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Written about Tuesday 2008-09-23
Written: (5115 days ago)

whoa reading back over my preveious post i complained alot huh? i mean yeah those wereb't great imes but hey i lived through them probably better for 'em too. Oh well right now things are ok. not great far from excellent but hey that life right? I mean i got a good job, college is going ok aand hey i have a good amount of money in my acounts. so i guess i have little to complain about...hmm...

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Written about Thursday 2008-04-10
Written: (5281 days ago)

Wow it’s been a great week!-yeah right, haha! It’s only halfway over and it’s totally sunk! So care to hear why this lovely three days have left me in such a wonderful mood? Where to begin...

Let’s start with work. It’s been really rough lately but I’m working to my best...lot of strain between it and my college classes just finding time to get everything done and still have the time I need for myself. but I digress.

What has really been great is my social life lately it’s just a hit after hit senario you know what I mean? To start I’ve been thinkin alot aboput my lovely ex-girlfriend and WOW! I was a freakin idiot! then this girl I used to have a crush on that I thought was out of my life for good is back, what fun and I know that this is all messed up then tonight was the topper on the cake. This girl that I’m kinda interested in, of course i haven’t told her because i wasn’t sure how that would turn out, asks two of our friends, both whom have girlfriends if they would be her date to her prom right in front of me. which is sickly ironic. For those of you who can’t read me like a book i denied any interest what-so-ever, genius huh?

Oh well surely this week will get better right? hmm maybe not

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Written about Monday 2008-01-14
Written: (5368 days ago)

i don't know...i'm sick of this crap it's getting so freakin old and i...just don't no anymore...i'm not gonna post this all here for everyone to see...so if that's what you want then leave me alone...i'm not some circus attraction...

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