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Written about Friday 2005-11-18
Written: (6791 days ago)

i walk down the street one day and i see her standing there out side the cinema, i walk to her and i ask her if shes ok, she replys no, i ask why, she replys i have lost all of my friends, i tell her not to worry as i start to walk her down the road towards my house and i ask her to come in to talk and she follows

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Written about Wednesday 2005-11-16
Written: (6793 days ago)

dear diary
i have now met what i think is my soul mate i feel that i am to treat her with the up most respect and i feel that i should protect her from anything with bad carma or a bad spirit

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Written about Monday 2005-06-13
Written: (6950 days ago)

bordem kills fragile young minds lol

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