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Written about Sunday 2008-04-13
Written: (5402 days ago)

When life sucks and you have no were to turn
When all you want and nothing more is to watch it all burn
What is there when theres nothing you can do
When life has its grip and your stuck in the glue
The blue holds you, holds you so tight
When you try and try but cant seem to fight
The tight grip the world has on your throat
When no matter what you do you see no hope
Where do you turn where do you look
No were is it written, not in ink, not in a book
What do you do when all you see is violence
And all you want is the world to fall into silence
Is all thats left to do is five up and lie down
Or is there a way to fight back and inch with every pound
Is there any way, any way at all to escape
Or must we stand and receive more than we can take
What do we have to protect, what do we have to defend
What can we do to strive when all you see is the end

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Written about Wednesday 2008-04-02
Written: (5413 days ago)

So this is what its like in the end
I know the pain of choosing love or friend
No matter how hard i try to keep the peace
It seems i can not without one to release
The pain feels so deep for me and them
But no matter what i do in the end
Two will tear and two will cry
I tell the truth I can not lie
You are close, as close a friend can be
But in my shoes what would u do if u were me
What would you choose, love or a friend
I wish what we had did not have to end
But its clear you have chosen for me
You refuse to understand, refuse to see
If this is what you want, what you will do
I will truly with all my hear miss you.

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Written about Tuesday 2008-01-29
Written: (5477 days ago)

Tell me, tell me can you hear
What is that sound i the dark
The creeks of the steps draw near
This new sound can only be the race of a heart
Tell me, tell me, why do i feel no fear
This feeling this urge to spread my arms apart
What is this, is this a tear
Why do you cry like you ate something tart
I now understand as i look and you peer
These tears of your is the love from you heart

Poem I wrote literately right before falling asleep at 3 in the morning

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Written about Tuesday 2008-01-29
Written: (5477 days ago)

Our world is fucked, look both ways everyone is dieing
The world is full of hatred and you'll find everyone is lieing
Look around look at the twisted faces
of everyone who's been infected by these places
Our world our life is shit but who's to blame
Am I, are you, does it matter? were all insane
Theres no point for the tv or the news
look outside, everything you know you'll lose
Is this torment and shame just the start
of something lieing dormant in everyones heart
Look around, what do you see, lets hear it tell me
no longer are kids free to play, no longer can they climb there tree
Is it a sad thing when a man looks for death
is it shameful to be happy your taking your last breath
I look forwards to the apocalypse and its big blast
For that means, once and for all there will be peace at last.

I'd love comments

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Written about Monday 2007-08-20
Written: (5639 days ago)

Another poem...this time for Jackie after she left for college.

Separate ways

We left at the same time
You went your way and I went mine.
I have found many new mysteries
You just found a bunch of hippy's.
But no matter how hard I try
I cant stop my hearts cry.
Everything I see and hear
reminds me of what I hold most dear.
The sound of the calm streams
Makes me see you in my dreams.
That surge of chills the wind sends down my spine
Reminds me of the chills from when your lips first touched mine.
The beautiful fur of the bear
Makes me think of running fingers through your hair.
And now in the desert with it scorching heat
Makes me think of my inferno of love that never sleeps.
We still love and have one another
Just now, you don't have to put up with my little brother.

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Written about Tuesday 2007-07-03
Written: (5687 days ago)

This is a poem I just made...Having Jackie in London for a week made me realize something...and I think the poem says it...

Pledge Of Love

The most perfect of night sky's
Could never compete with the beauty of your eyes.
Wild flowers after a summer rain cant compare
To the sweet sweet aroma of your hair.
Just the smallest glance of your smile
Makes my heart pound so wild.
Songs of the paradise birds
Are nothing to your loving words.
The thought of you not being near
Makes me brake down with a tear.
Just a touch, a feel, of your skin
Sends my senses rushing like the wind.
When you give your kisses to me
Ifeel as if I am truly free.
Your love excites my mind and soul
And when your arms are around me, I am finally whole.
You have made me more than I could ever be,
And for this, I will love no other but thee.

