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Written about Thursday 2010-12-09
Written: (4745 days ago)

hoping ppl read this lol
well im hoping to get bac on more often like once a day thing so if ur up for talking ill reply sooner than normal lol ")

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Written about Wednesday 2009-05-13
Written: (5319 days ago)

i was once told alwase speek your mind n i have gone to lenths to do just that but i cant seem to ask some of the things there r on my mind n it hurts ,its showing me that no matter wat it is wen someone is gone u remeber te oddest things like the reson for my air bein up the same way every day n te speek ur mind but i ave been thinking alot about the things e told me he alwase told me no matter wat be good to yourself phisically and mentally i ave tried n and i seem to only get half of the way there but i was told trying is good but trying ur best is a gift

idk tis was just some thing on my mind as of late

in memory of SGT. Marquez

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Written about Thursday 2008-06-26
Written: (5641 days ago)

most girls when they are small dream of becoming a princcess but then there r the little girls who wish to be something that tends to scare everyon eles like vamp's but as they get older u can see the difference in opionon as a child tends to show wat the main differences in their older years will be like the little ones that wanted to princesses and saved my their night in shining armor tend to end up as preps the other little ones though thoose r the ones that confuse all they end up being the plp that preps fear w/ all there life's

this is not part of my story...

those are the plp i give my respects to just as much as i do to the plp that join the military

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Written about Wednesday 2008-06-25
Written: (5641 days ago)

they say that with death comes release but what happeneds to what u left behid what of the plp that cared y is it that noone ever thinks of tha be for they kill them selfs y cant they think of whats going to hit the pl that loved them once they find them dead
my greatest mintor alwase told me that every death has a way of picking out the week that r not ready for wat is to come to them but inever paid much attion to till the day he passed on then it hits me like abrick wall plp die the way they for more than just the reasn of other plp wanting them to live my greatest fear this last year was that i would lose yet anouther part of my life to death but in this last week sense i have lost my cousin i have been thinking that the plp close to u die as much for a release as they do te simplistic reason to make u stronger than u intended to be
they tell our elders that death makes plp cold but they have yet to notice we are starting to bring a world up that has no simpithy fpr the week feebil or even the old
our time is coming and the plp who fear a war had better reality quick or they wont last our time is limmited to a number of years and months we mush makes our changes as they come into our pats

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