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Written about Monday 2005-12-05
Written: (5230 days ago)

merde!merde! merde!surtout le garcon jel'aime Andrew Stride! mais Il opinion cest moiest absolutement negatif!!!! Il a gentil cul!!!! B-Raz cest brillant j'ame B-Raz!!!!!

au revoir!

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Written about Friday 2005-11-25
Written: (5240 days ago)
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I feel loads like lexy~so~sexy!!!!!! poor u hunni!!!! i feel 4 u!!!!! the lad i fancy thinx i'm an idiot AND my parents r makin me go 2 a Christning wiv a frilly white dress on!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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Written about Thursday 2005-11-24
Written: (5241 days ago)

ok here goes: I was talkin 2 this really fit lad well he was talkin' 2 me and I was so shoked i blurted out "spoons"!!!!! he said " what???" I then said "do u like spoons?????" (oh my god how stupid) he said "yeah they're useful for eating soup and stuff!!!!!!!!

I am sooooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

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Written about Thursday 2005-11-17
Written: (5248 days ago)

nooooooooo! my rabbits have been dead 4 a whole week 'n' now I'm totally depressed!!!! B-Raz I love u babe!

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Written about Thursday 2005-10-20
Written: (5276 days ago)

you no some people just don't no wen they've crossed the line... u wanna no how my day was well here goes...
lesson one - history
perfect lesson me and coral had an irrelevent conversation about pizza and planes- but thats not the point
lesson 2 science
the lad sat next to me said I was a tit head and I should just be normal, but what is normal???? the rate my life goes I NEED! chocolate milshke to keep me sane!!!
steph kiked me and said I was a stupid twat and I should move skool coz no1 liked me and I should neva have been born

i'm gonna stop here coz as u can probably guess my day got really bad. I'm on an all time low right now

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Written about Monday 2005-10-17
Written: (5279 days ago)

Life sucks, well it did until Luke became my boyfreind he is such a lovely guy, and I hate jade for pissing him off though. I want him to talk to me now as I'm totally bored but talking to him would brighten me up!

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