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Written about Thursday 2008-04-10
Written: (4337 days ago)

sadness in her eyes.

as i look into her eyes,
you can see she’s broken inside.
all the pain she’s feeling,
everything she’s trying to hide.

the fights not over,
but her heart still bleeds for something,
something out of her reach.

but if only this were a dream,
where she could wake up and everything could be the same,
it would make everything somehow seem okay.

another day, another second,
just the little things are what made this life worth it.

as she begins to cry,
her eyes shows what she’s hidden inside.
she’s tired of trying to lie,
tired of hiding behind the smile.

as the tears fall,
she recounts the years of her youth.
remembering things as she goes back,
hoping to find the truth.

why did it have to be this way?
why does God allow this pain?
probably to make you stronger,
to help you live another day.

written by Jamie

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