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Written about Saturday 2014-10-25
Written: (3503 days ago)


"Hijra Mubarak" - Qazi Qamar

By Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2014-10-24
For Qazi Qamar Qamaruddin
All rights reserved.
Website: www.artsieladie.com

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Written about Friday 2014-10-24
Written: (3504 days ago)



When Enchanted by Love, Trust is the key
That unlocks the door to set Love free.
Pearls are the words, but actions of, measure,
When supporting, are then the gems to treasure.

Your words are fragrant like lilacs in the spring;
Serenading my heart, melodic, they sing.
Tranquil, soothing, when I despair.
Caressing my heart, cradling with care.
Hydrating my spirit through times of drought;
Soothing, smoothing, my wrinkles of doubt.

Repairing and strong when I feel broken;
Velvety gentle, carefully spoken.
Colouring my world when dulled with pain;
Bringing rays of sunshine through pouring rain.
Restoring my worth severely charred;
Respecting my character, though grossly marred.

Patiently supportive, breaking each fall;
Uplifting my short, making me tall.
My castle of comfort in a world so scathed;
My hearth of security, I'm warmly bathed.
My Rock of Gibraltar against crashing waves;
My beacon of Light from darkness, saves.
       Recharging my Faith, reciting His Word;
Living His Way, clearing my blurred.
Teaching me patiently, consistently kind;
Touching, inspiring, my heart and mind.
Blessing my life in countless ways;
Never ceasing my heart, to amaze.

My vessel of wine overflowing my flask;
Intoxicating joy for my heart to in, bask.
Showering my soul with the scent of serene;
Nurturing my heart with your delicious cuisine,
Basted in Love and with hugs so tight,
Making what's wrong, Magically right.

My passion capturing,
My joy enrapturing,
Magically woven, Magically spun
Magically cast, Magically done.

Words are just words, empty and bare,
Meaningless, common, never are rare,
Until they are kissed by the Magic of,
And so, are they, Enchanting with Love.

Poem by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2014-10-23 00:28:00 (EST) All rights reserved.
Inspirational credit: My Love, Qazi Qamaruddin
With graphics by Artsieladie...
Website: www.artsieladie.com
Website: http://pewter7.blogspot.com/

Without the words...


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Written about Thursday 2014-10-16
Written: (3512 days ago)

Guess you didn't like my last secret diary entry, eh Mr. Snoop? Too bad! THIS is MY life and YOU have NO say!!!! pfffft

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Written about Tuesday 2014-10-14
Written: (3514 days ago)

You don't have a problem, now do you, Mr. Snoop? You threw me away like I was nothing. It seems someone else sees and treats me differently and much better than you ever could or would.
"King Of Manure"

Thank you so much for denying me access to your dying site,
Where all I was doing was spending all my time, day and night.
I have now since found there's a world beyond,
You set free this fish from your stagnant pond.
At first I was lost sadly at sea,
Until along came someone who rescued me.
He's everything wonderful, all that you're not,
And he has helped me to know better, and you I forgot.
In my mind and my heart, your presence is gone,
I've been brought to a brand new, wonderful dawn,
Where there's no hint of you, not even a trace,
Nor your vile friends who defile and deface.
Now I'm treated with admiration and respect,
Opening my eyes to see you're just a reject.

You've gotten your wish. I hope you're pleased,
For I've too got mine, my heart is appeased.
Have a nice life, may you reap what you sow,
Your garden of weeds where no flowers grow.
My new inspiration makes me so Loved feel,
Replacing your fake, with honest and real.
As you slammed the door shut, spit, and laughed in my face,
Another door opened and now joy is all I gladly embrace.
The pedestal you're on is one for sure,
Enjoy your throne, King, "King of Manure"!

~ Artsieladie 2014-10-14 05:40:00 (EST)

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Written about Tuesday 2014-10-07
Written: (3521 days ago)

Well, Hedda, that didn't take you too long, did it? A little less than an hour after posting my comment and bam! You knock me off the Internet. Has anyone ever told you that you oughta' GROW UP!? :/

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Written about Tuesday 2014-10-07
Written: (3521 days ago)

Be careful of the Truth because it just 'may' blow up in your face. This usually happens to those who try to hide the Truth. Then the one who exposes the Truth gets ostracised for exposing the Truth by liars who lie, deny, and defend their lies.

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Written about Tuesday 2014-10-07
Written: (3521 days ago)
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Written about Monday 2014-10-06
Written: (3522 days ago)

I came across this link, "Top Ten Fallacies About Islam". It is my strong, compelling wish for the world to learn the Truth about Islam, not fall for, believe, nor feed into the many misconceptions being spread around the world, designed to shed very negative concepts about and to turn people against Islam.

