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Written about Thursday 2006-05-04
Written: (6361 days ago)


anytime im feeling down
and feeling realli blue
i think of things that make me happy
nad of course my thoughts are of you
You really brighten up my life
i couldnt live without you
i love your eyes, your smile, your hair
just everything about you
i dont know why i feel this way
its realli a shame
'coz though i love you very much
you just dont feel the same.....

I dont think its worth it
Us carring on together
Although i had wished
Our love could last forever.
But your love has gone away
You dont love me, I can see
And the way you seem right now
All you want to be is free
So if i give you your freedom
What you wanted will be yours
And you wont have to worry
About me anymore....

Our ove it seemed so perfect
Why did it have to end
But now the time i've got
is to allow my heart to mend.
i know i'll go on loving you
Because of everything we shared
When you honestly did lve me
The time you really cared.
But noe you want to leave
I have to let you go
And although we had to part
I always loved you so....

You've gone away on holiday
And im here all alone
Just left to think of you
And imger by the phone
I can feel mu body shake
As i feel i am insane
And my tears of missinf you
Remind me of the rain.
I wish that you were here
Because your the one i miss
I miss your loving smile
And your caring through your kiss.
Well soon youll be back
Again we will be two
It gets lonely being one
Because i really do love you....

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Written about Friday 2006-04-07
Written: (6387 days ago)

today is my older sisters ball and i got to finnish skool early to help her get readi 4 it and i was so excited.. i have been thinking bad thoughts lately and there mostly about suicide and yea..... even though my ife isnt that bad and others have it worst but i cant help but think that i am worthless and i dont deserve to live soon i wont b hear and everything will b beta.. i will be dead and far from these probs....

im gonna be dead soon far from everything...
im gonna be happier...
see ya my ppls and i hope 2 c u on the side

i love everyone and dont think other wise i just cant handle this no more and i am takin the easy way out...


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