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Written about Monday 2005-08-15
Written: (6618 days ago)

last night me and my died friend Jason's brother met up and we talked about how we felt about his death, and what we were doing with our life after his death...well he brong over the hospital secrity tape thingy and we watched what happened, and my exact words were "Jason i know you can't fight this anymore, now i know you can't hear me but you need to quit fighting and go to Life after death, and when you get there show me a sign you are there!!!" and about an hour after i told him that at the hospital (an hour before they called him dead), in a voice you could hardly hear him, he said "i love you Melissa don't forget that" remind you that this is a dead dude talking to me, and they got this whole thing on tape, but i don't have the tape his bro does, but man, last i cryed my eyes out til i cryed my self to sleep in Shawn's lap, i was so upset i could not lift myself up to walk to my room, i had to stay in my living room with Shawn holding me, as i cryed my lil heart out :(...but now i know he is in a good place (don't ask me where but he is happy where he is)

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Written about Saturday 2005-08-13
Written: (6621 days ago)

i am so bored, i need something to do, i need a gothic person to talk to...but the only ones i can talk to is and VF and my mom deleted the f***ing site, damn her

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