I have had the distinct pleasure and honour to become acquainted and close friends with many Muslim People. What the terrorist groups like ISIS spread is hatred and violence, not Love. These terrorist groups 'claim' to be following the Islamic Faith, but in actuality, they're using Islam to promote their evil agendas. True Islam is about Love and Peace.

When I think about it and look back over my life, I've always been distressed when I learn of another or others being unjustly treated and/or accused, mistreated, misunderstood, etc. and I will always root for and support the underdog, the wrongly accused, abused, etc.. This hasn't changed.

Being in situations where I was the receiver of the aforementioned examples, particularly in the most formidable years, set the stage I think for me to have a deepened compassion paired with a surreal understanding for those wrongly accused, abused, misunderstood, etc.. Therefore, the lessons, the less than pleasant situations, as a child and early adulthood particularly, but more of as well during my life, were/are the ground work, the tools, to prepare me for a much bigger purpose, which I may be just entering into now. Maybe not, but maybe.

Ever since 911 especially, Muslims have been increasingly targeted, criticised profusely, and labeled as spreaders of hatred and violence. Gradually since this awful day, I have felt an increased desire to learn what's real about Islam and what is propaganda designed to spread hatred against Muslims. I am now reading and studying The Noble Qur'an and I am delighted to say, I now have my very own.

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Written about Monday 2014-10-06
Written: (3522 days ago)
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Written about Tuesday 2014-09-30
Written: (3528 days ago)

My AWESOME, REAL, TRUE friend's words, a person of INTEGRITY, CLASS, VIRTUE, TRUTH, HONOUR, RESPECT, etc., etc..
...and even with all the success, awards, and highly respected social status, he is and remains humble. To be respected
and admired by him, a person of his "Caliber of Character", there are no words to describe what this means to me,
ESPECIALLY after being put through hell, so cruelly and viciously ostracised and bullied by Hedda and several others
involved on Elftown and then being made to have to put up with him invading my privacy STILL; listening in on my phone
conversations, getting into my computer, my online accounts, messing with my friends' accounts and devices, and the list
goes on and then people SUPPORTING THIS! HEINOUSLY DESPICABLE!!! Then "I" am expected to grovel, to accept the
blame for ALL of "their" wrongdoing! Yet, I'm called crazy, the lunatic because I refuse to go along with their will, their
INSANE line of thinking. pffffft

This makes Hedda's opinion and all those who support him's opinions dead in the water and shows them as the spine-
less, despicable people they are. So, let's see, a hacker and eavesdropper into peoples' private lives, stealing their work,
using people to abuse them, and then lying about them and slandering their names to cover up what you're guilty of doing?
Nice for your resume, Hedda. May I suggest you list "these beauties" first? Let people know who and what you REALLY are.
You can't even come close to be the kind of person Qazi is because you'd much rather be a rotten bastard. Users and
abusers are losers! Liars and deniers are expires! The REAL shame in all of this? Hedda IS capable of GREAT things, GREAT,
GOOD things. He's just unmotivated to and too lazy to pursue what's the best within him. Hedda would much rather be a
low-life instead.



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Written about Monday 2014-09-29
Written: (3528 days ago)


"Thee Master Of Love"

No hobble, no noose, no chain, nor rope,
Shall tame my spirit nor steal my hope.
My spirit, my heart, my soul, born free,
Shall remain unbroken as meant to be.

No form of control shall such a burden I bear
By those self serving, with arrogant air.
For I shall not be herded, corralled, restrained,
By those with agendas, for evil, ordained.

On the path least trodden, wild and free,
Where Love and Truth allures, entices me,
Not by force, but with Velvet Reins,
Not by deceit, but of Truthful Grains,
Is where my spirit, my heart does roam,
Is where my soul of loyalty rests at home.

For the Path of Truth, is Freedom’s Path,
The Path of Love and free of wrath.
From the Vineyards of Life’s Grapevine,
With Vessels of Love’s Sweetest Wine,
My thirst is quenched but still I aspire
To follow the Light, my internal desire.
My hunger satisfied, yet never completely,
For Grains of Truth appease me sweetly.

No hobble, no noose, no chain, nor rope,
Shall tame my spirit nor steal my hope.
My spirit, my heart, my soul, born free,
Thee Master of Love is Thee Master of me.

Poem by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2014-09-20 05:05:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
Inspired by God/Allah ♥
Website: www.artsieladie.com


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Written about Monday 2014-09-29
Written: (3528 days ago)


"Inner Power"

Be the best of you, the best of who you are;
Emancipate yourself to illuminate your star!
Accentuate your positive, in yourself believe,
All that you perpetuate, you will then receive.

