whatever method he can think of to do so, including lying to and deceiving those who back him because they're more willing to believe whatever they're told rather than to take the initiative to review the factual data which supports the Truth I've been stating for ages. So keep on supporting and defending him! 

What I haven't been put through and accused of, including that I'm seeking revenge. I've been repeatedly told that I need to let THIS go and because "I" won't stop trying to get my privacy invasion stopped, I'm said to be consumed with hatred and vengeance. THIS meaning I'm expected to just let him continue to invade my privacy, hack into my computers, and access my phone conversations. All involved expect me to accept something they would never, ever accept themselves, if the same were being done to them. ..And who knows, perhaps he is. I highly doubt I'm the only one. He's invading my privacy and it's very possible he's also invading the privacy of others.

I know better than anyone WHAT he's capable of, including "playing imposter". "Robert Lady" comes to mind. ..And as soon as I figured out WHO Robert Lady REALLY was, he vanished into thin air! Poof, Robert Lady was gone without a trace! So... what's "cloning" to him? It's nothing more than just some more child's play to him and much simpler than making up and carrying out a complete "false identity", which came complete even with "voice synthesis" capability and spoofing phone ID information. Hedda can do AMAZING things! Having the ability to make a "non-working" phone CALL my phone is quite remarkable! Then transferring the automated message from the non-working number over to my voicemail, well, even more amazing, eh?

But, hey, if all involved wish to be fools, who am I to tell yous you can't, right? Just please, don't expect me to join the club. I know WAY too much, have witnessed WAY too much, have saved and documented WAY too much, to be a supportive member of such a club. Someone or ones can fool some of the people some of the time but the same can't fool all the people all of the time.

I'm the one who's been put through and subjected to pure hell and still am but yet I'm the ONLY one who's been willing to try and get this resolved. I'm accused of lying, yet I'm the ONLY one who is not afraid of the Truth. I'm accused of making up conspiracy theories, yet I'm the ONLY one who has the data to back up and support the so-called theories. If I didn't have the supporting data, the accusations of could be believable. But I do have the supporting data and those with "selective vision" hate the fact that I do because they know they can 'claim' my theories are just this, theories, but also they know their 'claims' can't be validated against my data.

I was even mocked and ridiculed for saving data to show examples of my subjugation. I know it was all to try and convince me to stop saving "proof" so those involved could say I have nothing to substantiate my claims. Ultimately, it told me just the opposite. It told me I was doing the smart thing. I'm fully aware of the tactics of those who wish to conceal the Truth, will go through to stop someone who's getting a bit too close to the Truth. Circumvention, stonewalling, pretending to be in the dark (playing dumb), ostracising of the opponent, etc. are all ploys to stifle the opposition. Trouble is, when these tactics are put into use, they show the opponent they're on the right track. So rather than causing a halting of the data collecting, the behaviour to discourage in fact promoted the importance of collecting as much data as possible. ALWAYS question the direction your opponent(s) try to send you in because they will deliberately lead you AWAY from the Truth. ALWAYS examine closely your opponent(s) strategy because it is their goal to mislead you.

So, by all means, support and defend a common hacker, a stalker, a privacy invader, which must be the "positive characteristics" you're referring to, while characteristics such as devotion, dedication of MEGA time, effort, AND money mean absolutely nothing. ..And not only do these mean nothing, but such warrants privacy invasion, the slandering of one's name all over the Internet, and yes, even STEALING their work! This speaks volumes for the character of those who support the despicable among us. "I would much, much rather be hated for speaking and upholding the Truth, than be loved for supporting lies, deception, and wrongdoing and wrongdoers!" At least I have the guts to tell and uphold the Truth, even if I have to stand alone against MANY who despise me for doing so, while they look for and use every excuse in the book to justify the unethical, immoral activity of an online predator. Like I said, "Commendable!!!" pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft

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Written about Sunday 2015-06-28
Written: (3217 days ago)

Yes, defend the clone and condone,
Excellence of character, lacking.
Criticise, condemn the truthful, but
For lies, give loyalty and backing.

"Feed people lies and they'll eat every bite!
Gobble them up! Swear they are right!
Feed people the Truth they'll reject the taste,
Throw it away, treat it like waste."

Ignorance can be rectified by obtaining knowledge,
But stupidity is hopeless even with 100 years of college!


Listen to the buzzards. Hear the vultures cry.
Awaiting anxiously for the pit of snakes to die.
Listen to their sound, their screams give a chill,
As Karma is persistent with the paying of one's bill.