So...if anyone has any comments...plz reply.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-20
Written: (5700 days ago)

Another poem I just came up with...it's short but it was from a dare by my girlfriend to come up with some "shakespeare" as she calls it...

Dare poem
Your eyes are more enchanting then the most beautiful night
The twinkle in them sets my heart a flight
The touch of your skin thrills my soul
And when you put your arms around me I finally feel whole.

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Written about Saturday 2006-03-11
Written: (6166 days ago)

This probly sucks but it's one of my first poems I've writen by myself and it's off the top of the head from a person with no poetic skills....


This thing called love, it’s so strange
When I look into her eyes I feel like I’m deranged
It feels so wrong but also so right
When I see her my heart wants to take flight
I don’t know how to describe
Everything that’s going on inside
All I know is that were meant to be
But all I can do is wait and see
It’s all so different and new
I need help because I don’t know what to do
So many thoughts and feelings are inside
I don’t know how the can possibly hide
This thing called love, can it really be
All this that’s happening to me.

Plz comment and let me know your opinions no matter what they are.

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Written about Monday 2006-01-23
Written: (6213 days ago)
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Ok, I'm about to the braking point, I swear I'm ether going to go homicidal or suicidal....I'm getting over stressed and pissed off. First off with my parents, I do everything they want me to and then more, but of corse it's never good enough, I could fucking stand on my head lay golden eggs and spit gold coins and i still would do something wrong. Then theres the school work, I cant fucking remember all this shit and it's usless anyways. How the hell am I going to be able to remember and resite Shakespeare, remember all the damn formulas for math, remember chordes and melodys for guitar, and write a fucking letter so some idiot to help put street lights on a fucking street that i could care less about. And all my so called friends that say they are there for me when i need them....thats a load of BS!.... The only person that i want or need to help me is my best friend and theres been only a couple of times i needed her and every time i do her retarted, oversized, selfasorbed boyfriend calls her and I get left to fight for my self. I dont even know why you go out with him, when you need some one to talk to all he'll do is lexture you, and you may put on a mask to make yourself look like your happy but you and i both know your not. And you know i love you (sorry Ed, I do really like you but she came frist and she's the one that i really want to be with), but of cores you want to be "fathfull" to him no matter how unhappy you are. Then theres Kat, hun if I layed down to die everytime some one that i liked didnt like me then i wouldnt have made it past the 5th grade, you feel sorry for you self and i get that but just cux tek doesnt like you shouldnt mean that you give up on everything, hell i dont even think he likes girls. Understand this, lifes a bitch and shit happens, get over your self. Every one i know always thinks there life is so bad, it may be bad but stop complanig, your alive, you have food, and you have a place to sleep, be happy and I am wiilling to hear all of you out when you vent but stop complaining because your lover isnt being nice, or because your friends at school arnt treating you right. Dump the person and find new friend. If any of you dont like this then that to bad go complain to some one else right now. And just so all of you know. Take all the problems all of you have combind them and then multiply it by 2 and you may get as much as i have ok. My life sucks and I dont complain, hell this is probly the first most of you have ever heard me complain about anything. Now that I'm finished with my complaning I want every one that reads this to just stop for a sec and look at there life and see everthing thats going bad for them and then think how you can make it better dont go and try having other ppl make it better for you.

John J. DuBois

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Written about Tuesday 2005-12-06
Written: (6261 days ago)

A Poem I put together, kinda random but tell me what you think...

Why why why?!
Uuuhhhhh,I don’t know
My mind doesn’t work like that.

A random thought?
You don’t want to know
My random thoughts...

Flyin though the trees...
Ever wanted to do that?
Just fly through the trees?...

The thing is,
You get people like me,
We just don’t care...

Hate, anger, love,
Violence, caring
Hell you know me...

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Written about Thursday 2005-11-17
Written: (6280 days ago)
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You may ask me four questions.
Any four, no matter how private or how random.
I have to answer them honestly,and I have to answer them ALL!
In turn you post this message in your own journal, wikki, or profile and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you!

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