Weed out all the negative, meant to dim your Light,
Cultivate the best in you, keep this in your sight.
Life will throw us curve balls when we least expect,
But we're just being tested to know what to reject.

Keep your attitude positive, be grateful everyday
For each and all your blessings that have come your way.
Remember to be kind, considerate, show compassion,
These are key positives, never out of fashion.

Do onto others as you would like done onto you,
Show respect to receive respect, this remember too.
Do not let mistakes deter you from your mission,
For they must be made for success to reach fruition.

Lessons in life must be learned, scars, some will leave,
Let them be reminders of your courage, over, not to grieve.
Life is an adventure, with each day a brand new quest,
With new challenges to face, face them with your best.

There is an Inner Power in all of us called Love,
It is the very best from which we're all made of.
We release our Inner Power, when we're the best of who we are,
And the Light that emanates outshines the brightest star!

Art/Poem by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2014-08-23 17:22:00 (EST) All rights reserved.
Website: www.artsieladie.com

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Written about Monday 2014-09-29
Written: (3528 days ago)

‪#‎Poetry‬ ‪#‎RealMen‬

It seems these days, it's getting more difficult to find,
A real "gentleman" with a heart that's true, gentle, and kind...

"A Real Man"

Any man can be physically strong,
But a real man is gentle and kind.
Any man can be tough and stern,
But in a real man softness one can find.

Any man can be ruthless with his dealings,
But a real man credits others for his success.
Any man can denounce he has feelings,
But a real man has courage, will them, express.

Any man can feel superior, feed his ego, idealise,
But a real man practices humility, in self ratifies.
Any man can demand loyalty, honour, and respect,
But a real man earns these before he'll expect.

Any man can presume, state he's always right,
But a real man admits his wrongs without a fight.
Any man can be brutal, use physical force,
But a real man, diplomacy he does endorse.
Any man can show aggression, claim possession,
But a real man curbs his anger, uses discretion.

Any man, a woman, can harbour lust for,
But a real man knows Love is the real, true score.
Any man can readily see a woman's outward beauty,
But a real man seeks her within as his desire and his duty.

Any man can guard his innermost part,
But a real man knows and shows his heart.
For it takes a real man to his feelings express
And it takes a real man to them 'intimately' undress.

Written by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2014-09-27 12:17:00 (EST)


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Written about Tuesday 2014-09-23
Written: (3535 days ago)

#Gifted #GiftedChildren
I can relate to this article most definitely. As a child I always felt I didn't belong; I didn't fit in; I was strange, unlovable, unworthy, except with/for the beautiful and saving, Loving support and faith in me by my Beloved Mother and a few supportive adults in my life who told me I was ahead of my time, incredibly mature for my age and Gifted. Otherwise, I was belittled, made fun of, mocked, etc. unmercifully by other children, by some teachers, and by my stepfather in cruel ways such as being told I was stupid, ugly, retarded, a waste of space, weird, that my Mother should have aborted me, I would never amount to a hill of beans, the world would be a better place if I wasn't in it, etc..

But I was Gifted! As much as I was ridiculed in regards to who I was myself, my creative side I was highly admired for, even by those who otherwise ridiculed me. So even though I was otherwise deemed worthless, my Gift of artistic and creative ability was considered to be remarkable and it is through my Gift that I was able to see at least, some self worth in spite of having my worthlessness driven home with me by others but not enough to deter me from harbouring a deep desire to be more like others. I craved being accepted and Loved.

I went through this internal battle for years. But it's my Gift that has always gotten me through. If I couldn't please another or others by being me, I could always please others with my artistic skills. As much as this may seem like a detriment, it very much so, was the silver lining, the "Gift FOR the Gift" because feeling rejected was the catalyst for intensifying my desire to strive for perfection, to be the best I could possibly be and not just with my Gift but with myself as a person as well.

This sparked in me that I had something to prove, that all those who mocked me, put me down, told me how worthless I was, etc. were wrong. I looked at my situation as, I had two choices. I could either 'be' as they said I was/am -or- I could be 'not' what they said. Not liking what they described, I chose the latter because through my Gift I knew I had in me the determination to prove the offenders wrong. I knew I couldn't do much about my looks, but myself as a person, "I" was/am in command, not others.

I still struggled with being accepted however and thinking that if I did things perfectly, then others couldn't find fault with me and would then accept me. This instilled in me profoundly the desire to seek the nearest to perfection I could possibly achieve, with my art, with myself, with everything I set my mind to. To this day this internal drive remains. I am my own toughest critic. However, I am now ridiculed and criticised for being this 'striver for perfection' AND by the very same types who mocked me and ridiculed me when I was a child. Only now, I've come to realise through life's experiences, I am not the one with the lack of worthiness. Those who mock me, ARE.