It's okay with some to on others foul play,
Until what's given returns in a Karma Ricochet.
When Karma comes a knockin' to collect a debt,
Payback is a bitch for Karma never does forget.

As many enjoyed dispensing their deeds and acts unkind,
The Karma bill they racked high without paying any mind.
So now the time is coming, drawing very near,
As the vultures circle, the sign is very clear.

The smell of death is hanging heavy in the air,
A scent sweet and pleasing to buzzards everywhere.
The stench is strong, repugnant with rotting in the pit,
As slithering slimes must wallow in their own sh**.

I knew this day would come. I warned of its arrival,
Carefully laid out plans to bring about revival.
But all of my efforts were ridiculed and jeered,
And I was cast out with my name wrongly smeared.

O, the kingdom of fantasy, once it was so grand,
Abounding rich with creativeness, a true and happy land.
But self serving egos were allowed to take control,
Destroying community spirit, the embodiment and soul.

Now, soon will be left just skeletal remains
Of a land once thriving, promising with gains,
As the vultures pick clean, leaving no trace
Of inhabitants or life, a vacant, dead place.

As I watch from a distance, see death descending,
I can only shrug at the nearing of the ending.
All of my appeals made to alter this direction
Were met with insults, arrogant rejection.

There are no more tears of sadness or lament
And Justice is being served for all of the torment
That was cruelly levied upon me for believing
In the land of fantasy where the ruler is deceiving.

~ Artsieladie ©2015-06-28 12:55:00 (EST)

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Written about Thursday 2015-02-19
Written: (3346 days ago)
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Wow! Hedda is multiplying!

- Mortified Penguin (Bob's Diner!): Member #92105 created: 2004-10-27 21:22:54
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- rBob'sDine: Member #193935 created: 2015-02-11 05:00:37

..And his applications, well 'he' can't accept them, only a clone and a clone of a clone can!!!!

...And hmmmm.... 257 'active' members! Whoa Betsy! Whoopee-do! Oh, but wait! How many 'clones' go through the gate!? Soon there'll be... on the site actively... only himself of a wide variety!! LOLOL

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Written about Saturday 2014-11-15
Written: (3442 days ago)
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"Heart Art"

When one is left speechless by beautiful pearls spoken,
When absent are the words adequate to show as a token
Of feeling humbled and honoured, with appreciation profound,
And totally overtaken by their sweet, melodic sound,
Then one must search, seek to find another, creative way
To express how touched their heart is, all to try and say.
When so delicious are the words, sweet cuisine for the heart,
One must express their elation from within their deepest part.

A thousand words, it's said, lies within a photo taken,
But within a work of art can be a message unmistaken
That words cannot say to describe what's in one's heart,
But only can be portrayed within one's work of art
And when is used the canvas, as well the paint and brush,
Is from the Vault of Love, only then can bring the rush
Of emotions, giving freedom to the passions deeply of,
What makes the heart beat faster, which only can be Love.

Art/Design/Poetry by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2014-11-15 10:44:00 (EST)
Inspired by Qazi Qamar Qamaruddin, both his words and character of excellence.
Website: www.artsieladie.com

What brought about this art and poem...

#‎Poetry‬ ‪#‎Love‬ ‪#‎ArtsieladiePoetry‬

"How Do I?"

How do I tell you how much you mean to me?
How can I convince you, make you ever see?
How do I show you all the Love for you in my heart?
How can I reveal to you, you're in my deepest part?

How do I let you know, I enjoy listening to all you have to say?
How can I portray to you I respect you highly in every kind of way?
How do I convey to you, my world, you, with colour fill?
How can I inform you I admire your each and every skill?

How do I tell you how honoured to know you I feel?
How can I convince you I am proud of you surreal?
How do I show you that just your presence brings me smiles?
How can I reveal to you I feel your warmth in spite the miles?

How do I let you know how much you amaze me?
How can I portray to you, your beautiful heart I see?
How do I convey to you I am thankful for you every day?
How can I inform you I'm blessed by you more than I can say?

How do I tell you, you inspire me without end?
How can I convince you I mean the words to you I send?
How do I show you how amazing you are to me?
How can I reveal to you your awesomeness I see?

Oh, how do I make sure you know all of these and more?
Do you really even want to know? I'm not even really sure.
But tomorrow is not promised, only is the here and now,
And I'm not one to chance losing, saying what I feel and how,
For I would regret more not saying what I feel,
Should tomorrow never come and my chance away, steal.

It is better to Love another heart even if it's not received,
Than it is to leave a heart barren with Love not born, conceived.
It is better to have Loved and lost than to have never Loved at all,
For there is no heart so broken as one that's missed Love's call.