When you have no other choice than to be alone, feel alone, you realise the person you're alone with me, yourself, MUST BE a person you can not just put up with, but Love. So in the whole process of striving to be the best me I can, I've also achieved being a person I enjoy being alone with. I no longer need nor do I seek the approval or acceptance of others because those who reject me aren't people I want to be accepted by any longer. Although life's been a bit rough at times, I have found peace and comfort with who I am. I have found people who practice and appreciate the true values of life as I do, respect and admire me 'for me', for 'who I am' as a person. Therefore, those who don't, don't because of their own inadequacies, not mine.

The point to this is not about what I've been through. It's about making the choice to rise above those who judge you, who put you down, but in actuality are so lacking themselves the maturity, the self discipline to cultivate the traits and characteristics that comprise a person who strives to be the best of who they are. We all have choices. We are inevitably the results of the choices we make. Better choices make better people. <3

Therefore, with my deepest and most profound thanks, I say "thank you" most especially to Hedda, the patron saint of 'respect for people's privacy' integrity... *cough cough* ...and ALL those who support him with his mockery, belittlement, etc. of me for objecting to him violating MY privacy, because you ALL have shown me so clearly the type of person NOT to be like in any way, shape, or form. Continue onward being your "worst of selves"!

These two paragraphs particularly point out some questions I still ask today and frustrations I still feel deep inside...
"Because gifted children are able to consider the possibilities of how things might be, they tend to be idealists. However, they are simultaneously able to see that the world is falling short of how it might be. Because they are intense, gifted children feel keenly the disappointment and frustration which occurs when ideals are not reached. Similarly, these youngsters quickly spot the inconsistencies, arbitrariness and absurdities in society and in the behaviors of those around them. Traditions are questioned or challenged. For example, why do we put such tight sex-role or age-role restrictions on people? Why do people engage in hypocritical behaviors in which they say one thing and then do another? Why do people say things they really do not mean at all? Why are so many people so unthinking and uncaring in their dealings with others? How much difference in the world can one person’s life make?

When gifted children try to share these concerns with others, they are usually met with reactions ranging from puzzlement to hostility. They discover that others, particularly of their age, clearly do not share these concerns, but instead are focused on more concrete issues and on fitting in with others’ expectations. Often by even first grade, these youngsters, particularly the more highly gifted ones, feel isolated from their peers and perhaps from their families as they find that others are not prepared to discuss such weighty concerns."

Continue reading at link site...
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Written about Tuesday 2014-09-16
Written: (3541 days ago)
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Written about Tuesday 2014-09-16
Written: (3542 days ago)

God Lives Inside My Heart

God Lives Inside My Heart, Most Loving is thee part,
My truest, deepest place, of my beating heart.
He lives in my heart as thee One I Exalt,
But also as the part of me, naturally by default.

He speaks to me softly so that I may hear,
To know He's always with me, that I needn't fear.
To listen to Him speak, silent I must be,
My attention only focused on the Voice of He.

Guiding my heart and soul, is His Presence so Divine,
By Intuition and Conscience deep in this heart of mine.
He speaks to me with Truth. He speaks to me with Love.
He speaks to me with Wisdom, from within, around, above.

God leads my heart. God shows the way.
God shines His Light both night and day.
With God leading my heart and so, leading my way,
His Words of encouragement, His guidance for I Pray.

So following my heart, is my only choice,
That I may be close to hear God's Holy Voice.
When I follow my heart in accordance to His Will,
Then I'm following Him, whether down or uphill.

I know He tests my Faith, even lets me go astray,
So the feeling lost from Him, I will know and feel dismay
And lost from His comfort, His Abiding Love so Great,
I'll desire to return to Him. I will not hesitate.

God resides in my heart, keeps my lantern burning bright,
That it may radiate and to others show my Light.
So other souls lost can know and hope and see
There is a better path for them to from darkness be set free.

God Lives Inside My Heart, gives His Blessings so profound,
Gives that I may share them, with Love, spread around.
God Lives Inside My Heart as my Master, as my Lord.
His Truth is my shield. His Love is my sword.

By Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2014-09-12 09:00:00 (EST)
Inspired by God. ♥
With deepest felt thanks and profound gratitude to Qazi Qamaruddin, my amazing friend, for helping me find the appropriate words needed in the first verse. ♥

http://www.poetrysoup.com/poems_poets/poem_detail.aspx?ID=600828 - "God Lives Inside My Heart"

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