To Love and to Love truly, a heart must be willing to take a chance,
To permit itself to be vulnerable, allow another heart to glance
And should the other heart be moved to a much faster beat,
True Love may be born as the two hearts touch and meet.

Written by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly/Love 2014-11-13 23:25:00 (EST)

Qazi Qamaruddin: Beautiful poetry, my dear friend Artsieladie!
Like rainbow colours,
Like rainy showers,
Like Bouquet of flowers,
God bless you forever ♥ ♥
Some random thoughts came to me, yet not within the fours of
poetic narrative but indeed a voice of my heart and mind..
Hope you don't mind my wise friend!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

It's really,
Awesome my sweet friend Artsie!
Its amazing so pleasing,
whatever words

Its surreal and sweet,
What a truthful you tweet,
It's heart-to-heart,
and the soul to soul,
A feeling so beaut!

No need to tell,
it's both way, as well.

Two hearts, two minds,
are ever synchronise,
At the equal wavelength,
having solid strength!
It's a mystical mode,
In the hearts,tis abode!
on the single pathway,
having similar road!

Both walk and talk,
nowhere could block,
mesmerise, surprise,
both share,
eyes into eyes!

A gaze, amaze,
a charm to chase,
Two equal heartbeats,
same wishes, same needs!
unto the sky, they glide and fly,
And the Love multiply!
God bless you.
♥ ♥ :) :)

Sharon Donnelly: Dear Qazi Qamaruddin... :) :) ♥ ♥
Sorry for the delay, pause in my reply,
But with your words, I simply couldn't deny
My heart to have its say
In a different kind of way.
With these Precious Pearls, my words just can't compete
With words so very fragrant, delicious and so sweet.
My heart then only knew
What it wanted and must do.
The finest canvas with brushes just as fine,
And with special paint from this heart of mine,
Magic was released and directly from my heart
Comes with Love for you, my heart's work of art.
Mr. Moon was watching with on his face smiles,
As I added moonbeams to reach across the miles
To touch a special heart who illuminates my own
Much too brightly to conceal or to not be shown.

God bless you always and forever.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

In regards to your words and if I mind, my dear friend?
From your heart and mind are pearls that transcend!


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Written about Sunday 2014-11-09
Written: (3448 days ago)

To all the liars and those who cohort with the liars!


Happy Haunting!!!

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Written about Saturday 2014-10-25
Written: (3464 days ago)


"Hijra Mubarak" - Qazi Qamar

By Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2014-10-24
For Qazi Qamar Qamaruddin
All rights reserved.
Website: www.artsieladie.com

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Written about Friday 2014-10-24
Written: (3465 days ago)



When Enchanted by Love, Trust is the key
That unlocks the door to set Love free.
Pearls are the words, but actions of, measure,
When supporting, are then the gems to treasure.

Your words are fragrant like lilacs in the spring;
Serenading my heart, melodic, they sing.
Tranquil, soothing, when I despair.
Caressing my heart, cradling with care.
Hydrating my spirit through times of drought;
Soothing, smoothing, my wrinkles of doubt.

Repairing and strong when I feel broken;
Velvety gentle, carefully spoken.
Colouring my world when dulled with pain;
Bringing rays of sunshine through pouring rain.
Restoring my worth severely charred;
Respecting my character, though grossly marred.

Patiently supportive, breaking each fall;
Uplifting my short, making me tall.
My castle of comfort in a world so scathed;
My hearth of security, I'm warmly bathed.
My Rock of Gibraltar against crashing waves;
My beacon of Light from darkness, saves.
       Recharging my Faith, reciting His Word;
Living His Way, clearing my blurred.
Teaching me patiently, consistently kind;
Touching, inspiring, my heart and mind.
Blessing my life in countless ways;
Never ceasing my heart, to amaze.

My vessel of wine overflowing my flask;
Intoxicating joy for my heart to in, bask.
Showering my soul with the scent of serene;
Nurturing my heart with your delicious cuisine,
Basted in Love and with hugs so tight,
Making what's wrong, Magically right.

My passion capturing,
My joy enrapturing,
Magically woven, Magically spun
Magically cast, Magically done.

Words are just words, empty and bare,
Meaningless, common, never are rare,
Until they are kissed by the Magic of,
And so, are they, Enchanting with Love.

Poem by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2014-10-23 00:28:00 (EST) All rights reserved.
Inspirational credit: My Love, Qazi Qamaruddin
With graphics by Artsieladie...
Website: www.artsieladie.com
Website: http://pewter7.blogspot.com/

Without the words...


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